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In today’s news, World Bank assists South Sudan’s vulnerable, researchers accurately calculate the length of a day on Venus, one-minute, non-invasive COVID-19 test deployed in Singapore, German food establishments to offer reusable packaging for takeaway, in India police officers feed animals amid coronavirus pandemic, dairy-free products producer spreads vegan message on Times Square billboards in United States, and kind British man builds raft to save swan’s nest from rising water.

World Bank supports South Sudan’s vulnerable.

The South Sudan Safety Net Project, financed by the World Bank, has delivered cash aid to almost 100,000 disadvantaged people in the capital Juba. Administered by the United Nations Office for Project Services, the plan is to help around 430,000 citizens affected by floods, locusts, conflicts and the pandemic across 10 counties over a nine-month period. Approximately US$3.8 million has already been given to beneficiaries to care for themselves and their families. The initiative also seeks to assist the financially challenged with income-earning opportunities and temporary work. Much gratitude, World Bank and the United Nations Office for Project Services, for your kind commitment to uplift lives. May the gracious South Sudanese people soon be greeted by a future of abundance and happiness, in God’s compassion.

Duration of a day on Venus determined.

Led by planetary astronomy professor Dr. Jean-Luc Margot from the University of California, Los Angeles, a team in the United States has calculated the exact length of a day on Venus. The time for our nearest neighboring planet to complete one rotation on its axis is 243.0226 Earth days, which exceeds the length of a year on Venus at 225 Earth days. The calculation was made by bouncing radio waves off the planet. It was also found that with the tilt of the axis on which it spins being only 2.64 degrees and with a carbon dioxide greenhouse gas atmospheric surface temperature usually being 471 degrees Celsius, the heavenly body doesn’t have any real seasons. Dr. Margot commented, “Venus is an amazing laboratory for understanding planet formation and evolution… There are likely billions of Venus-like planets in the galaxy.” Thank you, Dr. Jean-Luc Margot and team. In Divine radiance, may new wonders of our miraculous Universe be continuously discovered.

Up next, one-minute, non-invasive COVID-19 test deployed in Singapore. We would like to thank horticultural therapists, for making use of the healing nature of working with plants and being outdoors to help people benefit psychologically. We’ll be right back with more alleviating news on Supreme Master Television. Vegan = 4 Eden on Earth.

Good day, gentle viewers, I’m Peppa the vegan Porcupine Fish. Be calm, be cool and be vegan, just like me! Here is a crafty tip for you. Repurpose cracked plates and terra cotta planters to make a wonderful bird bath for your garden. You can use a variety of different planter sizes. All you need to do is assemble them together and paint it for a unique and colorful look! The birds will thank you for this! Thank you for tuning in, and lots of love for Being Veg and Going Green 2 Save the Planet for all humans and us all co-inhabitants. Now, the worldwide weather.

Singapore to begin using super-fast COVID-19 test.

The Southeast Asian country will start implementing the one-minute, non-invasive Breathonix test, which is likely the quickest way to detect a COVID-19 infection in the world. Created at the National University of Singapore, the test is based on cancer recognition technology and works by identifying the Volatile Organic Compounds (VOCs) present in an individual’s breath. A healthy person will have a different VOC signature than an infected one. After having a successful trial period at Singapore’s Changi Airport as well as in other places, this rapid COVID-19 breathe screening test system will now be deployed at a border crossing between the nation and Malaysia. Wonderful news, Singapore and National University of Singapore researchers, on your health-protecting technology. May the pandemic soon subside as the world’s people realize a bright future where all beings are nurtured and safeguarded, in Heaven’s grace.

Germany to reduce disposable waste at food establishments.

The nation has introduced a law requiring snack bars, cafes and restaurants to offer their customers a reusable alternative option to single-use packaging, when ordering takeaway food and drinks. The rule will be effective from 2023, but will exempt smaller establishments up to 80 square meters in size with a maximum of five employees. Other measures enacted include mandating a minimum amount of recycled plastic in PET bottles as well as extending the deposit requirement to all single-use cans and plastic bottles for drinks. Germany is a Shining World Caring Leadership Award and Shining World Leadership Awards for Compassion and Wise Governance laureate. Kudos, Germany, on your laws to help decrease waste in your picturesque nation. In Celestial support, may humanity quickly shift towards ecologically friendly methods to package food and drinks as we protect our beloved home.

Police in India give food to animals during lockdown.

Additional Deputy Commissioner of Police (ADCP) for central Lucknow, India, Chiranjeev Nath Sinha and his police team have provided bananas and chickpeas to monkeys, cows and stray dogs amidst the COVID-19 crisis. During the 2020 lockdown, they also delivered food to animals in need. For his good Samaritan spirit, ADCP Sinha was presented with the People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) India’s Hero to Animals Award. The kindhearted officer said, “Stray animals usually depend on people’s leftover food for their survival and due to curfew or lockdown, there are not many people on ground. So, it was just a small effort to feed the animals.” Congratulations, Additional Deputy Commissioner of Police Chiranjeev Nath Sinha, on your well-deserved award. A high salute to you and your team for your compassionate deeds. May many people be inspired to follow your loving goodwill, in God’s bliss.

Coming up, dairy-free products producer spreads vegan message on Times Square billboards in United States. We’ll pause to clear out our desk drawers of accumulated things. Please stay tuned to Supreme Master Television for more pleasant news. Be Veg, Go Green 2 Save the Planet. Welcome back to Noteworthy News – Friendly News for a Kinder World.

United States-based dairy-free foods producer spreads plant-power messages in Times Square.

