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Make Miracles With Your Positive Spirit, Part 4 of 6, Jan. 02, 2006

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Ah, caves and all that stuff! The spiritual romance! Well, I must say it’s nice. It’s nice! But sometimes it’s difficult to stay there. People would always come and try to get you out, or something would happen. So, it’s difficult to stay. Sometimes you stay in the city, it’s safer. You can stay longer, you know, more quiet, more anonymous.

Yeah, there! (First of all, I’m very happy. So, I’m just newly initiated on October 2nd, in here. And I want to thank everyone. So, Happy New Year! I have a story. I’ll make it very short.) OK. (So, I’m originally from Mongolia.) Welcome home! (I lived in Hungary.) Yeah? (And I came here because I was a Grail finder, searcher, or something like that.) Do you search? (Yes. No. I like the story of the Grail.) Of the what? (A Grail. Arthur and Merlin.) (Oh. Holy Grail.) (A Grail. Holy Grail.) Holy Grail. Yes? So, you want to search for the Holy Grail? Kind of, OK. Why… (I came here two years ago. I was sure that if I go to Stonehenge, after that, I will find my Master. I mean,) Understand! (I will meet with Him or Her.) Some teachers, understand. (Just three days ago...) You went to Stonehenge? (I had been there, yes!) Oh, OK. (So, for me, it’s a miracle.) OK! The stone gives you the miracle. Wow!

By the way, Stonehenge has become listed as one of the world wonders. It hadn’t been before. I wonder why. Yeah, and the world miracle. Before, it wasn’t there, it was not listed. Now it’s listed. Good! You came on time! (Yes, so, but I always knew that I will meet with You here, somehow.) Wonderful! Good! (Thank You.) You’re welcome.

It’s hot. You’re in Hungary? You want to stay here now? (No. I’m living in London.) But you are not in Hungary anymore? (Well, I used to go. But I will go back. Well, I have plans...) You have friends there? Your family is here or in Hungary or in Mongolia? (In Hungary) You speak Hungarian? (Yes.) Fluently? (Yes.) Just like the natives? Were you born in Hungary? (No. I…) How long have you been in Hungary? (Ten years.) Ten years? OK, enough. Enough to speak. Just in case I need you. For the Hungarian. Anybody else, Hungarian, needs translation?

Any of you who are foreigners, who speak another fluent foreign language, you know, apart from English, then you have to tell your contact person. Just to remind him. Because sometimes you have it in the initiation form, but he might forget. So in any center, you should post a list, of some special persons - handyman, for example, electrician, so we can join forces, sometimes to do some work for the center, or maybe help some people in need, in time. Special talents. Or maybe special language skill. And then we can need it some time, you see? And with the contact number for the contact person, or for people to know it. But don’t keep phoning him and say, “Oh, I am going to Hungary next year. Please go with me to translate!” Or something like that. Just use it for a good purpose. For spiritual purpose, or for helping people in need. Understand me, yeah? (Yes.) Right. That’s good. Anyone else?

(Can I ask one more question?) Sure, sure! (I want to just know, if I want to retire for meditation, I mean, for months...) Oh, OK, retreat! (If I want to do it, can I do it myself, or I have to) Where, at home? (go in some center?) No, you can do it yourself! (Because I am planning to go to Mongolia. There are some places I think I can meditate.) Yeah? OK, try. Why go back to Mongolia? You cannot meditate in London? (Well, I mean...) Mountains? (Yes!)

Ah, caves and all that stuff! The spiritual romance! Well, I must say it’s nice. It’s nice! But sometimes it’s difficult to stay there. People would always come and try to get you out, or something would happen. So, it’s difficult to stay. Sometimes you stay in the city, it’s safer. You can stay longer, you know, more quiet, more anonymous. Yes!

