Tra Maestra e discepoli

Parents Are the Best Gift on This Planet, Part 2 of 5

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Never mind. I survive. You know what Heaven told me a few days ago? Higher Heaven told me. Not like when I was sad or anything, just normal time and then They just told me, “Try to survive.” It sounds scary. “Try to survive.” “Live long for others.” The two sentences They told me four, five days ago.

What’s that? (Water first. Someone will bring the chamomile tea which is still being prepared and will be brought here later.) Where’s the monk? Why didn’t the monk come in here to eat? Where’s the monk? The monk physician. (Master, she’s coming in a moment. The monk will come later. She’s coming.) OK. (The monk went to take some medicine. She will be back soon.) OK. Have you arranged a car for her? Otherwise, it will be too slow if she has to run.

You know, but to be president is a terrible position. (Yours too.) I am free. I can say what I want. (Yes, but Your position too is not so easy.) I know. (I wouldn’t like to be You...) I know, I know. (...in Your shoes.) I know, but different, not political pressure.

Thanks a lot. She went to get your medicine; later she’ll give it to you. The Chinese people, they have a secret tradition to know which point in your body will release your pain. Therefore sometimes, no need for much medicine. (Yes.) And now, the Westerners start to learn also from the Chinese: pressure puncture, acupuncture.

Yes. Have to wash hands. You might as well stay here and act as a doctor. Why go home? Wash hands. (Then, I’ll bring my cat here.) Your cat? Let’s talk about it later. Here we have dogs, so I’m afraid that he… (I have been working in the Hsihu medical team not long after I received initiation.) I know. Can’t you leave the cat at home for your elder sister to take care of? (OK.) Yes. I can give her money if needed. Does she have enough? (God always gives her enough.) Good. Then just come here and earn more merits. It’s all the same, eating and sleeping, if you stay at home. And here it’s also the same, eating and sleeping. Good. I’ll arrange a place for you to stay. (I’ve thought about staying here today.) Huh? (I did think of staying here today.) Good. OK. But what about your clothes and other stuff? (I’ve brought them with me.) Have you brought enough? Enough for a couple of days? (It’s OK. I have a car. I’ll go home when there’s nothing here to do.) You can ask someone to buy it for you. When you stay here, just tell them whatever you’d like to have. I’ll pay for it. Go wash your hands and eat. You must be starving.

It really worked immediately? I tell you. If you stay here, you can get healthy quicker. Time to eat. Two is enough, or just one. Have you all eaten, everybody? Cameramen also? OK. Hey, you big guy, you can eat the double portion. Take it over to you. The Indian, also double.

I didn’t know you could be so capable. (No, it’s really the healing energy field that worked. It’s all done by God.) Yes, it’s good to think like that. (When I act as an instrument, I don’t use my mind at all. It all comes from my intuition. When I was in Mongolia and Korea, I didn’t understand their language at all. But it’s the healing energy field…) Can be like that. (that was healing.) Yes, it can. (I’m just an instrument.) Yes, it can be like that. It’s better like that. (Yes.) It’d be troublesome if you think you’re doing it. (Yes.) You’d create karma. (Yes, yes.)

OK. Then you just stay. (OK.) Send your cat to someone else to take care. For the sake of all beings, why are you still attached to a cat? (OK. I’ll talk to my elder sister. OK. Thank You, Master.) You’re welcome. I’m just afraid that you don’t want to stay. If you stay, you can just tell them whatever you need without having to pay for anything. No need for you to pay. Long-term residents… (Master, I still have some money.) I know. (When I am in need of money, I’ll let You know. Thank You, Master.) OK. That’s what Long-term residents do. Working staff takes care of them.

The first time I can eat my food alone. Normally, everybody takes. Today I don’t give anything. You eat yours; I eat mine. Mine. Today I learn to be selfish. Otherwise, I will be too weak. We should stay here every day; every Sunday they have good food. At home we don’t have such good food. Not fair. We work a lot and we don’t have good food. Just come here on holiday and then have good food.

