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Adam and Eve’s Exile From the Garden of Eden, Part 6 of 9, Feb 11, 2021



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It’s truly the time of demons, that they have to do all this and testing everybody. See? You must have faith, strong, otherwise you’ll be blind, deaf, and dumb as well. Just like Adam. (Yes.) Born from god, made by god, lived next to god, and still fell.

Even some top religious leader, I have just read in the news a few days ago, I said, “What? Cannot he see the truth?” No, looks like they’re all blind, and the top politicians, some of them. I thought, “My God, how come they don’t see anything? How come they talk like that?” I’m astounded these days. Seems like everybody has become blindfolded, all of a sudden. Truly like that. You read some of the news. Maybe I did not even collect that because I just shook my head, I said, “My God, why did he say such things? Cannot he see it?” No, it’s like they’re blind. Like the whole flock of sheep, or something together, all blind together.

He’s kind of one of the top religious leaders, and he’s criticizing President Trump, for example, but he didn’t mention the name, of course. But it’s completely illogical, completely opposite of the truth. And I was so surprised. I know many of them are not enlightened, but the thing he said is worse than… It’s just like some of those politicians outside, without seeing anything correctly. Like, suddenly they’re all blindfolded together. Oh my God. I just was so surprised, so shocked.

It’s truly the time of demons, that they have to do all this and testing everybody. See? You must have faith, strong, otherwise you’ll be blind, deaf, and dumb as well. Just like Adam. (Yes.) Born from god, made by god, lived next to god, and still fell. Then, god gave a second chance, come back, and attracted to the diamond. God. And thinking the diamond can help him survive all his life, he doesn’t have to do anything. Once you’re out of Eden, you’re like everyone else, you have to sweat to earn a living. You have to fight with the negative influence outside, if you could even fight.

In Âu Lạc (Vietnam), we say, “A strong tiger could not defeat the whole pack of wolves.” A tiger is supposed to be the king of the jungle. But he is alone, even though he is the best, the strongest, he cannot defeat the whole pack of wolves. That is similar to our world like that. If you stay with the same-minded community, do the same thing, have the same ideal, look in the same direction, then you’re stronger. If you’re out, then it’s different. (Yes, Master.)

All right. Now, we go back to… I promise, I’m coming back now. We left the Eden for too long already. We can’t come back, but we can talk about it. We can be like homesick about it. Now here. “In the beginning, when Adam first had been driven out of Eden, he and Eve could not get used to the new and also very harsh kind of life. Now they have to plant vegetables, they have to plant fruits, they have to pluck the fruits, they have to harvest the vegetables, etc., etc. God has ordained that. So, they were very, very, very, very miserable. It was very harsh for them, very hard work, hard life.” In the Bible, it doesn’t mention this kind of situation. But we humans can understand, can imagine that. Right? (Yes.) We humans, we live day to day with this kind of hard life, we still cannot bear sometimes. Not to talk about the holy beings like Adam and Eve, made from god’s hands, used to paradise.

Everything they want, they just have. Except that apple, of course. Except the apple in the middle of the garden, don’t touch it. Then, they had to. Typical humans, no? (Yes.) Whatever you’re told not to do, you want to try. (Yes.) Even though you know it’s bad. It’s just the ego. Ego. (Yes.) But this is also fine. Suppose if you have some urge inside you, some inventive kind of surge, that develops within you, and you just want to do it, you want to try it, then it’s OK. Otherwise, I think humans will not develop so many things like what we do nowadays, what we have done, inventing many things, and going to the Moon, going to Mars, even though it’s hard and almost like impossible dream.

Before nobody could dream of going to the Moon and all that. Now they’re going to Mars, and then Venus next. They want to see if really there is life on Venus. Much evidence points to it, maybe they could find it. Venus, Mars’ Martian, they are coming to get you. You’d better prepare the vaccines. OK? Any vaccine, all the vaccines, they have all kinds of diseases on this planet that you have never heard of. You’d better be prepared. If they go there, they will find you. Good luck. I am worried for them, truly. (Yes, Master.) I am worried, knowing us, knowing the humans, how they are, I am worried, worried so much for them. All right. Good luck, pray, you, Venus, and Mars people.

So, we, the humans, will surely know the hardship and the feeling of desperation and misery from Adam and Eve when they were first kicked out of Eden and had to become normal beings and had to get used to the hard life. In here, the book said that even though the Bible doesn’t mention about the hardship that Adam and Eve had to endure, but humans would understand, would imagine, would know it. Because many places in the Bible, for example, have been edited, deleted, and have been filled with other stories, (Yes, Master.) like ancient stories or folklores, or people’s stories, or just fiction, or something that you cannot even believe in. So this is one of the stories, that we cannot, it’s from the book, one of the stories that we cannot confirm, we cannot prove, but it’s circulated since a thousand years, like this.

“After being driven out of Eden, Adam and Eve, built a little hut and both of them contemplated for seven days non-stop to repent for their sin that they had committed and the mistake that they had done. After that, after seven days, Adam stood up and went all over for seven more days looking for food. In Eden, he didn’t have to do this, there’s a big difference. In this time, I think they have not done farming yet, they have just been out of Eden and they sit there seven days long, repenting, regretting, and praying. Then after seven days, probably hungry, the retreat’s over, hungry, so he went all over, looking for food. He had not found anything to eat,” because his main profession before and it’s probably the first ever profession, occupation of all humans is gardening, “so he found only dry hay and dry grass, which are reserved normally for animals. So, he suggested to Eve that both of them have to do more penance, more repentance and hope that god will forgive them one more time. For Eve, herself, she went into the middle of the Tigris River. She stood on top of a rock and the water rose up to her neck. She stood there not speaking anything for 37 days.” (Wow.) This is the legend that circulated since thousands plus years.

“And Adam also stood up, stood like her but in the middle of the Jordan River, both are different rivers, for 40 days long. On the 38th day, Eve saw satan and was cheated by him, deluded by him again. He, satan, manifested himself into a being like an angel. And satan came and begged Eve to come with him up to the bank of the river and then he will find something for her to eat. Oh, Eve could not withstand her hunger so she left the water, went to the bank and at that time she immediately realized that this was satan. Oh, oh, no, no, no. Eve went up to the river bank, but at that time Adam realized, recognized that this real entity was satan, so he yelled at Eve. He yelled loud at her. He said, ‘How can you let yourself be fooled by our enemy one more time, huh?’ So, Eve couldn’t withstand this mistake again. She could not feel comfortable again. She felt very, very bad, sinful, guilty about this second fall by temptation. So, so painful, she felt so painful, so guilty, so bad, so bad, so she fainted, like fell down on the ground.” (Oh.)

Poor Eve. She’s only a woman, weak. Physically also, physically women are weaker than men and smaller, the size. Always the same. But I wonder why god made women from a man’s rib. I wonder how big is a rib. Even if we are small, but how big is Adam’s rib? (Yeah.) Adam must be like, 100-foot tall? And his rib must be your size or my size at least. I’m small, but this is a big rib. I’m a big rib. So, I wonder, all this story. But of course, with god, everything is possible. (Yes.)

I have to look in the camera again. I keep looking at you guys. You’re so, so attractive, my God! No wonder I am sitting here and not in Eden. All your fault. And you are all wearing masks. Imagine if you don’t. That’s because you are vegan. People cannot take their eyes off you, right? (Yeah.) That’s what the animals told us every day, no, (Yes.) on our TV. (Yes.)

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