Veganismo: il nobile stile di vita

My Vegan Journey - Luisa - Taking Back Control of Your Health, Part 1 of 2



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Join us while we visit with Luisa, a 38-year young, Munich citizen who shares with us her journey of self-discovery and her life’s transformation on a plant-based diet.

"I had thyroid problems for a very long time, and was taking a medication, a very strong medication. As a result, my body changed a lot, and I didn't want that anymore." "Then, I read the book 'Thyroid Healing' by Anthony Williams, and based on that, I decided to adopt the vegan lifestyle in 2018."

In his book, Anthony Williams reveals a truth that goes mostly unnoticed in the standard field of medical practice, and that is that a thyroid problem is not the ultimate reason for a person's illness. The problem is something much more pervasive and invasive in the body that’s responsible for the long list of symptoms related to thyroid disease. His entirely new take on this common disease explains what the source of the problem really is, including why people suffer from inflammation and autoimmune diseases that are still a complete mystery to most medical communities.

"From 2018 to 2019, I would say I still faltered a little bit, kept relapsing, and then in 2019, I really switched over. Yes, one positive result, was that I haven't had to take thyroid medication since 2018."

"I would say I have a very mixed circle of vegetarians, vegans, and flexitarian friends, and also people who still eat meat. I would say we respect each other’s way of eating, and the way I go about it is I invite them to try my way of living."

Supreme Master Ching Hai has lovingly shared with us over the years just how beneficial the vegan diet is for our bodies and for the planet, not to even mention that by eating a plant-based diet we live with a cruelty-free diet too, thus never causing harm to other sentient beings. "If they are vegan right now, except (for) the small or some inevitable consequences of the past karmic deeds that they have to endure this lifetime, we don’t have any more pandemics, we don’t have any more sicknesses – we would have forever peace between nations."

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