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Make Miracles With Your Positive Spirit, Part 2 of 6, Jan. 02, 2006



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So if you have animals, please do treat them like yourself. You have to treat animals just the way you treat yourself because they are like children. They depend on you, and they are loyal to you.

I’m alone most of the time. I don’t have a bodyguard, I don’t have anything to protect myself. I don’t even have a spray or anything! Some vinegar spray, but that could hurt! It’s just for washing hands and for my dogs.

And I take some - a bottle of half-water, half-vinegar with me all the time. And sometimes in the restaurant, I use it to wash my hands, spray it on my hands and then wipe it, and spray on the utensils, public utensils, to disinfect it, and wipe it off, and then it’s clean! You know, like the dry-clean system. It helps. There’s no chemical. Vinegar, you know, it’s harmless, isn’t it? You could eat it, so it doesn’t matter. I carry a little bottle all the time. You learned another trick now? (Yes!)

And sometimes, you spray around your windows and all that, also. Or there are some insect repellents that I have told you, the non-toxic ones, you spray around the window, so insects don’t come through. Also, even mosquitoes stay away! You know, insects, small insects, they stay away from your net, window net. Also sometimes, if you don’t have, then you spray vinegar. It also helps. Because vinegar dispels all the smells, you know, they’re only attracted to smell. So instead of perfume, maybe you spray some vinegar, and then mosquitoes don’t know if you are a lettuce or a hot-blooded blonde. Maybe they think you are a cabbage; a salad.

You still have dogs? Yeah? OK. Clean them with vinegar water only, OK? If you have dogs or cats or pets in the house, you clean your house only with vinegar. And now and again, if you really want it clean and you don’t feel sure, then clean with whatever you have to, but afterwards, you have to clean with water through all, so that no more chemical things are left in the house. Because you could kill your dogs or cats that way, understand me? Not kill immediately, but make them suffer for many years. They cannot bear! Understand that? If you can hear your dogs, they’ll tell you. So vinegar water, that’s all we want. Half-half, clean it.

And clean with the vinegar the dog’s body when you want to let them in the house. Clean the paws and everything with vinegar water and a vinegar wet towel. And then after that, around the eyes, you have to clean quick with water, so it doesn’t smart their eyes. And the sensitive area, with like revealing skin, or sensitive area, and then you have to clean it back with water afterward, immediately, so it takes away the sting. That’s the best! If you really cannot have vinegar on hand, you can use baby wipes, but then wipe with water immediately after, OK? So no more residues of the chemical, whatever it is. They say baby wipe sometimes, for babies, but still, it’s still very strong. And if day after day, they’re licking it, I don’t know if it’s good. It’s supposed to be for the bottom only. So if you use it everywhere, it’s not very guaranteed, is it?

We talked from the astral to the dogs. Where are we going? I try to answer as many questions as I can in your “blooming mind.” Just because I love animals! It doesn’t belong to spiritual issue, but it also does in a way, like helping them.

Sometimes, people don’t treat animals right, you know, like in the cold weather, minus 20, and 10, and 30, and they just leave their animals outside, chained - chained to the post, day and night! Sometimes, we have to rescue them, at least give them to the dog center, the non-kill center, and then they’ll find them a better home. It’s terrible! We saw a dog chained day and night, and he had a wound in the neck. Because when it was cold, he probably didn’t feel the pain, so he struggled to bark or protect that house, and then it kept cutting into his neck. And it took already two weeks, and still didn’t heal properly. We took him to the doctor, and still... Of course, it heals already, it’s getting better and better, but can you imagine, it’s not back to normal yet!

Can you imagine some people do that? In the snow, in the icy snow, left him outside without any shelter! Oh, there’s a little roof like this, cemented, but the wind, it goes through both sides, and it’s even worse! Probably protected him from the rain, but not much. And it was very cold! In some country - I know that country could be sometimes 25 minus (zero)! Of course he won’t die, but can you imagine how he feels? How would you feel if you were him? He didn’t get any freedom at all! And got sick like that, and they didn’t even take care of him! They came now and again, every two or three days, gave him some food, and then threw a loaf of bread there, so that he could eat. And when it’s in frozen weather, he can’t even eat that. It was too cold and hard. Of course he survived. What kind of people who can do that?

So if you have animals, please do treat them like yourself. You have to treat animals just the way you treat yourself because they are like children. They depend on you, and they are loyal to you. So loyal! And they never complain. Whatever you give them, they eat. Wherever you give them, they stay. However you treat them, they are always grateful. So, we as humans, we’re supposed to be superior. We have to take care of the weak and the small. Right. OK, that’s it, end of the story.

How long will you stay here? (As long as You’re here!) Until I am here? But tomorrow you go back to work, right? (Yes!) OK, OK. Let’s see what we can do. I am not sure, but maybe weekend or something, because you have to work, right? Yeah, it’s cool! You have three days’ rest, and it’s good, right? OK, there you are.

Any more questions? I mean good ones! Don’t just try to blab, blab, and I will hate that, and then you’ll be out. I have to teach you. I can’t keep dragging myself down to your level! I have to drag you up, understand now? (Yes.) It’s the Golden Age, no more excuse! You have to be intelligent! Anybody got in the wisdom eye yet? Wake-up call!

