Veganismo: il nobile stile di vita

Bringing Vegan Food and Art Together: Korean Fusion Food for Hiking, Part 2 of 2



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Today, we will continue to follow them as they make their way down the mountain. They have descended to the campsite near the parking lot. After setting up the tent that they brought along with them, the sisters brew Goji Tea.

"The water is boiling. Now let’s add the goji berries." "How many are you going to put in?" "About 15?" "What are the benefits of Goji Tea?" "It helps with recovery from fatigue and is good for improving the eyesight."

Now the two sisters start preparing Vegan Farfalle Pasta with Tomato Sauce and Vegan Cheese Salad for dinner at the campsite. "Now when the water boils, I’m going to add the pasta. But before that, would you chop the bell peppers, tomatoes, and mushrooms?" "Yes, cut them nicely into cubes." "I’ll cut the red one too." "Cut a tomato into cubes."

They have placed a pot of water on the stove and the water has now come to a boil. They put the butterfly-shaped Farfalle pasta into the boiling water to cook them. After the Farfalle pasta has cooked, they drain them through a sieve and transfer the pasta to a frying pan. "Fry the pasta a little like this, and after the moisture has evaporated, add some olive oil, and continue to fry it." The sisters are serving the well-fried Farfalle pasta on the plates.

Now it’s time to prepare the pasta sauce. "Now I’m going to fry the vegetables. Can you put all the vegetables here? Could you sprinkle some olive oil here?" "Oh, can you sprinkle some salt on it? Can you add some basil? Please add the pasta sauce. About five tablespoons.” Add ground pepper and continue to lightly stir-fry. Then transfer the pasta sauce next to the pasta. Add some freshly sliced tomatoes and green leafy vegetables onto the plates of cooked Farfalle pasta.

Finally, it’s time to prepare the salad dressing! “Can you cut the lime in half now? I’m going to make a salad dressing with this. First, two tablespoons of olive oil, a spoonful of lime juice, one teaspoon of cumin powder, and one teaspoon of Italian herbal mix. Then mix well. Then I’ll drizzle the salad dressing here. Finally, I’m going to sprinkle grated vegan parmesan cheese on the top. Sprinkle plenty, plenty!” “Farfalle pasta and salad,Complete!"

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