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The Story of Master Confucius and Xiang Tuo, Part 6 of 13, Mar 10, 2021

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The humans can close them. Because it’s closed already, it’s closed. But whenever the humans in that country or related to the office do something bad or harming others – harming more and more animals, or harming people in war or something like that, in some aggressive manner, and the killing – then the hell road gate will open automatically.

And also, they just reported to me there are some clothes. They make it with what? Silver? (It’s like a microfiber using silver.) OK. They are having some microfiber kind of clothing that’s used to protect women when they are pregnant to protect the fetus inside (Yes.) from the radiation. And so maybe people can look up on the internet and find out what else is there to protect themselves. That’s why I aired that problem. (OK, Master.)

Because one time I talked to one of the residents, and she said before she didn’t have pain. Now she has pain also in the body, so I thought maybe that. So I told her, do this, do that, like what you have told me about, the wireless mouse, and the keyboard. So, it’s good for people. That’s why I told. Not that I wanted you to worry. Thank you for your prayers, if you did pray. Thank you.

Man, you are powerful. (I think many viewers outside, Master, have power.) Oh, also, yeah? (Also, the whole world’s viewers of the Heartline maybe praying, Master. All together.) I don’t think the whole world, but some of the disciples perhaps. They remote control my health. Thank you, all of you, whoever did pray for me. But I said that so that the viewers may check, recognize their symptoms, and perhaps they change and it will help them. Because nowadays everybody is on computers. They cannot avoid it. Sometimes they have pain, but they didn’t think it’s the computer. They didn’t think that’s the radiation from the electromagnetic field. So, because I said that, maybe they rethink, (Yes, Master.) change and protect themselves. OK, my love? (Yes, thank You, Master.)

Any other questions? (Not from the boys, Master.) How about the girls, do you have?

(Master, You just mentioned that there’s the hell gates in Washington. Does Heaven have a way to close them?)

Oh, the hell road? (Yes.) No, no. The humans can close them. Because it’s closed already, it’s closed. But whenever the humans in that country or related to the office do something bad or harming others – harming more and more animals, or harming people in war or something like that, in some aggressive manner, and the killing – then the hell road gate will open automatically. (Yes, Master.) And the demons jump out immediately. So, even God cannot stop that. Otherwise, we wouldn’t have to have Masters to come down. Just close all the hell roads or lock all the hells, and nothing will happen. But the humans will not improve. The humans continue to be bad, wicked, barbarous, killing, harassing, or torturing each other or animals. (Yes, Master.) And that will not be fair. And God has to be fair. Heaven has to be fair. Do you understand? (Yes, understand, Master.) Even if demons are locked in hell for thousands of years, but when there’s too much bad karma, bloody debt in the world, then they are allowed to come up. The doors, the gates, however many gates, however many doors, will automatically open. Understand now? (Yes, Master.)

So, as long as humans do not change their way of life to more benevolence and compassionate way of life, then there will be trouble all the time. Not just in the White House or Number 10 Downing Street, but everywhere else, in a different manner and different degree of numbers. It’s just we mentioned the White House because it’s a bigger influence for everyone, or London’s Prime Minister’s office. But everywhere else, the demons would jump up in every other hell road. The gates will be opened wide and they will just come in, in numbers. That’s why we have so many zealous demons and I am having trouble.

I and the Protectors are having trouble catching them, because I must also have an excuse. (Yes, Master.) It’s fair play in the universe. If I have an excuse and if I know of it. Because I’m always busy also. (Yes, Master.) Busy in the worldly way, like for the Supreme Master TV, and also busy in a spiritual way as well. And I do not notice, or sometimes I notice a little late. If I know somebody who’s making trouble for me or for my dogs or for my workers or for the good governors, good government people in the world, then I would immediately order to catch them. (Yes, Master.) (Thank You, Master.) They need my permission to do that, my Guardians or my Hufa. You call them Guardians or Protectors or the Guardians of the Universe. Need! That’s why it’s complicated, isn’t it? (Yes, Master.) Complicated. It’s not all that easy. Otherwise, Jesus wouldn’t have suffered, Buddha would have lived forever, and we wouldn’t need to sit here. We would have been enjoying ourselves in our home.

Understand now, my love? (Yes, Master. Thank You, Master.) “Love” is just a love from the heart. (Yes, Master.) Sometimes I call one of you or two “sweetheart” or “honey” because it’s a habit. (Yes, Master.) Like I call my dogs also “honey,” “sweetheart.” So don’t sue me. Don’t report it to the media. Because I read ridiculously that the girl sued or reported that Cuomo, one of the reasons is because he called her one time “sweetheart.” My God. Should he call her “sour heart?” “Bitter heart?” Maybe he should because that’s what the heart’s supposed to be when they’re doing that to him, whether or not it’s true. (Yes, Master.)

In England, wherever you go, people just talk to you, calling you “love.” American people, if you go into a shop and interact with even the cashier, they say, “That’s it, sweetheart. Bye, sweetheart.” (Yes, Master.) Or they just call anyone “sweetheart,” strangers also. Just a way of lovingly addressing somebody. In England, I went shopping or something and I said, “Oh, bye for now.” “Bye, love. Take care, love.” Even police would say that to you sometimes. Or even the chef in the restaurant. In Toronto, one time I was there.

Excuse me. Just the nose running. Sometimes it happens, sometimes not. Like sometimes I want to talk to you, the arrangement is smooth, sometimes not. (Yes, Master.) So, if I’m late, it’s because I’m struggling with the high-tech. And sometimes it doesn’t go as smoothly as other times. So, I thank you for being patient and understanding. Did I apologize before the lecture? Yes, I did, right? (Yes, You did, Master.) Thank you.

So, now all of you understand, my love? My… My team colleagues? Dare I call you “my love.” (We love it, Master.) (Yeah, we’re very happy if You say that.) I know, I know. We’re okay with each other. But if I go to the governor’s office and call some handsome boy “my love,” then I’ll be in big trouble. Won’t I? (Yes.) I might. Lucky I’m not the governor. I don’t have to deal with all that. I feel sorry for the poor guys.

It’s not enough reason to tell them to resign or to call them out. Don’t you agree? (Yes, Master. Agree, Master.) Tell me honestly. Yes or no? (Yes, Master.) Yes, what? Kick him out? (Keep him, keep him.) (No, Master.) No kick, or yes kick? (No kick.) No kick. You’re right. You’re wise. You’re good and fair. It’s good. Not because I said so. I also want your opinion. And somebody didn’t vote before until late, why? The three behind there, they voted later than everybody else. Why is that? The girls. Why?

(Because they are not American, Master. They didn’t know that they could vote.) Oh! Who cares? My God! Am I American? Only 50%. I’m not real American. We are the citizens of the world. (Yes, Master.) Just say what you think is right. You have to say what is from your heart, and truthful, all the time. That’s all. (Yes, Master.) We are the citizens of the world. We are an international television station. We do what the journalists also do. We give comments also. (Yes, Master.)

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