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In today’s news, UNICEF begins initiative to support global delivery of COVID-19 vaccines, Japanese spacecraft successfully obtains asteroid samples, research organizations collaborate to develop alternatives to animal testing, Singapore startup develops smartphone app for mini self-health check-ups, former nurse saves sleeping family from house fire in Arizona, United States, Israeli companies create lab-grown rib-eye steak without harming animals, and young girl discovers dinosaur footprint on beach in United Kingdom.

United Nations Children’s Fund (UNICEF) launches project to facilitate global delivery of COVID-19 vaccines.

In response to the pandemic, the UNICEF Humanitarian Airfreight Initiative brings together the support of over 10 leading airlines to prioritize worldwide distribution of COVID-19 vaccines as well as vital medicines, medical devices and crucial supplies. It will also serve as a long-term logistics mechanism in preparation for other humanitarian and health emergencies. The participating airlines transport to more than 100 countries, supporting the COVAX Facility, which seeks to provide equitable access to COVID-19 vaccines. Our gratitude, UNICEF and all involved airlines, for your lives-saving efforts. In Heaven’s mercy, may we continue to work together and adopt the benevolent vegan diet as a sure way to move into a healthy, happy future.

Japan’s aerospace agency successfully obtains soil samples from asteroid.

The Hayabusa2 spacecraft gathered two sets of samples from different points on the asteroid Ryugu, located some 300 million kilometers from Earth. The Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency retrieved the sealed drop-canister of rock-hard fragments, which were charcoal-like in appearance and up to one centimeter in size. After studies in Japan, portions of the samples will be given to international space agencies for additional examination, and it is hoped that these bedrock pieces will provide information on the origins of life on Earth. Hayabusa2 is continuing on its 11-year voyage to a more distant asteroid to study potential defenses against meteorites that are coming towards our planet. Congratulations, Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency, on these fascinating findings! May your mission to the next asteroid meet with great success, in Divine light.

Up next, research organizations collaborate to develop alternatives to animal testing. We’ll just give thanks to the mental health managers, who create and oversee programs at their organizations to promote emotional and psychological well-being of their employees. Please stay with us for more wonderful news on Supreme Master Television.

Hallo, beautiful friends, I’m Nolan the vegan Nicobar Pigeon. People are head over heels in love with me because I’m vegan. Instead of tossing out your old work gloves, you can repurpose the finger parts. Cut them off of the glove and use them to cover the tips of sharp tools like drill bits when they are being carried around, to protect the tools and you. The finger parts of the gloves can also be used to soften the grip of pliers. Thank you for tuning in. And love you for Being Veg and Going Green 2 Save the Planet for all of us humans and all co-inhabitants alike. Now, the weather around our beautiful globe.

International institutions collaborate to develop alternatives to animal experimentation.

Germany-based Fraunhofer Institute for Toxicology and Experimental Medicine (ITEM) is working with 39 partners from 13 countries on a series of initiatives to replace animal testing with more compassionate methods. Two of the projects, EXITOX and EU-ToxRisk, were launched to create tests with strategies based on human cell lines and organ sections. According to the German Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture, in 2018 and for many years, more than 2.8 million animals were used in Germany each year for animal experimentation. Highlighting the benefits of the new approach, Dr. Sylvia Escher, Head of the Department of In-silico Toxicology at Fraunhofer ITEM, said, “…given that we’re using human test systems rather than animal testing, we very much hope that the results will be more relevant to humans.” Our sincere appreciation, Dr. Sylvia Escher, Fraunhofer Institute for Toxicology and Experimental Medicine and all participating partners. May scientists around the world adopt humane and progressive ways in their research, as we treat animals with the kindness and respect they deserve, in God’s loving wisdom.

New app monitors vital health signs.

Developed by Singapore startup Nervotec, the newly designed platform can measure heart rate, heart rate variability, blood oxygen saturation, and even a person’s stress levels within a minute of the user simply scanning their face with their own smartphone camera. After filling in a symptoms report, the software creates a health score and offers recommendations when necessary. The app has been used since December 2020, as part of a Singapore government-launched initiative to prevent clusters of coronavirus infections emerging among migrant workers at construction sites. To support companies in following new government-mandated measures due to the pandemic, this new Nervotec program can also store data on swab tests and vaccination reports. The company’s founder Jonathan Lau said that the app has drawn attention of both private and public healthcare providers. Kudos, Jonathan Lau and Nervotec, for your remarkable life-protecting app. In Heaven’s grace, may technologies such as this support our transition to a more vibrant and thriving world.

Good neighbor saves family of six from house fire.

