Veganismo: il nobile stile di vita

From Butcher to Animal Advocate – A Compassionate Change, Part 1 of 2



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Peter Hübner, butcher turned animal activist, discovered first-hand the full cycle of the meat on his plate. Peter Hübner’s transformation was a gradual realization that started in 1989, as he experienced the truth of livestock-raising, something his conscious mind could only tolerate so much of. "I saw scar tissues due to electrical prods. That’s why I was shocked. I have been fighting against intensive livestock farming since the 1990s. And then in 2014, when I caught a fish that I could not kill, the consequence was to become vegan and I have remained this way to this day."

This decision was literally life-changing, because it meant an immediate end to his existing career. But saying goodbye to the horror scenes brought him great relief. "What I still really remember today are the tears in the eyes of the cattle, because cattle cry, drops of water really run out of their eyes. A pig looks panicked, but a cow has tears. This still touches me extremely today. That’s a permanent inner picture you have."

Mr. Hübner wasn’t alone in his journey. As a happily married man, his wife was observing some irregular behaviors by her husband, and she was curious as to the motive of these actions. "Then we watched the documentaries of Sea Shepherd, etc. on Dmax regularly. They inspired him very much. Thus, the vegan idea took shape inside of our minds." "And he never wanted to touch any animal stuff again. After two weeks it was quite clear to me: All I can do is go vegan."

"As a couple, we’re really doing very well, because, well, there are no problems at all. And my cookbooks have all just disappeared and new cookbooks had to be bought and through social media, of course, I was also able to pick out new recipes very well."

The accessibility of the internet has been a great tool for the vegan movement, and our beloved Supreme Master Ching Hai lovingly shares her quick and easy recipes, to make any occasion a delicious success. Her recipes in video form can be downloaded for free at by searching “A Gift of Love: Simple and Nutritious Cooking.”

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