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In today’s news, Japan aids mine action-related activities in Syria, World Health Organization head cautions of potential future, deadlier virus than COVID-19, United Kingdom charity helps install home solar lights in rural Malawi, Bolivians clean up plastic-filled Uru Uru Lake, state of Texas, United States, protects human embryos as early as six weeks into pregnancy, vegan milk company from Singapore starts selling in India, and “cow whisperer” vegan farmer in Germany founds animal sanctuary.

Japan supports landmine action initiatives in Syria.

Japan is a Shining World Leadership Awards for Compassion, Generosity, and Animal Protection laureate, has pledged US$825,000 to support the United Nations Mine Action Service Syria Response Programme (UNMAS SRP). The contribution will help UNMAS SRP to coordinate with partners in Syria for their mine-related programs. UNMAS SRP will also hold information sessions on explosive ordnances and COVID-19 safety, thus providing life-saving knowledge to 20,500 people in vulnerable areas. Furthermore, it will help explosive victims and the disabled access further services. Over the past five years, Japan has contributed more than US$5.7 million in support of UNMAS SRP, enabling the organization to provide aid and education to 265,000 people, as well as direct assistance to over 5,300 victims and those with disabilities through physical rehabilitation, assistive devices and mental health support. Our praises, compassionate Japan and United Nations Mine Action Service, for your enduring efforts. May the beloved Syrian people soon have peace in their sacred land, in Allah’s grace.

World Health Organization (WHO) head warns of possible deadlier pandemic risk.

In his opening speech to 194 member states at the recent World Health Assembly, WHO’s Director-General, the Honorable Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus cautioned that after almost 18 months into the COVID-19 crisis, the world remains in a very dangerous and fragile state, as the SARS-CoV-2 virus is constantly mutating. Alarmingly, the WHO chief asserted that it is an “evolutionary certainty” that there will be another virus that is more contagious and lethal than the current one. To keep the world safe, Dr. Ghebreyesus urged all nations to serve the vulnerable and take unprecedented bold actions. Our gratitude, the Honorable Dr. Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus and World Health Organization, for your wise leadership. May all countries urgently implement transitioning their citizens to the life-saving vegan diet to end this pandemic and prevent future ones, in Divine wisdom.

Up next, United Kingdom charity helps install home solar lights in rural Malawi. We’ll just take a little time to thank the reading tutors who help students enhance their reading skills through in-person or virtual tutoring sessions. Please stay tuned to Supreme Master Television for more exemplary news. Vegan = 4 Total Peace.

Hi, selfless friends, it’s me, Penny the vegan Pygmy Sloth! Get your energy directly from the sun through plants. You will feel the difference. Try it; it’s the sustainable way. Be vegan! If you’re looking for a natural, inexpensive, fresh- smelling insect repellent, you can make your own non-toxic version at home with this recipe utilizing vinegar, which works great as mosquitos do not like its smell or taste. Combine 50% water and 50% apple cider vinegar in a spray bottle. Next, add 10-15 drops of the essential oil of your choice - such as mint, tea tree, spearmint, lemon, lemongrass, lavender, clove, citronella or eucalyptus. You can also use this spray to treat actual mosquito bites. Thank you for tuning in, and much love for Being Veg and Going Green 2 Save the Planet for all of us humans and all co-inhabitants alike. Now, the weather around the world!

Malawi village turning to bright solar power solutions.

United Kingdom-based international charity SolarAid is running a year-long project with its social enterprise unit SunnyMoney installing pay-as-you-go home solar systems in Ntchisi, Malawi, a remote region with limited electricity access. Charitable foundation Turner Kirk Trust also donated £75,000 toward the project. Residents of the 500 or so homes that make up the village will be offered free electricity for some time before making the decision to buy or lease the solar panels. SolarAid hopes with the success of converting 100% of the village to solar power, thereby improving the quality of life for the residents, more villages and countries in Africa will have a model to follow. Thank you, SolarAid, SunnyMoney, and Turner Kirk Trust, for this investment to bring clean, safe energy to Malawi. In God’s eternal love, may everyone help preserve our environment through greener living.

Bolivian lake undergoes a massive clean-up of plastic trash.

