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Moving Towards a More Conscientious World, Part 3 of 9, Jun 6, 2021

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And here, we have the church, the reverends of all the reverends, the holy of all the holy, walking tall, talking big, cashing in, living in comfort – and doing this kind of thing to the children! And the law also does nothing! Don’t you feel it is weird, strange? (Yes.) (Unacceptable, Master.) Unacceptable!

I told you also, when I was in Hong Kong, I passed by a nightclub with many girls sitting outside with a mamasan. (Yes, Master.) And I asked for the directions to a money changing area. I needed to change some money to buy something. And they’re very friendly. The mamasan, very friendly, showed me. And the girls were also smiling. You know, they’re sitting there waiting. (Yes, Master.) They have a nightclub, but they also go out with clients. You know that, right? (Yes, Master.) And when I came back, I thanked them again, and I said I’m going to an Indian restaurant, if they want something, I will bring it back. And the girls said, “Yes, yes, yes!” The mamasan said, “Oh, no, no need la! No need.” I said, “Never mind, I will bring anyway, OK?”

But I did not go to an Indian restaurant, I happened to pass by a Thai, like a little… it’s not a restaurant, it’s like a booth on the street. (Yes, Master.) Yeah, on the street corner. It’s about two tables. And they have some vegan stuff, delicious. If I pass by Hong Kong again, I would go there and eat, because they made it so beautifully, I don’t know why. It is nothing, only some vegetables. But the way she did it, I don’t know, with love or something, Thai people. And because I said I’m vegan all the time, so she… Most Thai people are Buddhist. (Yes, Master.) They know about Buddhism. And so, if they know you don’t eat animals, they respect you very much, even if they do eat meat. (Yes, Master.) So, they cook always with love or something, for me.

I invited two of your brothers there one time, because they accompanied me to find me the address, and this and that, because I would not know where. One is a doctor and the other one is one of your brothers’ father. So two of them were eating with me there several times. If I take any of you there, of course I would give to you. I would bring you there also. I don’t know, whenever I’m there, I can eat two portions of it, not just one. And they have delicious coconuts.

And then I brought them some of these vegan foods and spring rolls and stuff like that, and asked the brother doctor to bring it back to these street/nightclub girls and they were very happy, gave him a kiss even. On the cheeks, on the cheeks only. I asked, “Where did they kiss? Because he has a wife at home. So, I said, “Where did they kiss you? Why did you let them kiss you? Where?” And he said, “Only on the cheek, Master! Only on the cheek! I cannot avoid! I cannot avoid!” It was too quick for him, I guess. It doesn’t matter.

I was so tired, so I said, “You please bring them. And I’m sure the girls welcome you more than me, so you go there, make them happy. You know, the girls, of course they like men better than me. I’m an old woman, he is still OK, looks handsome. White hair, but still OK. So he went there and gave them the food.

And one time I was in America, also I was lost on the street, and the taxi couldn’t find the address I wanted. So I went into a club also, the striptease club, with the girl dancing on the pole. (Yes, Master.) On the little iron pole. And I asked them for directions also, respectfully, and they were also very friendly, to show me the way. I never had any, even a sanna looking down upon these people ever. (Right. Yes, Master.)

Whenever I saw them on the street or in the nightclub, or in such a striptease club, I have never, ever, thought anything different, from them and any other women in the world. (Yes, Master.) Or men even. Also, men… they call the men gigolo? (Yes.) Something. Also, I never have any disrespectful thought or manner or speech or anything to them. I’m more extra tender, extra gentle, extra respectful, so that I don’t want to hurt their feelings. (Yes, Master.)

But to these evil-doers within the house of the Lord, I don’t have any sympathy. I’m sorry. (Yes, Master.) Because they harm the children! (That’s right.) Some might have been sick because of that, some might be dying, dead because of that. And their mental, their peace is harmed, it’s ruined, it’s damaged forever. (Yes, Master.)

The prostitutes, they’re doing their job, because some men need them. Of course, it’s not a very good job, but I don’t know, if they are not there, maybe some good family girl will be harmed. (Yes, Master.) Because at least they are there so some men can relieve themselves if they feel that way. (Yes, Master.) Not going out to molest a good family girl. So we should also feel thankful to them that they are there. Because as long as the men need to do this kind of thing, they probably need somewhere to go. You see? (Yes, Master.)

In Thailand and in Holland, they are more open about this. (Yes.) They let the street girls, the sex workers do it openly like a business. They open a house and shop and showing what they are, they just do it and they pay tax, and they check up their health and everything. So, it’s more safe that way for the girls (Yes.) instead of doing it behind the law. (Yes, Master.) Dangerous for the girls and dangerous for the clients as well. In Thailand people don’t look down upon any prostitutes ever. They also respect them, I mean, look upon them like everyone else.

So, I am feeling a little better.

So, at least something is moving. That’s what I want to tell you. (Yes, Master.) In case you did not read the news. I haven’t read for a long time, but now and then I also read a little bit. Just the headlines on my phone. Also, “The Irish government apologized after inquiry finds...” It was in that church article and I did not have time to read all that. Of course, a long time ago, some church in America also apologized, or did something. But too little. (Yes, Master.) Too little.

I wonder why the law doesn’t do anything also. Because if normal men outside are molesting children, they’d put them in jail. (Yes.) And even the inmates inside will beat this type of pedophile. If they have a chance, they would beat this kind of guy up. (Yes.) Because the inmates, some of them still have some kind of righteous level. (Yes, Master.) Even though they are criminals, but there are different criminal kinds and they hate other men who molest, harm, or beat up a woman or children. (Yes, Master.) So if they have a chance, they will beat that kind of guy up.

And here, we have the church, the reverends of all the reverends, the holy of all the holy, walking tall, talking big, cashing in, living in comfort – and doing this kind of thing to the children! And the law also does nothing! Don’t you feel it is weird, strange? (Yes.) (Unacceptable, Master.) Unacceptable! (Yes, it’s so bad.) If you do it, if any men do it, they go to jail. And there was a case about Mr. Epstein or something? (Yes, Master.) He was seeking girls and some underage girls for some big shots who need them, who have money and all that, and he was put in jail. And then he committed suicide, or maybe was killed, I don’t know, inside the cell, inside the prison. (Yes, Master.) And even his ex-girlfriend also is in jail now. (Yes, Master.) Just like that.

And how about all this evil in the house of the Lord? How come they’re still walking tall, talking big? And lifting their heads up? And revered by other people? I don’t understand this society, do you?! (No, Master.) What are the governments doing!? And what are the churches there for? Such bad, filthy, foul examples! And continue! And nobody does anything! Just a little bit here and there, and then sweep it under the carpet. (Yes.) So the law is not just at all. No wonder many citizens don’t abide by the law. Because it’s not serving justice!

And no wonder many people left the church, because they don’t believe in the representative of the church anymore. And I hope they don’t leave God. I hope they just leave the church but not leave the Lord in their hearts. (Yes, Master.) Because the priest should be a good example. Why molesting and harassing, or oppressing and abusing and killing little innocent children like that?

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