Because, I told you I was in the Himalayas, always some people came and found me out! You know, some psychics, some seers, some fakirs, some “fakirs,” some “verkehr” (traffic) came and found me. And then I’d tell him, “You... you for coffee!” But then, some other fakirs would come... And you could fight them forever. Too many “fakirs” and become a lot of “verkehr”, you know, traffic. And even I tried to stay in a cave, still somebody came and found, and made so much noise and trouble that I had to get out. They didn’t make me any trouble, but if they kept coming and asking questions, then that was the trouble. Then you are not quiet anymore! And then sometimes the police would come and say, “Why? Why are you staying here?”

In India, it’s different. You know, in India, people are used to this kind of long beard and blurred look, and some vegetable next to them. You know, vegetable! Or some kind of twisted body hanging on the tree. They are used to all kinds of things in India because that is a special land where people do that. I mean, in India people are born with the understanding that maybe after some certain years they will become a yogi or a monk, kind of, and go do some stuff, or walk around naked, or walk around not naked, and twist your body around, or not twist your body around, or hang your body on the tree with one leg, or hang your body with two legs, or you know, all kinds of things that they already know that maybe they will do that one day. And the whole Indian people understand that some people will do that one day. You know, men or women. So, they’re used to it, and the police are not after them.

But in our society, the so-called civilized society, if you do anything out of the extraordinary, or even stay in one solitary place too long, not the pilgrims come, but the police will come! And then there you are, goodbye to your peace and tranquility. Because they will not understand what you are doing there! And even if you say you are in meditation, “Ah, sect! Belong to some sect! What sect?” And then they might even think, “Terrorist!” Or “Extremist!” Anything, you know?

People are so frightened nowadays, so frightened, because some extremists have been doing some things that are unthinkable. In their opinions, they want to voice their opinions. But then in most people’s opinions, it’s not the way to voice your opinions. So therefore, if we do anything kind of a little bit out of ordinary, or not usual, then people tend to point it out, and other people will come and check you out, or the police will come, or FBI, CIA, whatever. And then before long, you’ll be in the police cell. And it’s also a cave! It’s also safe! (Except you can’t get out!) Yes, but it’s not always pleasant. And especially if you have inmates, you know, who are more cellmates than you are. Life is a little bit complicated.

So if you can, then you do that. If not, I suggest you just stay in your loft, in the attic of your house and meditate in there. You are more anonymous in a hotel than in a Himalayan cave, I tell you! A Himalayan cave, maybe OK, but even the Indian people, they go on pilgrimage all the time, and they always dig the cave people out. Soon, you will find a lot of people sitting in front of your cave, waiting for blessing, if you have any! They will bring all kinds of stuff in front of your cave, and especially if you grow a beard - the longer the better, the longer the more holy in India. And your hair has to mat, the more mats the better. And your nails have to grow long.

Oh, dear, I can’t imagine what you’d look like in a few years, in a Himalayan cave. Anyway, not many caves are left because all the Indian sanyasi, they occupy them all. Anyway, it’s very difficult to find a good cave. You can, still can, but it’s not all that quiet as you think, you know? All right, who else wants to go Himalaya, or some...? Yes!

(I’m so lucky to be here.) Are you? (Yes, really lucky!) I’m sure you are. (In this room with You. And also, You gave us a magical New Year in England, for us brothers and sisters. And I also thank you - the brothers and sisters in Surrey, to really...) Arrange this. (Help a lot, yes!) Sure, they do. (And especially my three sisters, who help me understand, to teach me how is Your teaching, make me understand, helping me through for the past years. So, I’d like to thank you - all my brothers and sisters, and especially my three sisters as well.) They thank you. He thanks you, she thanks you, so... Don’t you say, “You’re welcome.”? (Yes.) “Ah, welcome!” That’s OK. Hallo! Good! It’s good that you appreciate your luck. That’s very good. Some people don’t. Yeah, some people don’t, and that is very good that you know it. (But still it doesn’t feel real that sitting here with You.) Feels weird? (It doesn’t feel real.) Oh, it doesn’t? Feel good, huh? (Yes) Yeah, we’re family! And New Year is family reunion time.

