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Practice More to Know Our Inner Great Power, Part 4 of 5, Nov. 05, 2017

Lingua:English ,Vietnamese(Tiếng Âu Lạc (Tiếng Việt)) ,Mandarin Chinese


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Your power, your inner knowledge are sleeping inside. The more you practice, the more it opens up. Once it’s opened, your power is inconceivable, understand? Whoever is close to you will get benefits, get liberation, then you are a true gentleman. You don’t have to always pray, whether to God, Buddha or Master or anything. You have to save yourself and others, too. Understand?

Anything else? Anyone else? (Oh Master...) OK, here. (I would like Master to bless…) You all wear a lot of them. Raise your hand. You put, you put your hands up. (Yeah. I can only get this one.) See that, see that? So many people. How can I bless them all. You guys, so superstitious.

I don’t have to do anything. You’ll get anything you want. OK? As long as you’re with me. As long as you always remember God and everything that is good. I said I don’t need any spell or mantra, no need to touch this and that. Right? You’ll get what you want. But you have to walk the same path with me all the time, understand? (Yes.) For example, if I go this way, you walk the other way, and if something happens, you make a lot of noise. Right? So you don’t need me to touch your head or anything. That’s just to comfort you. Because if I touch the head, and everyone gets enlightened and becomes Buddha, then I don’t need to talk at all. Whoever comes, I just touch their head, then go home to sleep. Sleep and rest well. Understand? (Yes.)

When practicing, you have to rely on yourself. Don’t rely on anyone else. Of course, God and Buddha bless you, and help you somewhat. If you ask God and Buddha to help you on everything... If God and Buddha can save you, He doesn’t need to come down here, understand? He just stands up there and sprinkles the nectar down, and if it touches anyone, that person becomes enlightened instantly, becomes Buddha instantly.

You should do it yourself, OK? You are a great gentleman, why rely on anyone? “If She can do it, I can. She is so tiny and still can do it, I am this big, why can’t I?” It would be embarrassing. You don’t rely on anyone. OK? Inside you is your own universe. Be your own Master. You get what you want, but you have to know what you want, and have to walk that right path. Don’t change. Don’t look around, in front or behind you. Keep walking on that path. That’s it. You have to have a strong will.

We are very indomitable, especially the Aulacese (Vietnamese), we’re second to none. Whoever entered our home two or three years, we’d kick them out. No country can mess with our country. (Yes.) Yes. Spiritual practice is the same. Understand? You do not let any devil mess with you. If the devil comes, you chop them immediately and send them elsewhere.

You don’t need to pray for anything, just want to know your Self, know your own greatness. So you can liberate yourself, and become useful to other people around you. Once a person is liberated, all of his power will develop again. Right now, it is sleeping inside. Your power, your inner knowledge are sleeping inside. The more you practice, the more it opens up. Once it’s opened, your power is inconceivable, understand? Whoever is close to you will get benefits, get liberation, then you are a true gentleman. You don’t have to always pray, whether to God, Buddha or Master or anything. You have to save yourself and others, too. Understand? You have everything. Inside you, you have everything. That’s why just practicing a little bit, you already get what you want, see? But you should not want impossible things, OK? I am not responsible for that. You understood, right?

Each day you live simply and don’t want much. When you encounter obstacles, if you practice well, you’d overcome it right away, no? You know it already, right? (Yes.) That’s because you have the inner power. The Master’s power and your inner power are the same. Already connected, understand? Already connected with one another. It’s just that you don’t know how to use it, dare not use it, or think you don’t have it, or you can’t reach it. Then you have to practice more, and everything will reveal itself naturally, then you will know you have the power, understand? Not to show the power outwardly for others to see, but you know it yourself. You can’t tell anyone, because you can’t explain it. You just can’t explain it.

Sometimes, you have a lot of inner experiences. Every time, all the time. Therefore, if someone stands up and says, “I have inner experiences to tell,” others would say, “Hush! You talk too much. We know. We have more experiences than you. I just don’t want to tell.” Is that right? (Yes.) So it is like that. This is not to praise or criticize that person. Because that person thinks those experiences are only for her. “Master loves me the most, gives me such good experiences, the other people wouldn’t have it.” Anyone thinks the same? That is unconditional love. The love of the universe is like that. Everyone feels he or she is loved the most. Everyone feels he or she has the most inner experiences. (Yes.) That is the correct way. Because we are one. Therefore you think that Master loves only you, right? That is OK. Not that you are boasting or anything, but you feel confident. (Confident.) You feel more confident each day. That is good. So everything you do, it is smooth. Because your power is already developed.

