Il mondo degli animali: i nostri coabitanti

Bats - Our Invisible Friends with Kristin Tieche (vegetarian), Part 1 of 2



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Ms. Kristin Tieche is from San Francisco, California, United States of America and has been involved in the filmmaking industry for many years, receiving much acclaim for her award-winning environmental and social commentary films. Her documentaries cover a wide variety of themes, from identity crisis in “Forms of Identification,” to urbanism, sustainability, and biking in “Velo Visionaries,” to women and biking in “Women Just Want to Be Safe.”

As a long-time vegetarian, she has also chosen to adopt an environmentally friendly lifestyle not only behind the camera.

To inspire audiences to better understand us and to protect us from extinction, Ms. Tieche began producing the documentary “The Invisible Mammal.” It focused on a bat rescuer and a bat educator outside of Sacramento, California, at Yolo basin Wildlife Area.

"And bats do all sorts of interesting things, from having unique sensory modalities of using echolocation, being the only mammals that can fly. What they do is so positive that it helps people and helps the environment. I just think they’re beautiful and misunderstood. They’re awe-inspiring for these little mammals."

"But really, bats are our friends. They provide so many free ecosystem services. They save farmers billions of dollars a year. They're pollinators. And then they are also seed dispersers." "Recently scientists have connected the source of [the novel] coronavirus to one species of bat. But this is one species of bat that was in an illegal wildlife market, and also in really poor conditions, along with other animal species. So, it's not the bat's fault, really. It's the way that we treat animals, and the things that we subject them to, that cause disease."

Supreme Master Ching Hai would like to contribute a humble token of US$10,000 to Kristin Tieche to help with her kind effort to protect the beneficial bats, in God’s Love; and best wishes for your noble endeavor. May Heaven shower Blessing on you and the lovely bats, and protect them from harm.

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