Tra Maestra e discepoli

Adam and Eve’s Exile From the Garden of Eden, Part 1 of 9, Feb 11, 2021

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I hope humans get better, then everything will get better. That is the cause. That is the real cause of all the trouble. We are the cause of trouble. In the new year ahead, everybody should be more vigilant. I hope so. I pray so. God bless you all. God bless us all. Amen.

(Hallo, Master. Hi, Master.) Everything OK? (Yes, Master.) You see me? (Yes, Master.) The most important person. How can you not see? No, you are more important. Without you, they can’t do much for SupremeMaster TV. Thank you again, all of you. (Thank You, Master.)

Tonight is (Lunar) New Year’s Eve. Actually, first of all, I wanted to wish all the people in the world, including us, a better new year, a better year ahead. I wish all of you, the planet's people and all beings on this beautiful planet, a better year ahead. That there is no more worry. No more fear. No more oppression. No more terrifying each other. No more criticizing each other. No more skinning (animals) each other. No more killing each other, either to gain something or to eat. Just being contented with the food that God naturally provides, like when Adam came down. He said cultivate, farming, organic. Yes. I’m sure it was organic. So I wish all of you a better year ahead. Not just the Lunar New Year, but a better year. And as we get older, we should be wiser, kinder and more loving. More compassionate. More tolerance. More helpful to each other. And that’s what I wish. (Thank You, Master.)

And we also wish that this pandemic should disappear soon. (Yes.) Looks like it’s so clever, it keeps manifesting different kinds of strategy and forms. So humans keep chasing them forever like this. I just hope that it will get better. I hope humans get better, then everything will get better. That is the cause. That is the real cause of all the trouble. We are the cause of trouble. In the new year ahead, everybody should be more vigilant. I hope so. I pray so. God bless you all. God bless us all. Amen. (Amen.) (Thank You, Master.)

Did you enjoy the cakes that I sent? (Yes, Master.) (Very much. Thank You, Master.) (Very good. Very good.) Cakes and then you have also some present to take home. Right? (Yes, Master. Thank You.) And the red envelope with some... (Money.) money inside. My God! (We’re getting rich.) What do they do? Just Christmas and then New Year and then (Lunar) New Year again. My, aren’t you lucky? (Yes, Master.) (Very happy.) Just that Lunar New Year, the Asian tradition is to give a red envelope with money inside. Mostly it’s for kids only. But never mind, you look like my kids so it’s OK! Christmas, normally they don’t give money, right? (Not usually, no.) No, it’s just presents. (Yes, Master.) And then you got money as well! Man, you are getting richer and richer all the time. What to do? You are getting richer and you’re still sitting there and staying there doing Supreme Master TV work for peanuts. It is true. New Year they gave you peanuts also, right? (Yes, yes.) With some crispy coat outside. Is it good? Everything good? Tastes good? (Yes, Master.) (Delicious.) You ate them all already? (No, not yet.) All right. If it is good, then it’s good. I haven’t eaten yet. Now, you have cakes and you have other goodies, you have chocolates and you have this sweet stuff. Then you have these cakes, and then you have a Aulacese (Vietnamese) sticky rice cake as well. (Yes, Master.) (Thank You.) Specially sent from Âu Lạc (Vietnam) before. (Wow, Master.) I saved it all for you. (Wow.) (Thank You, Master.)

Oh man, I forgot to turn on the camera. It’s all right. I’m trying to be a superwoman, but sometimes it’s not convenient to do everything by myself. I am getting more talented now. Maybe I could go out and say Supreme Master has talent. Maybe I win something. OK. Now the camera is working. But you can see me without the camera? I have to do many things. Never mind. I am getting better all the time. Yeah? (Yes, Master.) More and more super. (Yes, Master.) Super, super, superwoman. (Yes.)

OK, now you have all the cakes, the sweets, the chocolate, and the goodies, and I’m going to give you a diamond now. (Woah!) Ay, yay, yay. Wouldn’t anybody like to be Supreme Master TV team. Who else would have everything that you have like that? (Yes, it’s true.) Who would, right? Outside there. Nobody? (No.) (No, Master.) Personally sent even, with personal instructions and everything. (Thank You, Master.) You’re welcome. It doesn’t look like a lot, but I had to organize and all that. It feels a little busy. I’m happy to do it, just not as good as if I was there with you.

And we cannot do too much ZOOMing because we are too many. Too many brothers and sisters. (Yeah.) We cannot ZOOM it all. So you’re the lucky ones. (Yes, Master.) (Thank You, Master.) Maybe you deserve it. Maybe you have good affinity before with me or something. Who knows? I’m too lazy to check. Only when you make trouble then I can check, then I can tell you, “Oh, oh… naughty, naughty. Naughty before, naughty now! Change it.”