Anyone else? Here. (Microphone.) Yes, already have. Here. Yeah. (I thank You, Master.) Again! (I will get straight to the point.) Yes, do that. (My spiritual practice is kind of lousy. I wish Master to point out my problem. Since I got initiated until now, during my [inner Heavenly] Sound meditation, the Sound hasn’t changed. What is the reason, Master? Is it because I didn’t make progress?)

You repeat the class, right? No problem, just continue to meditate. Don’t discriminate against anything. (Yes, Master.) Wherever your lot is, you meditate up to that. Okay?

(Is it because I make slow progress, Master?) I don’t know. There are many things. (Yes.) Sometimes it’s the food you eat or you keep looking at your boyfriend, who knows? Then you have to share your merits with him. Or sometimes you stay with someone, or work with someone, that affects you also. Just meditate more. (Yes. Thank You, Master.) Before, you meditated three hours, now meditate ten. You’ll see progress right away. “More hours” means “more progress.”

Anyone else? That’s all? The Westerners want to ask anything? You want to ask more? OK, be at ease. What do you want to ask?

(Dear Master, we, a group of six initiates, are going back to Âu Lạc [Việt Nam].) Tonight? (Yes, at 10pm. We would like to bid farewell to Master.) Thank you. Thank you for coming. (Yes.) You comrades have a good trip home. Yeah, here. Over here. Ha? What’s doing? Too much respect. You can walk here, it’s very quicker. Thank you very much for your respect.

(Hi, Master. I am a Korean.) Yeah, English. (I can speak English and Chinese, but Chinese is more comfortable.) Whatever you like. (Can I speak Chinese?) I didn’t say you can’t.

(When I do Quan Yin [meditating on the inner Heavenly Sound]… I was initiated when I was a child. When I was young, I’d hear a sound from here. But, after the sound became louder, sometimes …) Did it come from the left side? (No, from above.) Ah, it’s better from above. (But I don’t think it is music. I feel that it’s a kind of energy.) It doesn’t … (A kind of power.) It doesn’t have to be music. Music is also a form of energy, OK? (Then, can I go on listening to it?) Yes, of course you can. It’s even better. It means you’re progressing.

(One more thing.) Yes. (Since my childhood, I’ve had a disease. I practiced diligently, but my condition has worsened.) How has it become worse? (I have diabetes.) Oh, and? (I have lost vision in one eye and my health is getting worse.) Have you seen a doctor? (Yes, I have. But I don’t want to be distracted by my condition.) Understand. (I want to continue my efforts in spiritual practice.) You still have to see the doctor. (Yes. But the doctor said that there’s nothing I can do. Sometimes I’m afraid.) Does it hurt? (Sometimes it hurts badly.) Didn’t the doctor give you any medicine? (He did. I take an injection as well as medicine every day.) Understand. You can only eat after the injection. (Yes. But I’m so afraid.) What are you afraid of? Many people have this disease. (Yes. But I’ve had poor memory since childhood.) Understand. Some people have this kind of disease since childhood. (I feel that my disease is related to my family.) Is it a hereditary disease? (Yes, yes. My father was in the first group of people to get initiated in Korea. Maybe You know him.) Yeah. (Two years after his initiation, he became a professor. Our family has received a lot of blessed rewards. But I suddenly became ill. I don’t know why. I feel that…I know that it’s my karmic retribution. But sometimes I’m scared. It hurts so much!)

Nowadays some hospitals or doctors may be able to treat diabetes. Search more on the Internet to see which country has found success in the treatment. Then you go check it out. OK? (OK.) If you don’t have enough money, tell FG (Foreign Group) about it. I’ll pay for you, OK? (Thank You.) I can only help you this much. OK? (Thank You.) Of course, you have to practice more diligently. Recite the Five Holy Names at all times. Then the disease won’t get worse, OK? (OK.) Tell FG if you don’t have enough money. (Thank You.) Tell them what I said. Everyone here heard me. (Thank You.) All right. Sorry. I hope you will find a good treatment soon. (Thank You.)

