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“The Real Love” – A Musical that Unites Hearts, Part 13 of a Multi-part Series

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“We’ll do a little song called ‘Jerusalem.’” “Jerusalem, Jerusalem all roads lead to you. Jerusalem, Jerusalem your light is shining through. You will show, show the way to all who see it shine That we can live in peace, in Jerusalem, this time. The walls will keep you in, the walls will keep you out. The gates are calling those who know what it’s about. In Jerusalem, Jerusalem all roads lead to you.”

“Thank you! You know, I know Ed Begley from probably more than 40 years. And Ed, is serious about his environmental work and he's also a terrific comic actor. And knowing Ed, I was playing a club called the Troubadour, which was out here. And it was a tough club and a lot of tough audiences, and I played there for a few years. Lori Lieberman, who is here tonight in the audience, she heard me sing a song called ‘Empty Chairs.’” “Moonlight used to bathe the contours of your face While chestnut hair fell all around the pillowcase And the fragrance of your flowers rest beneath my head A sympathy bouquet left with the love that’s dead. And I wonder if you know That I never understood That although you said you'd go Until you did, I never thought you would. Never thought the words you said were true. Never thought you said just what you meant. Never knew how much I needed you. Never thought you'd leave until you went. Morning comes and morning goes with no regret. The evening brings the memories I can't forget. Empty rooms that echo as I climb the stairs And empty clothes that drape and fall on empty chairs.”

“It’s great to see such a positive message presented to such a large audience. Her [Supreme Master Ching Hai’s] message of compassion for all, and love, is something that we really need to accept and embrace. We’re really at a critical time in this world with the environmental degradation, the way that we’re treating each other and animals, and we really need to choose kindness over cruelty. We need to choose sustainability over pollution, and the message of Supreme Master Television is something that is going to really help save this planet. The banquet is incredible! There are so many fantastic vegan foods here, everything from vegan chicken products to sushi. It goes to show that we can enjoy fantastic food without harming animals or the environment or our health. It’s incredible.”

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