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In today’s news, Japan provides US$8.6 million in humanitarian relief to Zimbabwe, new study shows that air pollution from fossil fuels is far more dangerous than previously known, environmental group restores wetland in Australia, scientists develop ultrafast laser system that removes cancer cells and preserves healthy tissues, 12-year-old girl in Egypt teaches younger children following school closure, United States supermarket chain launches home brand vegan burger, and Hungary conducts animal welfare survey.

Japan supports food security in Zimbabwe.

The Japanese government has donated more than US$8.6 million to assist disadvantaged Zimbabweans through the World Food Programme (WFP) and other United Nations and humanitarian agencies. As estimated, 5.6 million citizens are in urgent need of food aid due to continuous droughts, economic challenges and the COVID-19 situation. WFP will use US$4.5 million of this fund for nutrition assistance, via monthly e-food vouchers of US$12 each, to 56,000 urban dwellers. In addition, US$1.25 million will help in delivering food support and creating nutrition gardens among other resources for over 11,000 people in two districts. The other participating agencies will address areas of health care and the support of vulnerable women and children, etc. Japan is a Shining World Leadership Award for Compassion, Animal Protection and Generosity laureate. Our heartfelt gratitude, Japan, for your life-saving commitment. Thank you also, WFP and all others involved. May the kind Zimbabweans soon greet a prosperous future, in Divine goodness.

Air pollution responsible for nearly one in five fatalities.

In 2018, 8.7 million people globally lost their lives due to the pollution generated by the burning of oil, coal and other fossil fuels, according to a recent study. The pollution-related adult mortality rate accounts for 18% of the total global fatalities and is far higher than previous estimates. Earlier research had solely relied on satellite and surface observations, while the latest study utilized a global atmospheric chemistry model, distinguishing emissions from different sources including power plants, ground transportation, ships and aircraft. The research was conducted by scientists at Harvard University in the United States and the University of Birmingham, the University of Leicester and University College London, all in the United Kingdom. Our appreciation, scientists. In Heaven’s grace, may such valuable knowledge encourage us to build a future of clean energy, fostering health and well-being for all.

Up next, environmental group restores wetland in Australia. We’ll just take a little time to thank the trained phlebotomists, who gently draw blood samples for tests, transfusions, donations or research. We will return with more assuring news after these messages here on Supreme Master Television.

Good day, inquisitive viewers, it’s Rachael the vegan Roloway Monkey! What would you say, if I told you I’m cute and adorable? “Of course you are, Rachael!” What will your reaction be, when I say that being on a vegan diet fills my heart with love? “Ooh, I want to feel that too!” All right, then, what are you waiting for? Join the vegan trend! Today we have a tip from Beloved Supreme Master Ching Hai: “If you feel kind of tired, just leave your computer for a while. Make yourself a healthy snack like self-grown alfalfa and tomatoes on toast, with a few drops of soya sauce. You can grow all the sprouts by yourself also, for fun, especially during lock down. They don’t need a lot of space or soil. Have fun! God Loves you kids!” We love You, Supreme Master Ching Hai! Thank you for this scrumptious snack idea! Much love for Being Veg and Going Green 2 Save the Planet for all humans and us all co-inhabitants. Thank you for watching. And now for the weather around the world.

Environmental organization revives swamp ecosystem in Australia.

Walker Swamp, which used to be a flourishing wetland near Australia’s Grampians National Park, became critically depleted after 150 years of farming. In 2018, local non-profit Nature Glenelg Trust purchased an over 400-hectare blue-gum plantation and began restoring Walker Swamp’s ecosystem by taking out the blue-gum trees and recovering the water levels. Soon, native plants started to grow, and animals, including aquatic bugs, frogs, fish and birds, returned. The area has become a crucial drought refuge for animals, and it helps to mitigate the impacts of climate change and flash floods. A 2020 study estimated that 85% of global wetlands have been lost due to human activities. Our grateful bow, Nature Glenelg Trust. May we do our best to repair our delicate Earth to sustain all lives, in God’s love.

Scientists create ultrafast laser to treat cancer.

Dr. Jonathan Shephard and co-researchers at Heriot-Watt University in Edinburgh, United Kingdom, are developing a cancer-removing picosecond laser, which emits light in pulses that each last one-trillionth of a second. The invention has already been successfully used in the lab to remove colorectal cancer cells without harming the nearby healthy tissues. Due to the extremely fast laser pulses, heat doesn’t adversely affect the surrounding cells, unlike in conventional cancer surgery. To continue their work, the group has received £1.2 million from the UK funding agency, Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council. The next step is to test the laser system on brain, head and neck cancers, where preserving the normal tissues is critical for the patient’s quality of life. We are impressed, Dr. Shephard and colleagues. In the compassion of the Providence, may many lives improve through such amazing medical advancements.