Sometimes Western medicine may not work so well. But Eastern medicine may have some secret prescriptions. Many people have this disease. Then you eat less sweets. OK? Got it? (Yes, I understand.) Drink more water. Or you can try brown rice with sesame. (OK.) I heard that it could cure all kinds of illness. Try it. But you still have to be careful. When you cook brown rice, soak it overnight first so that good nutrients are released. Then cook it with good water. (OK.) When you eat, chew the rice slowly until it becomes pulp, before you take another mouthful. Don’t just gobble it down. Or it won’t work. OK? (Understand.) Try it. (Thank You.) Then check what you can eat and what you can’t. You should avoid certain kinds of food for some diseases. If you eat just anything, it may be too much for your body, and it cannot recover. Try eating sesame and brown rice. OK? (OK.) Meanwhile, you have to see the doctor, OK? (Thank You.) I’m sorry. So young and beautiful, yet you’re not well. Such a bad karma. Sorry.

(Dear Master, I’ve heard about the problem of diabetes. I know of two kind of leaves which can cure it. But I don’t know if they are effective or not, because I know a person who has used that and could stop the diabetes. This leaf is called “sake” which is at Your place. There is a tree here, if you pick the yellow leaves that fall off the tree, then boil them in water and drink, it can stop the diabetes, can cure it, too.) Has anyone used it and got better? (Yes, in Âu Lạc [Việt Nam]. There is a person who told me to boil [the leaves] like that.) Yes? You’re sick and got better? Did the patient improve? (No.) You just heard from others? (That is from the ancient traditional medicine.) OK.

(But there are other methods. They say if the patient switches to a vegan diet, then he or she will be cured of diabetes. No need for other treatments.) Understood. Understood. (American science has already proved that.) OK.

(That kind of leaves,) She’s a vegan. (if they turn yellow and fall down. We can pick them up, boil them with water, and drink the solution, it is very effective.) OK. But we have to know how much to drink, how many times per day, for example. (I forgot.) OK. You can take her address, her email address. Go back home and ask for the instruction clearly then mail it to her, understand? (I don’t know much about computers, Master.) Then ask other initiates to help. (Yes. There is another kind of leaf, which is called “co-shu-de”, Master. This leaf can also cure a number of illnesses, Master.) OK.

You contact them to try, if you see any better improvement. But still, eat the sesame, brown rice and get the doctor. Three things: sesame, brown rice, drink some water, a lot of water to dilute the sugar. And contact her, so she might give you this kind of secret medicine, from generation… from older generation. Try. But don’t forget the doctor. Yes. All right, good. Thank you. Thank you.

(Hallo, Master.) Hallo. (I’m Korean. And I just wanted to say…) Hi. (Hi. Thank You for everything. You’ve heard it all, but I feel so confident in myself. You helped me find out who I am. And I know…) Who are you? (I’m God! I’m love!) Cool! (So I can’t wait to go back home and share the love I’ve received from You for these three months I stayed here. Every day is a miracle. Thanks for Your arrangement. Even before initiation, I know You helped me and my family. And it’s so different, it’s so different. My personality totally changed. I feel so confident. I can do anything! And I am so thankful that I can be a good tool for the good force. And thanks for accepting me as a disciple. Thank You.) No problem. Thank you. Anyone else? Yes.

(Hallo, Master.) Hallo, comrade. (I would like to say that this time, when we, Your disciples from Âu Lạc [Việt Nam] come to Taiwan [Formosa], we feel like… When passing through customs, last time, I felt like everyone was very nervous, but this time...) Why are you nervous? You came here legally. (Yes. This time, when we passed through, we felt like everything was easier. Probably Master has elevated everyone, therefore when we came here, it was very light and smooth.) Good. (I would like to thank Master very much.) Because you meditate more, the situation gets better.

(Master, I would like to say one more thing.) OK. (Tonight, six Aulacese [Vietnamese] initiates will leave at 10pm, so now we would like to leave early, lest we miss our flight.) Understood. Six o’clock already. Have to go? (Yes, we have to go, Master.) OK, bon voyage! (Yes, Master.) But we are out of (vegan) cakes and candies. (Thank You, Master.) Go, go. Thank you. (Thank You, Master.) Thank you. OK, please come here.

(Before I go, I have this inner experience...) Want to tell your inner experience? Still have? (Before I go.) Oh, I see. Have a good trip home, comrades. Bye-bye.

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