About 500 police officers, municipal workers and volunteers gathered to remove plastic waste from Uru Uru Lake in western Bolivia’s Oruro Department. Referred to as a “lake of plastic,” it is estimated to hold some 30,000 tons of debris due to inflowing rivers bringing refuse from urban areas over the years. Uru Uru Lake was once a tourist attraction teeming with wildlife but is now not only clogged with plastic but also polluted with heavy metal contaminants such as arsenic from mines. The water levels of this lake have also dropped to only 25-30% of capacity due to a severe climate change-related drought in 2016. A big applause to all involved in helping to clean up Uru Uru Lake. May the beauty of this Bolivian natural resource soon be restored and support a safe habitat full of life in the Creator’s protection.

Texas bans termination of pregnancy from as early as six weeks.

The governor of Texas, the Honorable Greg Abbott, recently signed into law the “heartbeat bill” which bans the aborting of a fetus as early as six weeks into pregnancy when the detection of a fetal heartbeat is possible. The law also gives any individual the right to sue doctors who perform the procedure past this point or a person who helped someone arrange to terminate a pregnancy after six weeks with damages of up to US$10,000 for each defendant. On signing the bill, Governor Abbott stated: “Our Creator endowed us with the right to life, and yet millions of children lose their right to life every year because of abortion.” Texas joins more than a dozen other states that have passed similar life-protecting laws. Our earnest appreciation, the Honorable Greg Abbott. May we always take all measures to safeguard precious human life in Heaven’s benevolent mercy.

Coming up, vegan milk company from Singapore starts selling in India. We will take a moment and pray for Heavens’ guiding Light to always illuminate our paths as we travel through life’s labyrinth. More supporting news coming up on Supreme Master Television. Don’t be just a leader, be a great one = a vegan leader! Welcome back to Noteworthy News – Harmonious News for an Optimistic World.

Singaporean company launches vegan milk in India.

Only Earth of Singapore recently started selling its oat and coconut milk products in India, and will soon release its almond version as well. The eco-friendly items will be available online at stores such as Big Basket and Amazon, and also in physical locations such as Foodhall and Nature’s Basket. In a press release, the firm shared its concerns about the excessive amount of farmland taken up by animal livestock raising, and expressed that the inspiration for the name of its brand came from the need to protect our “only planet.” Congratulations, Only Earth, on the successful release of your delicious vegan milks in India. We pray that your wish to shield our “only planet” will be quickly fulfilled as humanity increasingly embraces the countless variety of vegan foods.

“The Moustache Farmer” creates animal sanctuary in Germany.

Joar Berge, known as “The Moustache Farmer,” developed a strong relationship with animals from his childhood on a farm. After trying the urban lifestyle and then eventually tiring of it, Joar returned to his old home and rescued two young cows, Emma and Dagi. Falling back in love with farm life, Joar co-founded the animal sanctuary Lebenshof Odenwald, where he cares for cows, a pony, pigs, a dog, rabbits, chickens and deer. Developing a deep connection with the animals has also led him to adopt the compassionate plant-based diet. After a year of accompanying Joar, German public-broadcasting station WDR produced the documentary “The Cow Whisperer: New start on the farm” about him and his loving mission. We salute your noble spirit, Joar Berge. May we all rediscover our intrinsic love of our animal friends in the guidance of the Providence.

Time to relax and feel good with the joke of the day we’ve picked for you. It’s entitled, “Vegan Burger Specifics.”

“What would you like to have?”

“I’ll have a vegan hamburger, please.”

“With pleasure.”

“No, with pickles and button mushrooms, please.”

And now we have a heartline from Starry Night in Korea:

Hallo, I am a 17-year-old viewer living in Korea. I enjoy watching Supreme Master TV. I would like to send you a video clip of my companion rabbit. I’m rooting for you! Thank you. Starry Night from Korea

Radiant Starry Night, It was a pleasure to have read your heartline and watch the clip of your furry, adorable friend. We pray to see all animals loved and protected everywhere around the world soon. May Buddha’s Light continue to guide you and the outstanding Korean people, Supreme Master TV team

We welcome your heartlines, stories and or cute, loving animal clips. Please send them via

Thank you for spending time with us on Noteworthy News. May your heart and soul always reverberate with Heaven’s infinite love.

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