I couldn’t make it at Christmas, but New Year, OK. Sometimes I can’t. All right? It was difficult to come see you! It’s not about finance! I took care of it, airplane had seats, but even coming here already had obstacles. But it’s OK. It’s behind us already. You’ve seen me two times, some of you. Some, one time. It’s better than nothing. Well, we both have to cry it all out and cleanse a lot of things, and then now we come. But I don’t like the crying part though. Oh, it hurts! And dehydrating, you know! After yesterday, I had to go down to the lobby bar and drink a lot of juice to make up for it. Otherwise, probably you don’t see me anymore. Too dried up! Feel like a mummy! Not a mommy, but a mummy! Dry, you know? Any more? Any more love and nice story?

Yeah, open that door. It’s too hot. Open it wide so that the people don’t have to be screened by it. Open it to the wall. (It does not open.) It doesn’t? (We’ll open this door here, open the front door here.) OK. OK. (Let the breeze come through.) All right. All right. No, what I mean open to the wall. It doesn’t? (Oh, the children.) Ah, the children! How many? How many children? Come here, this way! (Vegan) cakes, (vegan) candies! Come here, baby! Animals! Ah, children like. Select them for me. Select all these. Select them. And bring it here, put it here. The one with the animals. It says “animals.” (Animals.)

Hallo, guys! Where are the two big ones that take care of the young ones? These two? (This brother here and that one.) And that one. Oh, man! You are heroes! Come here, heroes! The one that takes care of the small heroes! Come here! Some more food, some more other stuff. Not just that. Come here, baby! Put your shirt out like mine. Some other stuff as well. Here. Yeah, there you are. This is for you! Happy New Year, for being such a good guy. (Thank You.) You’re a good guy, good guy, yes! I appreciate your sacrifice. There. And the kid, come here. All the kids come here, all of you! Put your skirt out, maybe. Yeah, something like that. OK! Happy New Year, baby!

You guys can hang around. Sit upstairs somewhere. As long as you don’t bother the other saints, you’re all right. Here! Happy New Year! Come. Let them sit in one of the small rooms, because there’s some place up there. And other brothers and sisters can sit in the loft instead. (Yes, Master.)

Come here, kids! Kido! Happy New Year! Voila! Happy New Year! Here, here, baby. Put your shirt out. Voila! Yeah! Good! You guys are good! Good boys and good girls. There, sweetheart! Any more? You can sit around. Sit wherever you can. Sit there, it’s fine, or wherever you can.

Now you know why the Muslim temples are all empty inside. Not even a plant, not even anything! Just like this, we try to squeeze as many as we can.

Are you OK, cameraman? This brother, come here. The blue one, athlete, come here. Sit here. Because of the camera. Come in the front. There you are. Sit. With your sister. Yeah, there. Good. Or in a corner, whatever. Yes. It’s fine. All right. You OK now? OK? Good. Any more kids? No? No more kids?

I tell you what. Give me that box. That box. This is for all the kids at home. If you have kids, you take some accordingly, like, if you have four kids, take four. Of course I can give forever, but we don’t have time for all these material things. OK? Right. These are for the kids. Some more over there, in case. (Yes, Master.) That’s for kids only, at home. Some (vegan) candies; sweet stuff. That one. No, the blue one. It’s more, right? (Yes, Master.) What is it in there? Candy! Yeah, (vegan) candy, (vegan) chocolate! The forbidden stuff, you know. These are for kids, OK? There! And the rest are for the big kids. That’s for kids only. When you go home, you take some for them, all right? Because they are not here. Say from me, with love. Symbolic! Symbolic.

Our family is too big for me to always buy presents. Otherwise, I would. Oh, by the way, I got you some (vegan) mince pies, you know? (Vegan) mince pies. Everybody has one. (We got some more leftover upstairs.) Not leftover, yesterday I sent a lot of them. Many boxes. Everybody has one (vegan) pie. (Yes, Master.) I hope it’s enough.

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