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Supreme Master Ching Hai’s Wish for the Palestinian and Israeli People, May 18, 2021

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Host: On Tuesday, May 18, 2021, in a work-related phone call, our Most Beloved Supreme Master Ching Hai kindly shared Her thoughts and expressed Her deep sorrow regarding the recent flare-up of the crisis between the Israeli and Palestinian nations.

(Master, there’s ongoing conflict in Israel and Palestine at the moment, and it seems that this conflict is escalating. Master, why did the Palestinians [Hamas] react first? Will we ever see a ceasefire anytime soon? Will there ever be peace between Israel and Palestine?)

Well, that I cannot really tell you right now because both sides seem to not give in to the other side. (Yes, Master.)

You also asked me why did the Palestinians react first, right? (Yes.) Because the police were at the holy hilltop compound in East Jerusalem, according to the news. (Right.) Hamas demanded that the police be removed from that hilltop. (Right.) But then Israel did not comply. Thus, after the deadline, the Palestinians just wanted to show their frustration or anger, or whatever it is.

But it’s not just this. I think it’s not just this. The Palestinian people, I have read somewhere that they express that, to be born and grow up and live in the Palestine area, it’s like living in a solitary jail cell. (Oh.) That’s how they feel. I mean, maybe some people feel like that, or most Palestinian people feel like that. (Yes, understand.)

Actually, these two races are brothers and sisters, according to the Jewish story. They have the same father, that is Abraham, their Patriarch. (Yes.) And they all admitted that they share the same father, same origin. So why they keep fighting, that is beyond me. And it’s not just about this situation or this occasion. It is that the Palestinian people feel very oppressed, since decades. (Right, Master.) And I do wish, of course, that one day there will be peace on both of the lands. It doesn’t matter who lives in that land. It is children of God who live there. (Yes, Master.) And since it has been since long already, I wish the Palestinian people will be granted peace and live their own lives and do their own things and raise their children. (We hope so too.) Like this, many children died already. Women and old people, and all kinds of people died, on both sides. But more on the Palestinians’ usually, in any conflict or any situation, since decades already. (Yes, right.)

And I feel very, very, very… my heart pains for the Palestinian people. And I wish that they will one day have peace. (We also pray for peace, Master.) I don’t like all this. It makes me cry, you understand? (Yes, understand.) For the helpless children and women and old people. We are all humans. No matter if Palestinians or Israelis.

I already have been praying for them both, and I have written the slogan like, “Heaven is watching: Stop warring.” I don’t know if anyone listens. I wanted to remind them that we are all children of God and Heaven is always watching what we’re doing. So we better do good instead, because the “Final Judgment,” we cannot avoid. “As you sow, so shall you reap.” (Yes. We pray for peace between the two nations too, Master.)

I really don’t like this at all. I don’t like this. I feel our world is still hellish. Killing animals, murdering, and not just murdering, but peeling their skin alive and all that stuff. And then, killing each other, even within brothers; it’s like a civil war. (Agree, Master.) That is not right. If they claim to believe in God, and live according to God’s commandments, this is not right. (Yes.) No matter who started it. No matter what race it is, especially they both have the same forefather, and are from the same origin. It’s stated in their Bible. I think in the Torah, it should be stated in there, that they have the same forefather.

And besides, we have the same great forefather, that is Adam, and the same mother, Eve; and the same, great, greatest of all fathers, that is God. (Yes, Master.) So I don’t understand why people have to fight for anything at all, for a piece of land, for political differences, or food or water, or whatever. I don’t know, I really cannot understand all this.

(We hope that they will resolve the conflict soon, Master.) I also hope like you do, that we will see both sides live in peace with each other. And the Palestinians can also claim their own state, so that they settle down and know their rights and their land and their way of life, preserving their own culture, and raising their children in peace and dignity. (We hope so too.) Actually, that’s all I can tell you now.  (Thank You, Master.)

