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The Traveling Businessman and a Trustworthy Ghost, Part 3 of 6, Apr 25, 2021

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For an ordinary person or an ordinary disciple, to be positive is good. (Yes, Master.) But for a Master, it doesn’t matter if you’re positive, negative. Things happen the way it should happen.

I was lost in all this technical stuff. (Yes, Master.) My table, it doesn’t look like anything that I have ever imagined in my younger life. My goodness. Just maybe you can see something. Can you see anything? (Yes, Master.) (Yes.) Yes? (Wow!) (Oh, my goodness!) (Wow! A lot of wires!) And I roomed a lot already. There are a lot more everywhere else. A lot, a lot, a lot, hidden. I’m a very tidy person, but… But in this case, I gave up. Because so much, so much stuff. (Yes, Master.) (Wow!) It takes up the whole table. And I’m glad that I could even put my book, but it’s on top of many wires. You see?

Oh, thank you. What are you doing? The camera wants to go away to do business or something. You better stay here, take care of me. I am alone. We don’t need to do business. We are rich enough.

You know, I’m a very tidy person, but this is beyond my housekeeping talent. Before, I could not see the wires anywhere and I tried to hide them or organize them so that they’re not seen, but now I just give up, I just… whatever, I let it be. And they even threatened to buy more stuff for me. Oh, my dear!

“So the traveling businessman told the farmer thus: ‘In this capital city, do you know anyone who is trustworthy?’ The farmer told him about one person, such and such, and said, ‘If you even have 1,000 gold pieces, you would feel peaceful to give it to that person to take care of it for you.’ So he was very happy, the traveler, thanked the farmer, and then asked the way to go to that trustworthy person. When he got there, he introduced himself to this trustworthy person. And then he said to him, ‘Sir, I have heard that you are a very, very trustworthy person. At the moment, I have with me a very, very big, big sum of money. I would like to have somebody take care of it. If you would be so kind, I would be happy to entrust it to you. And one year after, I will come back to get it.’ So the trustworthy person said, ‘Oh, yeah. Sure, sure, you can. You go to…’” Why are you laughing? (Of course, he would say that.) “He said, ‘Sure, can do. You just go to my office over there, and in my office there is a big safe. You can put anything there you want.’ And then the traveling businessman did as he was instructed. He put all his money, gold pieces inside the safe, locked it, and then took the key with him.”

It sounds like a bank. (Yes, Master.) You put things in the safe and take the key with you. I never did it, but I saw people do that. I don’t have enough to have to do that. Not enough. Not much. Actually, even if I had it, we would use it somewhere anyway. (Yes, Master.) I don’t take care of money that much. Some, but the rest, others take care. (Yes, Master.) In our group there are people who take care of this and that. Thank God. Otherwise, I don’t think I could sit here if every day I have to keep counting money and put it in the safe like that boy. Then I think my table would be more crowded than this right now. Full of gold pieces.

In the old time, people used gold as currency. (Yes, Master.) Gold and silver and copper and stuff like that. Maybe gold for US$1,000. (Yes.) And silver for maybe US$500. (Yes.) And copper for US $200. Zinc or whatever-not, like change, small ones, coins? (Yes.) Maybe like that. My God. Poor people in the old time. Imagine you carry one million US dollars with you! (Wow!) In gold! And they didn’t have cars like we have nowadays. (Yes.) And poor horses. (Yes, Master.) Poor horses who had to carry rich people, and their gold and silver, and whatnot. Oh, man. Aren’t you glad you are in this period of our Earth lifetime? (Yes, Master.)

Paper is also heavy if it’s a big sum, but it’s not that heavy like gold and silver. (Right. Yes, Master.) We’re lucky. And we have cars even! Oh! Things are lighter, and we have cars. Before, things were heavier. And before, they also had like pots made with earth (Yes, Master.) or copper and stuff like that, to put their things inside. (Yes, Master.) Or to put water and to put rice and food, and whatever. Oh, man! I feel sorry for the horses who had been born in those times. Don’t you? (Yes, Master.) And imagine if you go somewhere and you cannot get a horse cart. What do you do with all that? To carry money with you is already a big problem, with all this gold, silver, copper, zinc, aluminum, whatever that is.

“So, then this traveling businessman took the key with him and went to other cities in that big, big, huge country, and continued to sell-sell, buy-buy, and then earned a lot, a lot of money.” (Money.) Wow! Don’t you feel like itchy? Don’t you feel like wanting to go to some big country like that? (No.) Huge country, like America, Russia, Spain. Make money, no? (No, Master. Not for us.) No. Not interesting. We don’t know if we will stay that long here, right? (Right. Yes, Master.)

Who knows about the world or about the karma of people? But let’s not be so un-positive. Actually, I have never been so un-positive before, but the negative things still happen to me. Then I begin to doubt whether or not I am positive enough. But for an ordinary person or an ordinary disciple, to be positive is good. (Yes, Master.) But for a Master, it doesn’t matter if you’re positive, negative. Things happen the way it should happen. (Right.) (Yes, Master.)

You can see all the Masters, They are the most positive. (Yes, Master.) Like Lord Jesus, Lord Buddha, Lord Mahavira, but things still happened to Them. (Yes, Master.) But for the disciples, they are very positive, and good things always happen to them. Lucky. It’s better than nobody has good things happen to them. (Yes, Master.) So, it’s only the Master, when no good things happen, then it’s OK. Only one person, it’s all right.

“So, after one year, he returned to the capital of that country. On the way, he saw a person who walked opposite him. And then he asked that person whether or not he knew the person that he had entrusted his money to. So the opposite direction person said, ‘Yeah, I know him. I know him. But he is not alive anymore.’” Ah! (Oh!)

You should be alive, man. You just sat there, waiting for me to direct you like a film. Open your mouth. Ah! (Ah!) Show some surprise or something. (Oh!)

Even when I went to the theater to see movies, I was more alive than you. You are not supposed to make noise in the movies, but I could never help myself. I was all excited or sad, or said, “Uh? Huh? No! No! No!” I always commented on the movies. And I even criticized the character. I said, “You bad boy!” And sometimes, the movie goers in front of me, they’d look at me. “Hey!” I’d say, “OK, sorry. Sorry.” And then I did it again!

So, I always went early so that I could sit right in the front or right at the back or wherever was the most empty. Or I put the toothpick in my mouth, so I can watch the movie without talking. But then I forgot, and then the toothpick fell on the ground. And I cannot pick it up again. It’s so dirty. I’m all real. I focus on something, then I’m so intense.

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