In Arizona, United States, Carolyn Palisch, a 63-year-young former nurse, rushed over to her neighbor’s house early in the morning, when she noticed smoke coming from the property. She persistently banged on the front door until all members of the Salgado family had been awakened. Thankfully, David and Nicole Salgado along with their four children, two dogs and a small lizard all made it out safely. According to the firefighters, the roof would have collapsed if they had stayed in the house another five minutes, Ms. Salgado told Arizona’s Family news. Expressing her appreciation for her hero neighbor, Ms. Salgado said: “She’s family, she’s going to be a part of our lives forever... She saved our life.” Bravo and Heaven’s blessing, Carolyn Palisch, for your heroic actions! We pray that the Salgado family make a speedy and resilient return to normalcy, in God’s comfort.

Up next on Noteworthy News, Israeli companies make lab-grown rib-eye steak without harming animals. We’re going to take a few moments to jot down a list of all the delicious vegetables we want to grow in our garden this year. We’ll return with more meaningful news on Supreme Master Television. Welcome back to Noteworthy News – Cheerful News for an Incredible World.

Israeli companies produce world’s first 3D printed rib-eye steak without harming animals.

Aleph Farms, in partnership with the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology, has created the bio-printed rib-eye steak from lab grown animal cells. No cows were harmed in the making of the steak. The new innovative food will be launched next year, and the company expects the price to reach what customers are accustomed to, by 2027. Aleph Farms aspires “to make a positive impact on people and the planet, leaving a better legacy for future generations.” Good news, Aleph Farms and Technion-Israel Institute of Technology, on your cruelty-free advancement. In the radiance of the Providence, may all humans seek to live compassionately and in harmony with our fellow Earthlings.

Four-year-old girl discovers dinosaur footprint.

While strolling with her father on Bendricks Bay’s rocky beach near the Welsh town of Barry in the United Kingdom, young Lily Wilder spotted a well-preserved dinosaur footprint. Her father photographed the rare find. They were later contacted by research authorities, after posting the photo on social media. The 10-centimeter long footprint is estimated to be 220 million years old and likely to have been made by a 75-centimeter tall, 2.5-meter long slender dinosaur who walked on two hind feet. The fossil has been taken to the National Museum Cardiff, Wales, to be studied and preserved. It is expected to assist scientists in understanding the early evolution of dinosaurs as well as how these types of creatures walked. What a cool discovery, observant Lily Wilder. May the amazing fossil help us understand our fascinating past as we look forward to many glorious tomorrows, in Heaven’s joy.

Life isn’t beautiful without happiness and laughter. Enjoy our joke of the day entitled, “The World of Dating.”

As Carole had recently started her relationship with Luke, she needed to say what was on her mind:

“I noticed that you have never smiled at me ever since we started dating. Why is that?!”

“I thought you said you wanted a serious relationship. And I’m trying my best, darling!”

And now we have a heartline from Jasmine in Canada:

Dear Master and Supreme Master Television team, I am so grateful for Supreme Master Television! I keep it playing almost 24/7, and I watch my favorite program, Between Master and Disciples, just before I go to sleep each night. The other night, Master was explaining that dogs are “the manifestation of love on this planet.” She also said our dogs not only love us, but often shield us from many harms. They can even take on our diseases. And I thought of my beloved dog, Roxy. She was the most loving, energetic, enthusiastic and wonderful companion in my life. Her love filled the entire house. About three years ago, I was suffering a lot of pain, and my doctor believed I had a kidney infection. But miraculously, both the pain and infection disappeared after only two weeks. However, a month later, Roxy, who was normally robust and energetic, suddenly became ill. Her veterinarian told me that Roxy’s kidneys were failing. Even with the help of three different veterinarians, Roxy’s health continued to deteriorate over the next few months. I was heartbroken, and almost certain that she had taken on my illness. I cried with her, and told her, “Please do not do this for me!” But she just looked at me with her warm, loving eyes and continued to suffer. She passed away about nine months later from kidney failure. I still miss her very much, with her little heart as big as the planet. Even as I write this, I am in tears. But I know she is in a very good Heaven now. Thank You, Master, for reminding us about the nobility of all animals, especially dogs. I pray that we soon live in a Vegan World where all animals are respected and loved. Jasmine from Canada

Sweet Jasmine, Our heartfelt and teary thanks for sharing your sad, yet uplifting, story of the love you shared with Roxy. Blessed are we to receive such love from our animal friends and we pray that you and your nature-loving co-citizens may revel in and enjoy God’s many loving creations in majestic Canada. In Heaven’s Grace, Supreme Master TV team

P.S. Master says: “Compassionate Jasmine, I too am moved by your story of the devotion and selfless sacrifice Roxy made for you. You can be sure she holds a special place in God’s heart too. A big hug and my Love to you for I know how you must miss Roxy just as I miss my own beloved dogs who are now dwelling in Higher realms. May the Godses take good care of you and the splendid Canadian people. Please know that Roxy is in the New Realm, and you will see her in all splendor, once you leave this world. Be happy for her. She deserves the reward for her sacrifice to save my good, faithful disciple! Much Love!”

We welcome your heartlines, stories and or cute, loving animal clips. Please send them via

It’s been a pleasure to have your company on Noteworthy News. May you be blessed with a joyous heart and loving spirit.

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