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Prophecy of the Golden Age Part 142 - The Return of the King

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“And the golden gates will be opened, and the peoples of the earth will come in marriage to the temple of the four directions, where you will be asked not to take off your shoes.”

In our last episode, we learned that Lord Quetzalcoatl sailed away to “the eastern horizon” after promising to His followers that He would reappear to rid the world of evil and establish peace for all. We determined that this reappearance has already taken place with Supreme Master Ching Hai’s visits from the East – to Mesoamerica, where She was received with extraordinary warmth! According to the legend, Lord Quetzalcoatl made further revelations about what would happen after He establishes World Peace.

“And the golden gates will be opened, and the peoples of the earth will come in marriage to the temple of the four directions, where you will be asked not to take off your shoes.”

Master Quetzalcoatl foretells that “the golden gates will be opened” and people from all over the world will come to “the temple of the four directions.” This symbolizes the state of liberation granted by an enlightened Master, who indeed opens the golden gates to Heaven for Her initiates by teaching them the ultimate Way of spiritual practice.

“(Before meeting Supreme Master Ching Hai, I had practiced spirituality on four paths: Hatha Yoga – in that path I became a vegetarian; a meditation with a mantra with a teacher from India; Zen meditation; and a meditation on the inner Light and Sound.

One day feeling very sad and depressed, I prayed to Almighty God to send me a Master to teach me the Meditation to be one with God; this time I wanted to have total certainty that this Master was going to give me what I had longed for for a long time. I asked God to give me all the necessary experiences to be completely sure that this Master was going to lead me to the union with God, that I longed for nothing else.

On June 3, 1989, I went to the Chinese Association to listen to the first lecture. I do not speak Chinese and the lecture was in Chinese. When asked if I spoke Chinese, I told them that I wanted to feel the energy of Supreme Master Ching Hai. I entered the auditorium and Master Blessed me with Her gaze, She granted me a glimpse of Divine Union. After the initiation, on Monday I went to the house where Master was and the brothers from Formosa (Taiwan) invited me to the meditation. Master passed by, blessing us all, and when She blessed me, She gave me a deeper glimpse of Union with God. Thank You, Supreme Master Ching Hai, these blessings make this life and this existence have an eternal goal, the union with Almighty God.)”

“Power of goodness comes to you to enliven you, to eradicate all fear from the world. Power of unity, power of the Heart of Heaven, of the One who, upon receiving us, receives in fact His own being.”

“(And in the year 2000 and 2001...) I cannot translate. (in my dream, I found myself dead along with the whole world. I wondered why everything was dead and so heavy as iron. And then slowly everywhere, the Sound, the Sound started to emerge. It revived every being – from humans to plants and trees, to all creatures. At that time I realized that everything... The life force of this entire universe is the Sound. And the Sound is You, Master. You are the life force of all beings in the universe. I'd like to say this, really, if there were no Sound, we wouldn't be able to move, couldn't walk and couldn't even exist in this world. And You are the Sound and the Love that we totally rely on to live. That's what I experienced very clearly.)”

“Yield devotion to the truth, believe in its power! Revive the light of your hearts, oh brothers! The world will dawn for those who understand.”

“When we develop the wisdom eye, we see things differently. Every age is a golden age. And if it’s not, we are not developed spiritually, every age is a dark age. For us (spiritual practitioners), the golden millennium is already there.”

“Right now, the Golden Age is just for us, the practitioner of a spiritual high elevation of consciousness. But if everyone overcomes this (planetary) crisis, become vegetarian (vegan), become morally elevated, spiritually elevated, then everyone will live in the Golden Age.”

“(I want to tell You thank You so much. I see miracles every day. And it’s just, since the Golden (Age) years (since 2003), it’s just opened more and more and more. I yearn for enlightenment and outside, like understanding the world around me, and I see that all the time.) Then, it’s good. (So thank You very much.)”

“At the distance of a shout, at the distance of a day’s walk, your man is already here, your Older Brother, the One with the green jades, the beard and the pilgrim’s staff. Receive Him!”

In emphasizing that He will definitely return, Lord Quetzalcoatl describes Himself as “the One with the green jades, the beard and the pilgrim’s staff.”

Coincidentally, Supreme Master Ching Hai at times wears some jewelries She designed with green jades… Master has also used staffs for walking, and oftentimes umbrellas for the same purpose…

In Costa Rica, Master once took the long, flowing moss that hung from a tree, and put it on Her chin as a beard, to the laughter of the disciples present.

“(When we were with Master, in the Ashram of Costa Rica, during the day we walked with Her on the trails. On one occasion we were going with the monks, the nuns and a group of Her disciples. And Master stopped under a tree that hung some long moss. She took two little mosses from the tree and put them on simulating little beards, here. And She said, as if She were an old man, very pretty, She said: ‘I am your grandfather!’ And we all laughed, because we were very amused that She put Herself in the place of an old man.)”

And sometimes, Master pretends to stroke an invisible beard when She is joking!

“Well, I still have this kind of habit sometimes. I keep doing things like I have a beard. But I don’t. I don’t know why I do that, yeah never mind. Sometimes, I put a little pencil here.”