All right. Look. The diamond I’m giving you belongs to Adam. You know Adam. (Yes.) Our ancestor, our first ever forefather. (Yes, Master.) It’s also the same from the Jewish story. I think I’ll wear my glasses. My magic eyes. Do I look better? (You look beautiful, Master.) Of course, you would say that. In Âu Lạc (Vietnam) we say, “The mother sings and all the children clap.” I’m even better. I don’t have to sing. I just cough and you clap. The best mother of all, I have the best treatment.

This story is called “The Diamond of Adam.” Or “Adam’s Diamond.” I’m not sure what it’s like. I read it, but I have forgotten. Now we… I pretend also that I first-time heard it. Because I forgot everything also. And you didn’t know it yet. Right? (No, Master.) You did not sneakily read the English book? (No, Master.) I looked at the English book, but they are small printed and they’re all compact together, and I’m not so used to it yet. Also, we have to find the author to ask for the agreement that we can read it on our TV. This one, we already got the permission, written. He’s a nice man. I told you already. (Yes, Master.) So, we can begin now, because it’s New Year, you have everything, and now you have a diamond. Not just a diamond, but a diamond from the first ever forefather. From god? Isn’t that something? (Yes, Master.)

I must remember to look into the camera and not look into your direction, because they will see only my nose or my ear. Like usual, I always look at you. Because rarely I can do this! I could not do that before. You know, right? (Yes.) I feel like we are in Heaven. And I just had a new Heaven even. I told you I had the first Heaven is the washing machine. (Yes.) Small Heaven. Small one, but it’s working. It’s enough for a small person, like me. Small superwoman, like me. And the second Heaven was? The water machine. The water dispenser. With hot and cold and cool water at the same time. Wonderful. But I don’t use it. I don’t let it on all day, all night. Before I use it, I turn it on. And the thing is that it works immediately, almost. (Wow.) Of course, “wow,” it’s the same as yours. I just put it in, like a standby kind of plug. Then you can turn it off, turn it on. (Yes.) And also, even if I turn it off at night, in the morning, the water is still warm enough to drink just fine, like 39 or 40 degrees (Celsius). Depends on the weather. And then I just drink it. It feels like Heaven. Everything is so convenient. I thank Heaven and all the inventors. I thank them all the time.

And now I have a third heaven. Guess what it is? Huh? (We don’t know Master.) (Cannot guess.) Cannot? (No.) The dish dryer! (Oh.) Very small but enough. Because I feed the wild squirrels and skunk, and I have to wash things sometimes. It’s easier for me instead of if I have to dry it, use a towel and all that, and it takes some more time. My time is so precious that anything that saves time, I feel like it’s Heaven-sent. (Yes.) Bless all these inventors who make our lives so comfortable. I didn’t know all this existed until some months ago when I went to another center , then I saw it. And then I said, “Wow, this is really cool.”

And the dispenser, I just know it like a few months ago also, the water dispenser? (Yes.) Thanks to one of your sisters who didn’t use it, who left and did not want it. She has it in the other place. So she did not take it with her. Nobody wanted it. So I said, “Oh, give it to me.” I’m so happy. It’s getting better all the time. (Yes, Master.)

Now, finished the calendar, this is the old year calendar now. Just a few more minutes, right? What time is it now? (11:36.) (Twenty-four minutes left.) Twenty-four more minutes. (Yes.) Then you’ll become an older man, older woman, like me. No. You have some more time to catch up. You will be there soon. I told you it’s nice to be old. I just feel nice because you have more wisdom. And also you feel contented, most of the time. (Yes.) And if you have work to do, like the way we do, we don’t have time to think, whether or not we are sad or happy or… (Yes, Master.) Or whether we need anybody.

Do you feel you need? (No, Master.) Whoever feels that he/she needs, already left, and we were happy for them. They don’t know what they are missing. They don’t know what they are missing with you, right? (Yes.) Nothing! There’s nothing there to miss. (Yes.) So they like to go out and have some bittersweet stuff. So they miss that kind of life. We don’t miss anything. I don’t miss anything, do you? (No, Master.) I miss my dogs, my birds, sometimes. When I see something on the screen, on our TV or when I’m editing something that has to do with animals, oh I miss them so much! But I just cast it aside, I said “Forget it, forget it.” It’s OK, it’s OK. They are OK. They have good people taking care of them, they lack nothing. And I monitor how they are doing. It’s good.

You feel happy still? (Yes Master.) (Thank You for everything.) (Very happy.) Contented, right? (Yes.) (Very.) That’s the most important.

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