Tra Maestra e discepoli

The Story of Master Confucius and Xiang Tuo, Part 9 of 13

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So please, for your own sake, do not commit that kind of sin. Do not touch your friends, your colleagues, your Master. No. I mean in your mind, in your heart, or in your word. That’s terrible for you. Very, very, very terrible. Especially in this Final [Judgement] Time. No one can rescue you.

Anyone else who wants to jump in? Yeah. Change of atmosphere. Otherwise, just him asking me and I answer him, people might sue me.

(Master, some countries like the United States, Russia, China, Israel, and some others,) Yes. (these countries are the main war weapon creators.) Ah, I see. They provide them to many other countries. They sell them in billions or trillions. You’re right. So, what now? What is your question? (So my question is, due to making these guns and war planes and all that, and they use them not just in wars, but in their daily life, maybe killing other people and animals.) Hunting and all that. Yes. (And they claim that they created all these weapons just to defend their countries, but actually no.) Yes. (They sell them to other countries for economic reasons and others.) Yeah. (I wonder how the karma from making weapons and selling to other countries affects their countries – because these countries often have a lot of turmoil – and the sort of karma they bear by making weapons, Master.)

Of course they do. One of the bad businesses that the Buddha advised people not to have is making weapons. I told you that in another time, long time ago. (Yes.) That’s one of the bad businesses. The karma is very, very, very bad because it’s killing; it’s related with killing. Not only they make weapons and sell, but before that, they create turmoil also. They go and talk to the opposite party or just to some vulnerable people or some ambitious people, to create trouble, to create a war within their own country or with other countries, so that they can sell more. They find always excuses or they make excuses so that the people in their country will fight with each other or fight the neighbors or other countries. That’s what they do. Otherwise, how do they sell the weapons? (Yes, Master.)

We can talk no end about all these things that the humans are doing with each other, toward each other or… It’s also because of the zealous demons, the Astral Level influence, the hell level influence, that makes people listen to them that way and do that way, this way, to harm others or to make war. You understand now? (Yes, Master.) But it is also because the world karma is piling up, up to the extent that it’s almost like astral energy or almost like hell energy. So like would attract like. Then the gate of hell, the gate of Astral Level will open. And these bad devil beings will come up and cause trouble between humans, between humans and animals, between animals and animals even. (Yes.) That’s the way it is, like that. So, humans as a whole also partake in this karma. And we cannot just blame the devils alone. It’s like that. Like attracts like. That is the truth. (Yes, Master.)

So that’s why all the Masters came down and advised people: “Please be benevolent. Be like Heaven beings. Don’t war with others. Don’t kill. Don’t tell lies. Don’t commit adultery, don’t gamble, don’t drink alcohol.” Because these will make you lower your energy, and then do other things wrong. Then you will be just like the astral beings, the lower astral beings, or the hell beings. Your quality, your energy, will be just like them or almost like them or like them. Then they would just come up and make more trouble. They thrive on this kind of energy in order to go up to our world to cause trouble. If the energy is all pure and clean, they cannot. That is the thing.

They normally already want to make trouble for us. And if we give them excuses, like making ourselves more degraded to a lower level, making our energy become impure by our ambition, our unbenevolent thinking and actions, then they can even have more excuses to harm us or to make us do things wrong, to harm others. That’s why many Masters cannot always succeed in bringing people back to Heaven. You got it now? (Yes, Master. Thank You, Master.) Any more questions?

(I have one spiritual question, Master.) Tell. (Let’s say, in Âu Lạc [Vietnam], I know that there are a lot of people who do different kinds of practice. They live in a mountainous area, almost like monks and nuns, and live a very simple life.) Yeah. (And they all claim that they’re waiting for the World Savior. Some, they say Jesus Christ reincarnate, or Maitreya Buddha and so on, Master.) Yes, yes. (They are super sincere, no doubt about it.) Yes. (I just wonder, what blindfolded them that they don’t recognize that Master is the one that they should come to, to ask for initiation?)

You ask them. Why ask me? I also don’t know, my love. Karma, I guess. (Yes, OK.) Karma of themselves, karma of the world. Buddha was in front of them. Jesus was in front of them. So were many other Masters. They killed them. (Yes, Master.) So, at least these nuns and monks or whoever stays in the mountains as a secluded practitioner, at least they don’t kill… me. If you believe that I am the Savior, at least they let me alone. (Yes.) They don’t harm me, they don’t slander me. Even some disciples do. This time is very, very strict. Whoever trashes the Master or the good disciples will just go − you know where.

Just like the bad influence of hell will blind you. The suffering is too much, you won’t remember anything. Even Ananda, in front of the Buddha and the maya can shut him up. Imagine who are you to be in hell and even remember your Master’s name? Logical to you? (Yes, Master.) And Ananda, life after life, he has been with the Buddha. Close. Very close, like skin-close. Together. Friends. Go through many lives together. Best of friends and still being shut up like that – right in front of the Buddha! Not like he sits some thousand miles apart, even. You see what I’m saying? (Yes, Master.)

So please, for your own sake, do not commit that kind of sin. Do not touch your friends, your colleagues, your Master. No. I mean in your mind, in your heart, or in your word. That’s terrible for you. Very, very, very terrible. Especially in this Final [Judgement] Time. No one can rescue you. So please, please, please, one more person worships me or one less person worships me, it does me no harm. But it will do you harm. That is the problem. (Yes, Master.)

I’m a good person, not to talk about being a Master or anything. And if you slander a good person, you are bad. You will be punished very hard. Is that logical? I’m not threatening you. Is that logical or not? (Yes, Master.) (Yes, it is logical.) It’s not a threat, is it? (No, Master.) It’s a truthful speech. (Yes.)

Talk about that, I have pain in my neck, truly, physical. Any other more cheerful question? Today you ask all the bad questions. Never mind, (Sorry, Master.) many people want to ask like that, I’m sure. That’s why you are inspired to ask me. Tell me. Any other question, my love?

(Master, You just mentioned how Buddha could learn a technique to stay forever. Master, did You learn that technique?)

I don’t want to. It’s not my thing in this lifetime. (Understand, Master.) This time, I truly just want to go Home. I take with me whom I can. Whoever is a little bit good to me, or just be with me or be around me or believe in me or even just bow to my picture, just that, I’ll take him Home, to my Land. But otherwise, I truly don’t want to stay anymore.

I’m just trying while I’m here, keeping the planet for everybody. If I can. (Thank You, Master.) But the karma is piled up so big, big, like all the mountains put together, cannot be as high. All the sky cannot even contain. Bad karma over centuries, over millions of years, hundreds of thousands of years. And every time it’s been cleansed, so we had war, we have big flu, big pandemic, big epidemic and all that, but now this is a big one. Big time. (Yes, Master.)

In fact, our planet could be gone any minute. Always, every day, if you have time, you meditate. (Yes, Master.) I’m trying my best. But I can’t promise anything. (Thank You, Master.)

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