There! Oh, my head, right? Right here, just a little (vegan) snack, a little (vegan) snack. Just break it for everyone. No? What? Can’t get it? Come on, this is all mixed up! Don’t eat too much. You’re going to have lunch! If it’s big, you break it and share, OK? There you are, baby! Break it and share, OK? There! Share, share!

We learn to share in here already. I am sharing all the time. Not just in front of you, not for you, for everyone! (Thank You.) Sometimes... there! There, baby! Share it, OK? You got it? Share it. There! There, share! Anybody who doesn’t have, come up and get it. There. Give him one. Give her one. Other people don’t share? You have to share, OK? We share all the time.

Just this morning, I shared something to somebody that I don’t know. I had to send it away to some African area. I don’t even know him! We share all the time. But these things are not on the newspapers. Only when you do things, they are on the newspapers. When I do things, they’re not. Otherwise, it takes all the newspapers in the world to print it every day. The whole newspaper just for me, it would not be enough. So, we have to share all the time. While we are here on the planet, we owe it to each other! Good!

What time are you supposed to go out? Or not go out? (No!) How long since you’ve been here, sitting? (Since 12:30.) Wow, my God! OK, time to have a break. Yeah, have lunch and come back again, don’t worry! Come back again. (No!) No? (No!) (Not yet, Master.) Huh? (Not yet!) Not yet? (No.) OK, OK, tell me, what else do you want? Quick!

(Master, can I just say...) Yes! (Hallo! Happy New Year!) Hallo! Happy New Year! That’s a good, good... (And also, thank You for knowing what’s in my heart and answering.) I did? (You always do. And I love You! I always say, “I love You,” but I do!) I know, I know. Thank you. (I don’t have to say it. You know it!) Yeah. OK. (Thank You.) Happy New Year to all of you, anyway! (Happy New Year to You too!) (Master!) Yes, baby! What? (It’s an honor to be on this Earth with You. I’ve chosen the right time to come... I probably did, I mean, make a pact before to come down with You and it’s an honor, just... it’s just an honor. Especially, coming to this center. I’ve wanted it for a long time, and thank You!) You are welcome! (It is just wonderful.) Thanks to the brother (Yes.) who helped you to have a place here. (Brother Wo’s done wonderfully.) Yes. They are doing the right thing.

Where is Brother Wo? Is he here? (He’s upstairs.) He’s upstairs? Come down, Wo. Wo, Wo, Wo. (His daughters are at the front.) Daughters, these two? (Yes. Yes.) Three. I thought he has five. No? (He has five children.) Where are the other two guys? Where are your other two children? (Two boys.) (In school.) In school? (In our house. Take care of other children.) Take care of the house? (Take care of other children. All the children are in…) All the children are in the house. They cannot come here? (They can, but they’re too young. I don’t know... Can they come?) Too young, like how young? (One of them is… Is it thirteen?) (Thirteen and Nineteen.) Thirteen and nineteen is not too young. (There’s a six-year-old, the six-year-old is too young.) Ah OK. OK. OK. Maybe later they can come here just to have a look and then go back. (OK.) Since they are here already. (Yes.) And it’s New Year. I’m feeling generous. Somebody can bring them here now. (OK.) All right. Good. And your two children as well. (Yes.) That’s very good that they do that. They sacrifice, that’s good. I always like that. And God always knows. Always knows what you are doing.

Who else wants to say something? Something nice! It’s New Year! (Master, can I say something nice that happened with my dog yesterday?) Yeah! Tell me, tell me! (I left my dog with my mother for a day and a half. And she spoiled her very much. And when I went back, the dog caught my attention, and looked to my mother, and licked her lips very much. She told me, “Oh, she gives me really good food!” The way the dog communicated with me. They are very beautiful animals. I’m just saying that she told me - the dog told me that my mother gave her very good food.) Vegan? (Oh, yeah, of course,) OK. (all her life!) Right. OK, that’s good. Sometimes you can hear the dog talk, eh? (Yes.)

Animals, they do talk! Maybe clear or not, it depends on your reception. Perception. But the dogs do talk. With their eyes! My dogs, they talk with eyes. I always know what they want. I don’t even need to be telepathic! Dogs’ wants are simple, anyway: a lot of love, and good food, good water, clean water, and a clean and nice environment. Yes, anymore? Yeah, share some good news for New Year!

(It’s also about my dog. She died a few years ago, but she always comes and visits me in my dreams. And she’s so happy!) Oh, then it’s good. Why are you crying? Should be happy! You want another dog? You can get another dog if you want. But don’t cry for her. If you want one. If you don’t want, then it’s fine.

And by the way, if you really want a dog, there are many in the shelter. Please just try to rescue some of them, or one of them, or two of them. All right. It’s not that I encourage you to have pets or something, but if you do want, if you do want, try to look into the shelters, all right? They’ll be very grateful. Believe me, they know! The dogs know, and they’ll be very grateful to you. They might not be as attached to you as their ex-owner, but they’ll be very grateful. Or they might be even more, more loving to you!

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