Tra Maestra e discepoli

The Fallen Angels, Part 6 of 8, Feb 7, 2021



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Sometimes in order to do something for some country, I have to lift that country up, not to the highest Heaven but the highest possible, like for example lifting up to the higher Astral instead of in the lower Astral so the influence of the demons will be less, and the work will be easier, more peaceful. (Yes, Master.) No fighting much, no violent stuff.

Because of that embargo, Âu Lạc (Vietnam) was very down, down-trodden. Very poor, very oppressed. Very depleted. After the war, everything was already almost depleted. Economically, politically and everything, Âu Lạc (Vietnam) was really dying. President Clinton, after I had written the letter, not long after, he lifted the embargo of 30 years. (Right.) Many presidents did not do that, but he did.

Remember I was supporting President Clinton before he became president. Do you remember that? (Yes, Master.) They made a lot of noise and some people said this and that about me, also. But I knew, if he is the president, he would have helped Âu Lạc (Vietnam). So, I have tried my best. I even jumped into politics. I did support President Clinton, not only outside, but inside. Because I knew he will help to lift Âu Lạc (Vietnam) up. Otherwise, I don’t think Âu Lạc (Vietnam) can survive. After 30 years of war, and then 30-years of embargo. You understand what I’m saying? (Yes, Master.) How do the people survive? Not just internationally, but nationally as a race. That is a very long embargo and it is very difficult to get up from there.

So, that’s why I owed ex-President Clinton that big debt. So I cannot let Heaven heavy-handedly handle the Democrats, even though I knew I could. (Yes, Master.) Imagine, the whole country of Âu Lạc (Vietnam), he lifted up. That is a very, very great merit. (Yes, Master.) And a very great deed that he did. So for that, the Democratic Party enjoys also the good influence.

Of course, I am very sorry. I’m in-between America and Âu Lạc (Vietnam). The Aulacese (Vietnamese) good deed has already been done. (Yes.) But, the debt, I still remember. The favor, I’m still grateful. It’s not easy for me. (Yes, Master.) I cannot just forsake Âu Lạc (Vietnam). (Yes.) Of course, that’s not the only thing that I did for Âu Lạc (Vietnam), but that’s the most obvious that I can tell you. (Yes, Master.) (Thank You.) Thus, we cannot really go all the way. Because it will destroy that party. And I respect… before I was very supportive of Democrats also. This is the first time ever that I supported one of the so-called Republican presidents.

I never supported anyone, actually. Maybe inside, but not so outside like that. Not outwardly, obviously, like that. (Yes.) So this is one of the secrets I tell you. Now you understand. (Yes, Master.) (Thank You, Master.) Thank you for what? (For sharing that information with us.) I have written it in my diary actually. One moment. OK? (Yes, Master.) I will read it. (Thank You, Master.) It may be similar. I wrote sometimes in a hurry. I can’t remember the exact words.

You still there? (Yes, Master.) When did I write it? Oh, here. January 20th. You know that day. Right? (Yes, Master.) Historical day. (Yes, Master.) Twentieth of January. I said here to myself, “Must let it go.” I was sad, also, even though I knew it had to happen. I said, “So, Mr. Biden will be president, because I owe the Democrats a big favor =.” Equal sign. “Clinton.” I should have said “President Clinton,” but I wrote very fast. I said, “Clinton lifted the Âu Lạc (Vietnam) embargo after 30 years. Thus, cannot let Heaven be too heavy-handed on Biden. Because it’s connected with Clinton, connected with Democrats. It would destroy the Democratic party totally.” Can’t always win. I tried my best. What to do? Âu Lạc (Vietnam) is my birth country. US is my honorary country. Tough, hard choice.” (Yes.) I talked to myself. “That’s why I supported Clinton, because he is the man for Âu Lạc (Vietnam) to rescue it from the yoke of 30 years’ crippling embargo, which made the innocent citizens suffer tremendously. Alas, it’s over now. Thanks God.” That’s it. That’s for that. (All right.) (Yes, Master.) Now you know my secret. (Yes, Master.)

I’m still very grateful to President Clinton. I’m still respectful of and admiring many of the presidents from the Democratic Party. (Yes, Master.) So I cannot let Heaven be too heavy-handed. (Yes, Master.) Because it will connect all things together. It’s difficult to prove the fraud. But nothing is difficult with the Heaven Power. (Yes, Master.) Just that I owe them something. You know already, I just told you. (Yes, Master.)

The human body is a very good instrument to attain enlightenment and go back Home. The soul can go back Home through that. But the body is also a very obstructive element. (Yes, Master.) In the human body, we are subjected to weakness, to emotion, to all kinds of influence in this world, as well as from the invisible world. Because this world is nearer to hell, to the Astral, and the lowest, one of the lowest in the material world. So if we are in the human body, we have to be subjected to all that. (Yes, Master.) Just now I told you the story about the Buddha, even He was a Heavenly king, also had no body, no physical body. Still lost to the demons from the Astral World. (Yes, Master.) That is the story that was recorded through Ananda also.

Buddha told them this story or maybe some of them witnessed it or something. The Buddha, many times He told the stories about His past incarnations, remember? (Yes Master.) So that’s one of the stories. So that was an authentic story because it was told by the Buddha and recorded by Ananda. It’s not like a legend or anything. (OK, Master.) And now even then, the God and the King of Gods, the Gods’ King of the higher Astral World, still lost to the demons. Imagine how strong they are, how powerful they are, especially if they have a reason, the karmic permission to punish humans or to do any bad things because we give them excuses by not adhering to the principles of compassion and benevolence, such as don’t kill humans, don’t kill animals. (Yes, Master.)

(If souls, once they’ve repented Master, are they able to affect people to do better?)

A little, yes, a little, yes. But because of the lower level, it’s not easy for them to change so quick. They have their background and also this influence from the demons to boot. That’s what it is. Very difficult, difficult. It could change but it takes time. (Yes, Master.) Takes time. Everything takes time in this world. EVERYTHING TAKES TIME. That’s what wears my patience out. I am also trying to help them.

Let me think if I can tell you. Just one moment. (Yes, Master.) Maybe I could but... (Yes, Master.) I’m just telling you generally. Except everything takes time… everything takes so long because of the time in this world, it makes things like that. It limits the strength of the power, the visibility of humans to see things when it’s actually happening. Something happens now, they might see it a few years later or a few months later, sometimes it’s like that because of the time distortion. Sometimes in order to do something for some country, I have to lift that country up, not to the highest Heaven but the highest possible, like for example lifting up to the higher Astral instead of in the lower Astral so the influence of the demons will be less, and the work will be easier, more peaceful. (Yes, Master.) No fighting much, no violent stuff.

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