Tra Maestra e discepoli

The Fallen Angels, Part 2 of 8



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“Then god said to them: ‘It’s easy for you to say. Suppose I test you by letting you stay together with the humans for 100 years. If you both could withstand all the temptations, I will definitely do as you requested.’” Meaning destroy the humans.

Actually, I don’t have time to read books nowadays anymore. These, all these, I read a long time ago, before the COVID. I told you before. (Yes.) That is the time when I had a lot, a lot of time. Not a lot of time, I read a lot. Because I didn’t have to do computer stuff. I wrote very fast. When I wrote, I wrote very fast. So, I just wrote my comments, or my corrections and then you did everything else. I mean, you typed it and sent it away. Thus, I had more time than now. The computer, it really makes me very busy. But it’s good like that also. There’s pros and cons for everything. (Yes.) Like this, I’m more independent. I can go anywhere, anytime. So it is also good, but it’s bad in many ways because I don’t know what else to do with many things. Many things, I cannot do alone. My computer like this, I don’t know how yet. I don’t have time to even learn, so, your brother took care from remote. And this is a wonderful time. I feel like we’re almost like in a lower Heaven. Yes. We have a washing machine, washes my clothes in no time. We have even the machine that dispenses boiling water instantly, and even ice water, icy water instantly. (Yes, Master.) You have them, right? (Yes, Master.)

The other day, I hurt my foot. (Oh.) My toe. I was thinking of someone who is sick and feeling sympathetic. Immediately, something fell on my toe out of nowhere and no reason almost. (Oh, no.) I didn’t see any reason. It just fell from the shelf. And then it hurt my toe so much, I screamed so loud. (Oh.) And then because of this machine, the ice water machine? (Yes, Master.) I immediately soaked my… I remembered that if you bruise or something, you just soak yourself, soak it in the ice water. (Yes.) And the water is limitless. I just keep changing. When it’s warm, I change it; and warm, I change it. I keep soaking it for a while, and then it doesn’t show the bruise. And then it doesn’t hurt. (Oh.) After a while, it’s almost like nothing happened. And I was so happy. I was thinking I’m in Heaven already.

I have a washing machine, which is a smaller Heaven, and this machine, which dispenses boiling water and ice water. Woah, I’m thinking I’m in Heaven. I never knew this thing before. I didn’t know it existed. Some of your brothers told me that you guys have them. (Yes, Master.) But I didn’t know that. I thought it’s very big, it’s for the public must be for many tens of people. Not for me alone, it’s too wasteful. But they have a smaller version. They didn’t tell me. Before I used to have to boil water, takes a long time. And sometimes I forgot, and the water is all gone. It keeps boiling. You cannot keep moving and having everything with you, even a water boiler, so I boil it in a pan, and sometimes I forgot to time. I forgot. I keep doing something else or Supreme Master TV, and I forgot. And then the water boiled off, and it’s kind of not very safe. So now I even have this… everywhere I move, I make sure they have it for something. But mostly they have it already nowadays. I hope so. And then I feel like, “Wow, what convenience!” I keep thanking Heaven for all the comfort.

I did not know I could have this, until the dogs moved in some other area. And your sister used to live there before, she has one water dispenser like that, and she didn’t use it anymore because she’s gone. And then they wanted to put it somewhere. I said, “Oh, give it to me. I didn’t know that such things exist.” I didn’t know for individuals a machine exists, so I said, “Aye, give it to me. Give it to me.” And then I know. It’s just a few months ago I knew about that. I didn’t know that before. I kept boiling water all the time, whenever I needed. And now, it feels like Heaven. I asked them to install it here and there, wherever I might be. And then I feel like, “Wow, what a comfortable life.” You don’t have to wait for a long time. And because if I don’t have a refrigerator, and the refrigerator will make ice cubes. (Yes.) But even ice cubes won’t last as long as this kind of water. The machine, it comes out all the time. (Yes.) You don’t even have to fill in water or fill in a tray or anything. Oh, I feel it’s so fantastic! But why do I tell you this stuff?

One moment. I have to look into the camera, not into you. Because then later, nobody will see me. All right. So continue. (Yes, Master.) I don’t know why I told you this story about the water.