You know, the Palestinian people, many of them have been kind of kicked out of their land, kicked out of their houses, and seeing their whole lifetime’s labor ruined by Jewish settlers, and of course all this carves a wound inside their hearts. (Yes, understand.) I mean, what’s the use of continuing taking land, even if you think it belongs to you. But I have read in the news that there is not really any clear documents or international recognition of what land belongs to the Jewish settlers. I mean, if the land has already been cultivated and lived on by the Palestinians, or whomever, since a long time already, then let it be. Besides, the Israeli people have enough land already, much, much, much bigger than the place where the Palestinians are living on now. (Right.) So I think the Jewish have enough land, no need to keep taking away land that’s already been lived on and cultivated by the Palestinian people. (We agree too, Master.)

I, myself, personally, wish that I have a piece of land, big, big, big, somewhere, free and legal so that I can invite all the Palestinians to come there and live their lives. Because if they have been harassed and oppressed all this time like this, I don’t know how they’d feel. (Yes.) I don’t know how they fare their lives. They cannot be feeling confident and good, for all the children especially, living in fear all the time like that. (Yes, Master.) And don’t even know when your house is going to be razed to the ground or your olive orchard is going to be demolished, and then you are thrown out, homeless. This is really not right. (Yes, we think so too.) My God! What for causing misery for people when you don’t have to do it, when you can have it otherwise?

Please, God, help us, help the Palestinian people, and help the Jewish people to see the light, to see Your Mercy and Generosity, and give them peace. Thank You, God. We all love You but we don’t do what You told us. I’m very repentant for that, for all humanity. Please help us. Thank You, Lord.

Maybe they are not the favorite of other countries or of the world, but I still feel very sorry for the innocent, like children, women, helpless and elderly, and the people who overnight become homeless and don’t know where to go next when their house has been razed to the ground, and their property’s gone, and the children don’t know where is their next school to go to. That is not very easy to swallow and to keep quiet over the years, and… Suppose it’s me, I also would not feel well. Anybody would not feel well in that situation. (Right, Master.) It’s all this political competitiveness and different ideologies that make the innocent people become victims, anytime like that.

Peace is good. Peace is good. Many countries make peace with Israel. I’m very happy about that and it’s very good. It’s just that something else has to be taken care of: the peace between Palestinians and the Jewish people. That’s very, very important – for them and for the world as well, to prove that we are a civilized race of beings on this planet. We are in this 21st century already. For God’s sake! For God’s sake, for the love of God, please stop killing each other! Please stop oppressing the weaker and the meeker race, just because you have more power, just because you have more chances to do it, just because you have more money and stronger, more population, or whatever reason.

Israel is having peace with other Arab countries, (Yes, Master.) and the Palestinians felt kind of alone and not supported, (Right.) apart from everything else. And too many things were bottled up over the years, and something’s got to give if it’s bottled up too long. Otherwise, I don’t think the Palestinians or the Hamas, for that reason, would dare to even provoke Israel, because they are no match for this power. (Right.) They are no match at all. So they must have been kind of really, really feeling frustrated and having injustice on their side, and all kinds of things that add up to this escalation of conflict. No matter what, I feel sorry for them. I feel sorry for the Palestinians.

Oh! For God’s sake, for the love of God, please stop all this bloodshed. Think about the children as if they are your children, and you’ll know what they feel. May you all be blessed, forgiven, and graced by God Almighty. Amen.

Host: Master said that She is still crying every time watching these suffering people’s plight in this conflict and praying for it all to end in Peace.

Most Compassionate Master, our gratefulness for Your deep sympathy and Your on-time, loving reminder of the harmonious coexistence that God intended for all of Hiers children. We too hope and pray for a quick and smooth reconciliation between Palestine and Israel so that both sides may at last have peace, as people of one kinship. Wishing Beloved Master the best of health and happiness, while in the watchful protection of all glorious Heavens. 

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