“You know, most Masters, They have a beard, so when They talk, They are doing this. I have something similar, right? All I have to do is tuck it all to here and then… Just use some tape, put it there. Excellent. No wonder I grew my hair long, now I know why. It can be a substitute.”

“The time is coming, the hour is coming, humanity is born from the new Sun. Behold its sign now! Raise the pole!”

In these final remarks, Lord Quetzalcoatl announces the coming era of the new Sun – the Golden Era! In indigenous cultures throughout the Americas, the Golden Age is often referred to as the Fifth Sun. Even more fascinating is the fact that stories of Quetzalcoatl can be found farther away in North and South America, although He is known by different names. For example, you may recall a prophecy from earlier in our multi-part series about the return of Pahana to the Hopi people of Southwest United States.

It is said that Pahana would also return FROM THE EAST to bring lasting peace and enlightenment for humankind. As mentioned before, Supreme Master Ching Hai came to the Americas from the EAST in Taiwan (Formosa). And She was born in the EAST, in Âu Lạc (Vietnam). Also, the name Pahana comes from the word Pahu in the Hopi language, which means “Ocean.” Master’s name is Ching Hai, meaning “Pure Ocean”!

Meanwhile, going south, people in Peru still remember Viracocha. His name is also ocean-related: it means “Sea Foam”! Like Quetzalcoatl, Viracocha was a manifestation of God, had blond hair and a beard, and endowed the Inca people with civilizing knowledge such as agriculture and the arts. He too bid farewell with a promise to return. Interestingly, He then walked across the Pacific Ocean, heading to the WEST, which from Peru is also the direction for going to the EAST (Asia)! Although Master has not yet visited Peru physically, some of our Association members saw Master’s presence in Peru through their inner visions. Could this attest to Viracocha’s return?

“(I was about nine years old in 1950, the year Supreme Master Ching Hai was born. One night half asleep, I saw between my dreams an immense lady, big, wearing blue, who was walking behind the mountain of my town, the Cotallaulli hill. The image stayed in me. Many years passed and when we met Master in the year 1998, we got a flyer with Her picture, the same picture as the image I had seen in my dreams when I was nine years old. Her dress was same as the picture Master appears in, with clothes in the style of Âu Lạc (Vietnam) when they are in a celebration. So it filled me with indescribable emotion for Her to have been present in my childhood. Thanks, Master, for deigning to come to us. Thank You, thank You.)”

“(Since 2011, I began to receive telepathic messages and to have lucid dreams, where emissaries of the White Brotherhood from within our planet, as well as emissaries from other planets, communicated to me.

In 2016, I received a message in which they invited me to an experience of physical contact on the Island of the Sun on November 11, 2018. In this message they showed me an image with two rectangular, Inca-style doors, and the rhombus in the middle of them. Here is a photo, an image, Titicaca Lake. Here you can see the Island of the Sun. According to the legend, that is the place where the God Viracocha began His creation.

With a group of friends, we headed to the Temple of the Sun. We were in silence and in those moments in which I was in silence, I had a vision. The image of a face printed in a stone appeared. I could also find the image of the vision that I had had, of the face printed in a stone, in the upper part of the temple. This image belongs to the God Viracocha. Then when it was time to leave, my friends went ahead to take the boat and I told one of them to come with me a little further, like 20 meters beyond the Temple of the Sun. Curiously, the place I found was exactly the same as the drawing in the invitation I had received to go to the Island of the Sun, with the two rectangular Inca doors and the rhombus in the middle.

We received an invitation to go to a retreat at New Land (Ashram) in 2018 and so I went. The first night, I was in meditation and again the sacred rhombus, the golden rhombus, appeared in my inner vision, and also as an external vision behind Master’s chair, but it was very large, like three meters in height.

I also received a message at the retreat to put special attention on the date December 29, 2018. That day was when we went to Hsihu, to the other Ashram. At night, Master came to see us. I was very close to Master, in front of Master, that night. Then this image that I drew appeared. It was a magnanimous man with an immense golden hat, a pyramidal type hat.

When I was already on the plane, the majestic Lord of the drawing appeared. He introduced Himself with His name telling me that He is an emissary of the inner retreats of Asia. I received a telepathic message that said: “The frequency of the Masters is unique and allows Them to connect in the same energy. This is manifested to those with a sincere heart, who because of their merit can reach the attunement; the frequency of the Masters is unique, a Master is the one who has reached the crystallization of consciousness.’

And that is when I saw by inner vision Master meeting other emissaries of the White Brotherhood, at the wall of Pusharo, which is in the Peruvian jungle in Madre de Dios. It is the entrance to Paititi, the lost city of the Incas. When I arrived in my country, I began to investigate the rhombus and its meaning – it is THE EYE OF GOD.

In 2019 I felt like going to Caral, one of the oldest civilizations in the world. The people there also confirmed to me the meaning of the rhombus as the eye of God. That is why being in front of Master, the rhombus became bigger and more intense. (As seen in the above-mentioned inner vision.) Being in front of Supreme Master Ching Hai, is being in front of the purest Love and the greatest Power that can exist. Thank You.)”

“(God is here. As sure as the air I breathe, As sure as the morning will come, As sure as I to You speak and You can hear me…)”

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