Tra Maestra e discepoli

The Story of Master Confucius and Xiang Tuo, Part 2 of 13, Mar 10, 2021

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Oh, man. I would resign if I was the Governor Newsom. I would just quit and go to Monaco or Cancún. Take his family there, enjoy his private life. But this guy, he genuinely wants to help the citizens. That’s why he bears all this. (Yes, Master.) He’s not there for power or fame or gain. That’s what I feel about him, according to what he did.

My dogs, sometimes I was with them and I’m busy working, but they come snuggling, nudging my hands and all that, then I have to stop. How many times can I say “no”? (Yes, Master.) So I don’t see them, but I feel it, I feel them. They are losing hair, and they’re sick and miserable because they’re missing me. (Oh.) They told me that. I said, “You have to sacrifice. Me too, I miss you a lot.” I cry over them sometimes, but what to do?

These are only humans, they’re people, they’re humans. They have obligations, they have emotions. They have good times and bad times together with family and friends. Very difficult to just turn a blind eye and close your heart to their pleads. (Yes, Master.) Especially when they have been like shut off from the whole world for a long, long time already. (Yes, Master.) And they were thinking maybe just go to a lonely and desolated beach and nobody would see them. They don’t talk to anybody, it would be OK. They just jump from their home into the car and go. (Yes, Master.) No contacting anybody. That’s what they would reason with him, with whomever that flouts the COVID restrictions.

Or maybe mother is sick. And then she would say, “Oh, you may just see me the last time. You never will see me again. Maybe I’m dying.” (Yes, Master.) It’s not easy for me either. When my parents were dying, I could not see them because of the political situation, because of my position. I kind of bled inside. (Oh.) But I knew I just had to, I just had to bear it. (Yes, Master.)

It’s very difficult for me to stay away from my dogs because they are just so loving and so comforting. Like sometimes when I have trouble with my work or with karma, I just hold my head like this on the desk, then they all come kissing me and telling me, “It will be fine” and “You know we love You,” and all that stuff. I mean, how can you always control your emotion with some beings who are so loving and kind like that? That’s why I don’t see them. (Yes, Master.)

But these officials, men or women, they stay with their family. They cannot day in, day out, keep saying “no.” (Yes, Master.) Because they have their obligations, their day in, day out reactions with each other emotionally. (Yes, Master.) Never mind, never mind. This is from a human’s standpoint. But it’s very difficult, very difficult to be a good human and to do everything also. I feel sorry for them also. I will not… I don’t condemn anybody actually. Also, many citizens also flout the COVID restrictions as well. They are just humans.

It’s the time for us to meditate, but we do it later today. (Yes, Master.) I cannot always do it on time for this, for that. You know how long it takes for me to prepare this. Things don’t always go as smoothly as I want or you want. This is the world. This is the physical world that we live in. (Yes.)

And now, concerning the restrictions for the COVID-19. (Yes, Master.) So, they have three reasons to kick him out, right? The first is the restrictions for COVID-19. (Yes, Master.) But many states do that! Many countries do that and not just one time – two times, three times. Everybody should read the news and know that. In England or everywhere, not just America’s states. They do that just to protect their citizens. New Zealand also, remember? And Australia also. The whole country.

Many countries, the whole country shut down. You know that. (Yes, Master.) So, I don’t know what they are talking about. Unless they really hate this good governor and want him out so that they can come up or they can vote for somebody else who is more favorable for their business. Selfish reasons. Or money reason. (Yes, Master.) And woe if he did not do the strict law, like other states or other countries, then they would also try to kick him out because he didn’t. (Yes, Master.)

You see that? (Yes, Master.) And he went only once to his friend’s birthday party. My God. If he doesn’t go, then he will be like biting himself for the rest of the year. (Yes.) There are some reasons why people do this and that, flouting the COVID restrictions, just for family and friends. He didn’t do it for himself. (Yes, Master.) If he makes a birthday party for himself and invites other people, then it’s for himself. But he went just to see his friend. To be there. And maybe there is some reason that he could not explain also. Or doesn’t want to explain. Fine. Just one time. My God!

So many leaders in the world also did similar things. (Yes, Master.) The question is whether or not they get caught. Some did get caught, some did not. (Yes, Master.) So, whoever is not guilty, then can throw the stone. That’s what Jesus said. (Yes, Master.)

Now what is the other reason that they wanted him out? (It was a slow rollout of the vaccine distribution.) Second reason, right? (Yes.) If there is no explanation, then I could guess. It’s that maybe a couple of reasons, like maybe some bureaucracy. Maybe something doesn’t arrive on time. Or maybe, another thing is that even at this moment… Today is the what? Tenth of March, and even then I still read some news that people are still reporting about the deaths by the vaccination, or immediately after vaccination, and some other unpleasant side effects. (Yes, Master.) So, maybe he was hesitant just to protect his people. (Yes, Master.) It’s very difficult to really decide on such things when you are not sure. (Yes.) Because it’s concerning people’s life and death.

Ah, my God. I wouldn’t want to be a governor or prime minister or president or anything. They take you for an iron statue. (Yes, Master.) You have to have no feelings and no falling in love. No asking to kiss in the COVID time. Love makes blind. Forget the COVID. Even those that want to risk like that. There are hundreds of thousands of bacteria in your saliva. And to exchange that with somebody else that you don’t even know if she is healthy or not. He must’ve been blinded by love.

You can’t look for love and warmth of a human companion if you are a governor. You guys learn that. (Yes, Master.) Cannot look for love if you are single. Cannot fall in love. Cannot ask a girl you like if you can kiss her or not, especially in the COVID time. Got that? (Yes, Master.) If you want to run for governor, you write this down, all these rules – why they are kicked out, why these two governors are kicked out. And then you’ll pray every day for God’s protection. (Yes, Master.) Because like damned if you do, damned if you don’t. (Understand. Yes, Master.)

Just like doctors, they say being a doctor is to save lives, but one leg you stay in the hospital and one leg you stay in prison. (Oh.) It’s very risky. People can sue you any time for any reason. (Yeah.) Even if the man is already 120 years old and it’s time for him to go, they still sue you for not keeping him alive, even if you try your best already. (Yes, Master.) Similarly, being a government official, it’s like a big shot, just like a governor or president or prime minister or ministers. (Yes, Master.) (Yes.)

So, what else is the reason? What is the third reason that he has to go, according to them? (You’ve already talked about the three reasons. There were some others, like his handling of the wildfires in California, homelessness problems, and lack of affordable housing. So, were just some general governing things that he is…) Accused of. (Yes.) Oh, man. I would resign if I was the Governor Newsom. I would just quit and go to Monaco or Cancún. Take his family there, enjoy his private life. But this guy, he genuinely wants to help the citizens. That’s why he bears all this. (Yes, Master.) He’s not there for power or fame or gain. That’s what I feel about him, according to what he did.

Listen. Wildfire is everywhere. (Yes, Master.) Nowadays, they are more frequent and more devastating than ever. (Yes.) Why don’t people watch TV? Or watch Supreme Master Television, that we report all about that. They just… truly they are really troublemakers, these people. And they’re leading other people who are vulnerable, and who don’t read much of the news and watch TV. Nowadays there are more wildfires and devastating other disasters everywhere. (Right.) More than usual. (Yes, Master.) Yeah, yeah, yeah. Why blame the California governor alone? He cannot control this. It’s not in his control. Or is it? (No, Master.) No. Nobody can. And California is a dry state. And then any wind or anything or any Coca-Cola can or any piece of broken glass or any cigarette would cause it, because it’s a dry and very big state.

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