One of the angels… (In charge of water.) (Water element.) Water element, but it wasn’t that. I just said because we need water. And we need the wind also. So never mind. Whatever I said, I forgot it.

“‘The humans, they are feeble and fickle because I use the earth, soil, to create them and soil is a lesser quality than fire, less pure than fire.’”

Of course, fire you can see. It comes, it goes. And it could even destroy the whole Earth. (Yes.) So powerful. But earth, nothing happened, nothing. It cannot do anything to anybody except just to grow things to help to sustain life on Earth. But I wonder why it should be called lesser quality. Less pure. We need fire also, but I think earth is very noble. No? (Yes, Master.) Very useful and very helpful. (Yes.) Never mind, it’s god’s opinion and he’s god. We cannot argue with him. Right? We cannot argue with god. Whatever he thought, or whatever he deemed pure or not pure, qualitative or not, we just have to accept it as is. So we continue with our story.

So, in here it says, “‘Earth is a substance that is,’” it even doesn’t say lesser quality. “‘It’s a very inferior element compared to fire. If I had created you both with the soil, with earth, then you would also be the same with them, nothing better than the humans.’ So, now the two angels say to god: ‘Even so, we would like to…’” If it were them, they would treat the humans differently, not the way god treated the humans. That’s what they meant.

“Then god said to them: ‘It’s easy for you to say. Suppose I test you by letting you stay together with the humans for 100 years. If you both could withstand all the temptations, I will definitely do as you requested.’” Meaning destroy the humans. Meaning, “‘Up to that time, I will destroy humans, I will kill them all. But if you both, day by day, gradually become just like them, then I will hang you up on top of the mountain.’ Its name means Darkness Mountain. Darkness Mountain that exists in between Heaven and Earth.” That’s what he said. “If the two angels become contaminated like humans, then he will hang them up on that mountain top. The creator, God Almighty…” No, it’s not Almighty, they didn’t say “Almighty.” “Holy god.”

“The creator, holy god, then acted according to what he had just spoken, dispatched these two angels down to Earth. After a period of time living together with the humans, both of them had forgotten everything that they had ever known before. And then they could not withstand all the temptations, all the pleasures, all the sensations in the physical world. More and more, they desired possessions, properties, good stuff to eat, and wine and women, beautiful women. They lived more vigorously, more zealously than the humans. They lived their lives more to the full, more with all strength. Even, they exceeded humans in sinful activities. At the end, both of them had children, and then also raised them up to make a very, very strong… stronger generation, and more cunning, more vicious than other generations of humans. So, god had seen all that he already foresaw.” He had known this before, so he had seen all this. “And then…”

Moment, it was hot and now it is cold. The room is very small, very, very small, so everything is very intense. If you put a fan or something on cold, it will be cold very fast, and very, very cold. If you put some heater or something on, it will heat up very fast, and very, very hot, very quick. It’s a good thing, so I don’t have to sleep. I just have to stay awake and turn on, turn off, turn off, turn on…

Remember I told you I lived in a big cave in Spain. (Yes.) And it was winter, and the bucket of water outside my cave, just outside of the roof of the cave, that’s it. And then it becomes a whole chunk of ice, the whole bucket of ice. I mean not just the top, but the whole, like a big stone bucket shape of ice. Inside the cave, inside my tent, I need to put an oil heater, very cheap. But every now and then, I have to keep bringing it out, back in and out often, because it gets hot so quick. And you cannot control more than that. Even you put the heater at the lowest level already, it’s still too hot, but the cave, it’s all open. The protruding out at the roof from the mountain and the water or the rain keeps digging, eating the earth, and on top of that is the hard, hard stone. So it’s still digging like a big, big hole, but there is no… only maybe walls on both sides, but not in the front. And the front is very, very long like 10 meters long. Even then, inside the cave is warmer than outside, just the roof, I put the things outside the roof, just outside a little bit, and then it became ice, like that. (Wow.)

Why do I tell you that? You know my calendar, but… what is it? Ah, because of the warm heater. (Yes.) And now feels cold.

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