(It is a long time, Master, You didn’t eat. One day You have not eaten.) First meal. (First meal after one day?) First and last. (Oh, it’s a lot.) Enough. (It’s a lot.) Enough. You see the way I talk? (Yes.) I’m not tired because of no food. I’m tired because of stress, work, mental stress. And when you practice meditation a lot, your body and your cells are not like normal day-to-day cells. And then any stress makes more trouble. Me, for me. Sensitive! You are dreaming. I dream the same all these years. I wish I had.

What happened? You need something more? More fruit? (No, it’s OK.) Sometimes you have people help you, but they also bring more problems. And it’s too close to escape. You have to be in a very intimate relationship in order to really help, like a husband and wife or something, or real sister and brother, or sisters. Very difficult to find. And I am kind of a lone type of person. My fault. It’s my fault. (I always do wish to do something for You.) Thank you. (And at this time, but the maya takes me down so much.) No need. Thank you. (I will try very, very hard so I imagine that maybe I can, but…)

Never mind. I survive. You know what Heaven told me a few days ago? Higher Heaven told me. Not like when I was sad or anything, just normal time and then They just told me, “Try to survive.” It sounds scary. “Try to survive.” “Live long for others.” The two sentences They told me four, five days ago. It sounds scary. “Try to survive.” My God! What talk is that? It’s not like comforting, saying, “OK, don’t worry. You will live and we’ll help You,” no, “Try to survive!” (It’s too difficult for me to understand Heaven’s plan, why they do not quickly send more helpers to You.) Thank you, thank you. Really thank you. Very kind of you. You cannot just have everything.

How did you make her come back to life so quickly? Huh? (It’s God’s Power.) Oh. You also have to know where to press, otherwise, it’ll be very painful if you pressed the wrong place. Pressure. (I told a sister this morning that we’re enjoying a happy time now.) Did you learn? (I’ll give her the acupuncture treatment in the evening after finishing all these.) OK. (Thanks to Master’s grace.) You’re welcome. She will give you acupuncture later on. (OK.) She’ll let you enjoy a little bit now, and later, more work. She is good, huh? (Very good.)

It’s OK? Today is so-so, not extraordinary like the other day. It’s their fault. Not your good food karma. Normally we eat very well. Taipei cooks good. Kaohsiung, good. I don’t know others. Normally I don’t ask. At home do they cook anything? (Yes, Master.) Thank you for the (vegan) lasagna. Very good! You can cook so many things. No wonder she likes you. For the food! His ex-wife liked him, wanted to take him home, back home. He didn’t go, I don’t know why. You’re not Indian, that’s why. Indians, they don’t divorce.

You two knew each other or arranged by parents? (Arranged by parents.) Same, same everywhere. (Twenty-eight. Twenty-eight years ago.) And it’s still good, it looks like. I think their system’s not bad. Because when you’re in love with somebody, you’re blind. You don’t see other people’s faults and you don’t try to accommodate. And later you’re disappointed. But if parents arrange and you accepted already, what to do?

(It was instilled in us that you like it or don’t like it, you have to stay together. If they became yours, you have to love him for the rest of your life.) Too bad, they’re just done. So, like this they don’t think too much; go or not, or stay. It’s more settled. Finished. And that’s why in India, they have happy marriages, a lot. Very little divorce. Nowadays maybe, but…

I thought nowadays you didn’t arrange marriages anymore. Still do? But they check, they check everything – the compatibility, family background, (Family backgrounds, yes.) education, what you like, what you don’t like, both the same or not. Difficult, but they find it. Twenty years, still happy! (Twenty-eight years.) Look happy. So they’ve done a good job. Done a good job to find a good husband and wife for you. What are you doing in India that you’re gone so long? Business OK? (Jewelry business.) Jewelry. My design. (They look good.) Real stone? (Yes.) Good. We got some from India also – stones. I forget which ones.

(Master, I really love Your ring. It’s beautiful.) What is beautiful? (The ring that You wear. And I just wanted to ask You when are You going to come back to America? I have another Center in Los Angeles. Because the Center that we have is so… too far. We have to drive three, four hours to get there. Please come back there. And we need You in America. We need You here too.) I love America. (They love You too.) I’m just too tired now. If I go there, I have to either marry or do something in order to stay. I’m not American. (You are!) Honorary citizen. (Yes, that means You are.) Many times, but officially you have to be American or married or naturalized or do something to stay in America.

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