Young girl tutors pupils during school lockdown in Egypt.

When schools closed following the COVID-19 outbreak, 12-year-old Reem El-Khouly of Dakahlia province decided to help other children in her village by teaching them Arabic, English, mathematics and religion. Initially, the young teacher taught her 30 students with only a notebook before she received a blackboard and some chalk. Later, a local company supplied a whiteboard and marker pens. Nine-year-old Mohamed Abdel Moneim, who studies with the group, said, “I love Miss Reem because I really understand Arabic, math and English due to her teaching.” Miss Khouly, who dreams of becoming a mathematics teacher when she grows up, said her mother supports her endeavor after noticing the positive impact of the classes on the youngsters. You are a true inspiration, dedicated Reem El-Khouly. May Allah bless you and your fellow studious neighbors abundantly.

Coming up, United States supermarket chain launches home brand vegan burger. We’re going to take a moment to thank God for giving us shelter so we can stay safe, warm and comfortable especially on rainy days. Supreme Master Television will return in just a moment with more gladdening news.

Welcome back to Noteworthy News – Delightful News for a Splendid World.

Supermarket chain introduces new vegan burger.

United States-headquartered Sprouts Farmers Market, with over 350 stores across 23 states, has created its own brand of Plant Based Burger Patties, under its Butcher Shop Brand name. With pea protein and portobello mushrooms as the main ingredients, the patties come with great taste and nutritional content, and are convenient to prepare at home. The company also began selling the plant-based Impossible Burger last year, as well as vegan chicken, dairy-free milk and more. Wonderful news, Sprouts Farmers Market, on your new home brand vegan burger. In Celestial support, may your wise customers choose the Earth- and animal-friendly alternative in order to prosper in good health and happiness.

Hungary conducts survey on animal welfare.

The Hungarian government has introduced an animal protection questionnaire to determine public opinion on the issue. Made up of 13 questions, the survey asks about the use of fireworks, government support for animal shelters, penalties for people found abusing animals, and more. Below each issue, the government’s comments on it were also noted, which in each case was very supportive of more animal protection. In the first week of the survey being available, over 100,000 people had already completed it. Even the country’s Prime Minister, His Excellency Viktor Orbán, encouraged the public to participate in a Facebook posting. A big thank you, Hungarian government and citizens, for your kind and pro-active concern for our animal co-tenants. In Divine guidance, may further legislation and programs be enacted to ensure that they are protected and considerately cared for.

Here comes the joke of the day, laugh at it or not. It’s entitled “Between Two Doors.”

“If your dog is barking at the back door and your wife is yelling at the front door, who would you let in first?”

“The dog of course. He’ll quiet down after I let him in.”

And now we have a heartline from Wen-Xian in China:

Since Supreme Master Television started broadcasting, I’ve been watching it almost every day. All the shows convey spiritual, positive, loving and noble messages. They light up the world like a beacon, and light up humanity’s path ahead. Master’s teachings are like rainfall after a drought, nourishing the parched spirit of all beings… Now that the Earth is at a critical moment, our respected Master warned us repeatedly: quit the addiction to meat, be kind to our lovely animal neighbors, be vegan and save the planet, etc.… These words are from the bottom of Her heart, and we are all deeply touched upon hearing them. It is a matter of utmost urgency to save the planet. Hope humans can wake up as soon as possible. May compassion always be with us! I am grateful to Master, and the Supreme Master Television team for your contribution! May World Vegan arrive as soon as possible! Wen-Xian from China

Luminous Wen-Xian, We appreciate your heartline. Never has there been a more important time in human history than this time of cleansing, for a more honorable and noble world to come to life. We pray that you and advancing China receive bountiful Divine blessings and play a great role in this planetary transformation! In Buddha’s love, Supreme Master TV team

P.S. Master has some words for you: “Hopeful Wen-Xian, you are right that our planet’s fate hangs in the balance and our actions right now determine our immediate future, including humanity’s survival. Ask those you know to pray for World Vegan and adopt the vegan diet to create a beautiful place for all to live and thrive in the years to come. May the mercy of Heaven be upon you and brave China.”

We welcome your heartlines, stories and or cute, loving animal clips. Please send them via

Thank you for your presence on Noteworthy News. May your heart sing in blissful oneness with the Divine.

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