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Heaven Testimonies, Part 2 — Supreme Master Ching Hai and Jesus Merged into One

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I received the initiation, not too long ago. I would like to tell you briefly about my inner experiences. One of them was really beautiful. I went somewhere high, very high, probably to some Heaven. I saw Jesus. I asked Him questions, and I always received answers, which were silent but clear and understandable. Later, Master Ching Hai appeared and She and Jesus were swinging together on a golden swing. When They stopped swinging They merged into one, and floated up high into the cosmos. Then I was convinced That everything that Master said in Her books was true: that it is the same power only contained in different bodies in different historical times. That it is simply a power of God, manifesting itself in different bodies in different historical times. It was a beautiful experience. I'll tell you another one.

During my meditation, I came to a planet with beautiful mountains of crystal, all rocks, all mountains were made of crystal. There were small lakes and their bottoms were made of precious stones. There was a large waterfall creating a lake, I took a bath there and I came out so light, pure, happy, and joyful. When I went further, I saw beautiful plants, fruits and flowers, which I had never seen before and I'm sure we don't have them on Earth. I saw beings living there, how harmoniously quietly and beautifully they worked together, harvesting and later storing the crops. It was so beautiful, I thought it would be great if we could work the same way, and I thought that it could probably be attained under the leadership of Master Ching Hai, who I believe is the spiritual leader of Earth.

Vegan = road to Heaven.

Each of Master’s disciples has similar, different or more inner spiritual experiences and/or outer world blessings; these are just some samples. Usually we keep them to ourselves, as per Master’s advice.

To watch and download more testimonies, please visit SupremeMasterTV.com/to-heaven

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