On May 3, 2021, Miyoko’s Creamery launched advertisements on three huge electronic billboards in New York City, USA’s, iconic Times Square. The messages read: “Milk Plants, Hug Cows,” as well as “Change Your Cheese” and “Change the World.” Running until June 27, 2021, the campaign, to encourage a shift in how people view animals and ultimately a move towards plant-based eating, is estimated to catch the eyes of approximately 50,000 city dwellers a day. Miyoko’s Creamery’s founder and CEO, Ms. Miyoko Schinner, a Shining World Compassion Award recipient, said, “Animals aren’t food - they are living beings. We want to create that mind shift so that we can save the planet and ourselves - together.” Three cheers, Miyoko Schinner and Miyoko’s Creamery! In Divine harmony, may we soon celebrate the vegan lifestyle becoming the new norm globally.

Kindhearted British man saves swan’s nest.

Rob Adamson from St. Ives, United Kingdom, who lives and works at Jones Boatyard marina, recently saw the water reaching around the nest of a swan. He has kept a watchful eye on her for 10 years and decided to create a makeshift raft and move the whole nest, including the bird and her eggs, onto it for safety. Meanwhile, the attentive papa swan watched on. All eight eggs hatched days later, making the feathered pair proud parents for the first time in a decade, after previous unsuccessful attempts. The excited Mr. Adamson said, “When I saw them start to hatch, I was so happy… It’s like winning the lottery.” Dubbed “the swan man,” he rescued and hand-raised an injured cygnet named Sid in 2018. Our warm praises, Rob Adamson. May Heaven bless you and the gorgeous feathered family with comfort, good health and joy.

Get ready to let loose a little with a joke of the day called, “Skydiving.”

Ricky was about to go skydiving for the first time! He was quite relaxed as it was a tandem jump, meaning it’s done with an instructor who takes care of everything. Right before his jump, he was strapped to the man standing next to him. Then, they both jumped out of the plane. As they plummeted, the man said:

“This is so easy and fun! I’m so glad I’m skydiving with an experienced instructor like you...”


And now we have a heartline from Hoa Trắng in Âu Lạc, also known as Vietnam:

Dear Beloved Master and Supreme Master Television Team, First of all, I would like to wish Master and the team great health. You have worked day and night to selflessly offer many programs which are positive and elevating for all beings on Earth and the whole Universe. The world is having a lot of crises due to the Covid-19 pandemic. This is like an alarm to warn humanity to wake up and change to the wise, compassionate and noble way of living. Recently, I also realized that many people have recognized numerous benefits that the vegan way of life brings to their health, their spirit as well as to the Earth.

In November 2020, I bought a carton of plant-based milk for my mother. Miraculously, after a few days of drinking it, my mother recovered completely and had less pain in her joints. My mother had been told that drinking cow’s milk was good for her bones. However, on the contrary, the more cow’s milk she drank, the more tired and in pain she felt. When I came home to visit her, I saw her laying quietly on her bed. I gave her a glass of vegan milk; then she felt strong right after drinking it. She stood up and walked around. I could not believe my own eyes! I knew that Master had blessed my mother so that she could realize that cow’s milk is not good for her health and that there is cruel treatment in the cow factories. Yesterday, she called me and said that she wanted to drink this vegan milk forever. Then she told my uncle and her neighbors about this, and they also wanted to change to drink vegan milk and asked me to buy it for them. After hearing that, I was so happy because my mom finally realized that cow’s milk is not good for human health at all. I sincerely thank Master for giving me and my numerous brothers and sisters in the world the benefits of the vegan lifestyle. We will share these wonderful values with the people around us who do not correctly understand the noble and healthy Vegan Way of Living. I hope that I will never have to witness the scene of a cow losing her calf or being treated cruelly and that humans will stop these actions as soon as possible.

I also believe that the world is in a cleansing process so that the Earth will become a Heaven under Master’s protection and care, visibly as well as invisibly. I bow my head and humbly thank You for Your quiet sacrifices. No words can describe the Supreme Love that You bestow on this planet. I also realized untold benefits and changes from the inside out, after I switched to the vegan diet and practiced the Quan Yin Method. A great value which I realized was: Love! I found that when we discover our real love inside, it’s an incredibly wonderful thing. I feel that I love humans and animals like my own brothers and sisters. Animals have a deep and sacred love for humans, which I didn’t notice before. How can I express all of these things with worldly language when seeing that love is the only way to treat each other; love is the eternal truth. I feel so repentant that I ate animal flesh before because of my ignorance. May I embrace You in the Supreme Love! Let me spread the wonderful vegan lifestyle everywhere. May You bless me to have the opportunity to do this until my last breath, to promote the lasting values for this generation and the next ones. May the Highest Heaven and the Great Godses forever protect You, Beloved Master, in peace and health always. I love You, Hoa Trắng from Âu Lạc (Vietnam)

Determined Hoa Trắng, It was a pleasure to read your heartline. We thank you for your actions to help all those around you be informed about the current situation of our planet and the urgent steps needed to safeguard this beautiful home. It is wonderful that your mother is feeling better and that she now recognizes the power of plant-based milk! In Celestial oneness, Supreme Master TV team

P.S. Master commends your efforts: “Benevolent Hoa Trắng, my thanks to you for your love and well-wishes. Continue sharing the vegan message with everyone you can, especially now as our world is in imminent danger with emergency action needed to save it. Passing on vegan information is simple; there are many excellent programs on the plant-based diet accessible through May Heavens keep you and enchanting Âu Lạc (Vietnam) protected always.”

We welcome your heartlines, stories and or cute, loving animal clips. Please send them via

It’s been a joy to spend time with you on Noteworthy News. May celestial light illuminate your days.

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