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Moving Towards a More Conscientious World, Part 5 of 9, Jun 6, 2021

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The merit of any work is not measured by the success. It’s measured by your effort, your sincerity, your genuine desire to do it well for a noble purpose. So it doesn’t matter if we don’t have any credit about that. But it seems obvious to me.

Do you hear anything about Governor Newsom, California? I didn’t watch too long already. Any new development about him? (No, Master.) People didn’t kick him out yet? They should not. That would be harmful and unfair, unjust. We don’t hear much anymore, not much noise about him anymore. Hopefully things turn out well for him, just like Mr. Cuomo (Yes, Master.) of New York. If you have anything, you find out. Call me and let me know.

And by the way. I read that the Republican Senator Rand Paul, he received many death threats (Yes.) because he criticized Dr. Fauci. He’s not the only one, but he’s probably more insistent. If Dr. Fauci has nothing to hide, had done nothing wrong, why is there somebody who wants to kill or threaten somebody to keep him silent? (Yes, Master.) Even if he just made a mistake, or is saying something opposite or flip-flop all the time about the COVID-19 treatments or precaution, that everybody knows already. So that’s not merit to have to send many letters or death threats to him and his family, and send a letter with powder or something like that. (Yes, Master.) So I don’t know what, something fishy’s going on. They just probably found out many things about his emails, that have been revealed, and the people are not very happy. They want him to resign. But if it’s just for that, there’s no need to threaten people. (No, Master.) Death threats even, so I don’t know what’s going on with them. Must be something bigger than that. (Yes, Master.)

The thing is, they say that he used taxpayer money to pay for the Wuhan laboratory to manipulate the mutation of this COVID-19 to make it more deadly like the way it is now. (Yes, Master.) So that’s why people want him out. But, never mind. These things the law will handle it. I hope. We don’t have much to say. It’s just that he keeps flip-flopping all the time, confusing people. (Yes, Master.) Because he advised openly, I think on CNN or something, that people don’t need to wear a mask; it’s just a bug and we should worry more about the flu. And then, so, many people believed him because he’s a top doctor, (Yes.) serving more than one president, at always the same position and respected, trusted.

So when the government said, “Please wear masks,” people went out on the street and did demonstrations, protests, and made a lot of trouble and looting and all that, together with other trouble. (Yes, Master.) And burning towns and stuff like that. It’s not a good thing at all. Saying one thing and then saying another thing, confusing people. (Yes, Master.) And make people go against the government. And then for that, they have to go to jail, and they have to spend a lot more money from the taxpayers to bail them out. The party members, the Democrats bail them out with a lot of money from maybe election donations or whatever. (Yes, Master.) That’s why people are angry.

Anyway, just want to tell you about all that. (Thank You, Master.) So that you know maybe your work has borne some fruits. (Yes, Master.) It doesn’t matter if it doesn’t, at least we try our best. (Yes, Master.)

The merit of any work is not measured by the success. It’s measured by your effort, your sincerity, your genuine desire to do it well for a noble purpose. So it doesn’t matter if we don’t have any credit about that. But it seems obvious to me. Like last time, the thing I told you about Israel and Palestine. It’s so good that the world may be getting a little bit more in order, more enlightened, more conscientious. (Yes, Master.)

Anything you want to tell me about all this? Just this, not other questions today. I’m not in a position to answer other questions. (Yes, Master.) Any comments or any question about this? (It’s good that the Church is doing some small things, but still we agree that it’s definitely not enough because, as You say, this is really, really unacceptable behavior.) Yeah. (from these powerful groups of church, that the world respects and reveres.) Yeah, the most powerful people. (Yeah, and maybe that’s what they’re clinging to, that kind of power, which is so wrong,) Yes. (and it has to stop.)

Maybe you’re right. Yeah, cling to that power, that’s why. Not just reputation. (Yes.) Controlling. Controlling power. They are more powerful than presidents, the king and queen. They all have to go and kowtow to them if they want more votes (That’s right.) or more recognition, for the monarch’s power or for the political power. They all have to go kowtow to them. Before, if the king is to be crowned, it’s always the priests who did it. (Yes, Master.) Maybe that’s why.

But the more power you have, the more you have to be humble and do the right thing. (Yes.) Especially if you are a servant of God, you can’t do all this. (No way.) It’s so evil. It’s the opposite of God. (Yes.) It’s truly a servant of satan. Who can serve God and do this? (Yes, exactly.) Oppressing, molesting and murdering or abusing little children, helpless children, (Yes, Master.) who don’t even have enough power or grown-up intelligence to say yes or no, even. (Yes.) They don’t even ask them! You see what I’m saying? (Yes, Master.) Not between the two adults that even consent. These are little children that know nothing! And just abuse them like that. Oh my God! Oh my God!

Oh, that’s all I say: “Please God help us! Please! You cannot let this continue, my Lord, in Your house, defiling Your house up to this utmost bottom, filthy extent.” My God! Even normal people, lay people outside, they are more honest, more honorable, more decent than this. I have no words to express. I’m just so, so filled up inside with anguish for the children, for the children, because I can imagine how they feel. (Yes, Master.) You imagine if it’s you, then you know it, right? (Yes, Master.) And you are only 13! (Yes, even younger.) Yeah, a little child. (Yes.) My goodness.

It’s not acceptable, because like this, any pervert just jumps into the church, become the priest so that they can enjoy all this privilege and abuse without any consequence, above the law! You see what I am saying? (Yes, Master.) Above the president even. For example, President Clinton, he had an affair, maybe, I don’t know, I am not there. Supposed to have had an affair with an adult girl, 24 years old already. (Yes, Master.) With consent. Adult. And they dragged him to court, and degrade him and then continue until even nowadays. Still talk about it sometimes, for political reasons, or whatever reasons.

But these evil so-called priests, they did so many evil things and nobody did anything. You see that? (Yes, Master.) Not even bring to court. (No.) My goodness! And everybody accepts this? Then the church is going to be ruined, you know why? Because all the perverts will go into the church, learn the Bible by heart, or learn how to do the sermon and the ceremony, and to enjoy all these filthy evil deeds without any punishment ever. Do you understand me? (Yes, Master.) Then the church is not rescuable. If the church doesn’t do anything now, the church will be full of these kinds of perverts. Or pedophiles. (Yes.) Because it’s so easy!

If you are a priest, you are above the law. Above the president, above the king, above the queen, above the prince, above everybody. (Yes, Master.) Most powerful person in the world, then you can do all the evil deeds, and these are servants of satan, not God.

Do you see clearly or not? (Yes, Master.) If nobody can see this, then they’re all blind, deaf and dumb. Or maybe they see it, but they are accomplices together, having benefit from each other, that’s why. (Yes.) Maybe benefit for voting, and the other one, benefit for, I don’t know, more power. (Scared of their reputation, Master.) Yeah, reputation so they have more power. They can control. And then more, better business, or whatever.

Maybe they’re all in bed together, whoever supports this, or doesn’t do anything about it, or turns the blind eye to it. They’re all in it together. They’re all in bed together. You hear what I’m saying? (Yes, Master.) I’m not afraid to say that. Even if I’m afraid, I still say that.

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