Tra Maestra e discepoli

High Thinking & Simple Living, Part 2 of 5, Jan. 3, 2006

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Actually, it's a good idea. If we have a farm, if some of you can afford, then just live there cheaply. Like, it's saving. And saving the money, just every day put a little money, and do your garden yourself. Self-sufficient, it's better. It's a very wholesome life. And holy, yeah!

Most of the time, I like to live... Before, I used to live in the wilderness. I love it very much. Like the mountain in Miaoli, before, we had land already, but I often went to the Hao-cha [cave area]. Not the place that you camped ten years ago, or something, no, further up, up stream. And you can only walk. The place you camped, openly, thousands of people that time, that was when you could come in with buses. Even though you came down steps with the luggage, but you could go up there with buses. Where I went, no! I had to walk, climb mountain, go to the river, climb again... Three, four hills, and three, four parts of the river in order to get to a cave where I...

That cave exists, huh? It's inspired by the real cave. The cave doesn't look like that, of course. But you can see! You can see some dimension, huh? (Yes.) It's inspired by that real cave in Hao-cha. The cave is not that pretty. It's just a hollow in the middle of the mountain, and has sharp stones and stuff. It's not like flat and beautiful, the way you imagine. Yeah, but the rats lived there, so I figured I could. Safe, you know! The rats, they know where to live, they're cool! So, we lived together.

But after I moved my tent out that time, the last time I was there, I moved my tent out and went back to the so-called civilization, we came back second time, the whole tree had been moved from the top of the mountain, with roots, branches, all, the whole thing, as big as this, so big! As big as... you know, the root as big as this room, spread out! Planted the whole tree - the whole tree was moved from somewhere on top of the mountain, right in front of the cave, and blocked it. You could climb over the tree branches and wigwag yourself right into the cave again, of course.

But why planted the whole tree in front of a cave is beyond me. God doesn't want anybody else to go there anymore! Like hide it. Oh, it was beautiful! The whole tree falls right in front overnight like that. The roots are still hanging out. The branches are still thriving. It's not dead! The tree is not dead! Just it's been moved, right in front of the cave entrance. (It must be protecting the cave.) Huh? (It must be protecting the cave.) I don't know! It protects the cave all right, because I don't come back there anymore. Probably just a sign to say, "Don't come in here anymore, Master. Out, out, out! Go to work!" Yeah, I always love to retreat. But it doesn't seem like...

Whenever I go somewhere secretly or far away or isolated, it doesn't seem to work very well. Always somebody comes after a while and digs me out, or something happens. So, I guess I'll just live in the city for a change, see how it goes. You're sometimes more anonymous in a city. People don't care, they don't know the neighbor.

(Yes, this is a nice area.) This one? (No! No.) (Longworth!) (It is a nice area!) It is, though. (Surrey and everything is a nice area.) It is. It is a nice area. (Yes, it is.) (No, that's not true! I think it is...) It is nice, love. It is nice. Because you feel... huh?

(You can move in upstairs if You like.) Move upstairs? Oh, my room? (We put a bigger window! No, I'm just joking!) It's all right, it's all right. I'll come and go, then. OK? (Yes.) If I have a room there, I just come and go. Sometimes if I come here, I take a rest and then go.

We'll see. I don't know. I just came back a few days, and I don't think that much. I don't know how it works anymore. The karma now changes so quick, I don't have time to sit there and look into the crystal ball and tell you the future. I just let it surprise me. Whatever, yeah? If it works, it works. If it doesn't work, it doesn't work.

Because I took care for so many years already, I'm tired. I'm just like, OK, give me a roof somewhere or somewhere that people can sit, then it's fine. It doesn't matter. It's mostly for you, not for me. I could stay in just a hotel - easy, simple, don't have to clean my house. Eat in Chinese (vegan) restaurant, or just buy some food and warm it up at home. It's not an ideal life, but more free for me. (Sure.) So I don't have my name stuck anywhere, and I have to do the paperwork or do something.

Sometimes it's better the center's free from my name. Because sometimes people are after me, you know, (All right, yes.) because of the things I do for the people, and the maya doesn't like, of course. The king of the hell doesn't like that I save so many people or that I help even many people, even physically as well. So, of course the negative power doesn't want that. So he uses whatever's left over of his employees to trouble me all the time. Many times, not all the time, but...

So actually, Jesus never had any centers, and Buddha never had. So, same with Lao-tzu, Confucius, or Babaji or Maharaji, whatever. In the past, They didn't have any centers or anything. They never bought anything, They never paid anything, They never had any possessions or money. So, I thought I'd do a different way this time. Yeah, it's been working, but a lot of work for me, and now I think is the time that I don't put my hands into those stuff anymore. Too much paperwork and headache, and anything happens, they just go right into the property. And either make trouble or take it away, or whatever. And it just... I don't want it anymore. Whatever, if you can do it, then you do it. If you cannot, then we just stay here. (That’s it.) No desperate, nothing. Because if we have a center, also very nice, but a lot of care. (Yes!) A lot of work.

And then if we plant vegetables, it's also a nice idea, but who is going to plant it? Everybody wants to eat! I don't think anybody wants to plant. (Oh, yes.) You do want to plant? (Yes.) (Myself and my husband.) Your what? (Her and her husband will.) Ah. OK. OK. Got it. She already told.

Only seven acres, do you think they can plant? Enough, enough. It depends on what you plant. You can, like, rotate; every season, you plant different things. Even in winter, you still can plant things. There are winter things to plant. Vegetables. (Yes.) You know, like, what they call it? Kale or something? (Yes!) The green stuff. (Yes.) Kale, yeah! And what else? (Spinach.) Spinach, yeah! Even peppermint grows in winter. Under the snow, they grow. Continue! I used to plant a bush of peppermint next to my house in Germany. It grew all winter. I had it all, all the time.

Rotating. And you can learn it from brother… (Austria.) Austria. Yeah. There's one sister in Hungary, she went there and learned, and she came back, she really made... Wow, the salad was this big! And celery, oh, so big! Everything big, and big, big, big! And the zucchini was as big as my thigh! No, I'm not joking! Really! I said, "What's that? Is that winter gourd?" She said, "No, it's zucchini." So big like that! Big, big! Long and big! I've seen it with my eyes. And tomatoes, everything, grow so big! All the vegetables, normally like mustard plant or something, it grows so big, big, big!

And she just does what he does. I don't see any fertilizer or nothing at all. Just grass! And it grows so beautiful, and sweet, sweet! Have you ever seen a zucchini this big and long? This big and long like that! I thought it was a winter gourd, or a squash. You know those big ones? (Yes.) No, it's not. It's not. It's a zucchini! Mostly, you see a zucchini this big if you are lucky already. (Yes.) So big like that, and long! Oh, so many. Can't eat it all! They have to give it to the center, in the city.

And only one person even planted it! One sister! And she does it just like hobby-like. Yeah, it's incredible. So that system must work well. So if we plant that, we don't have to plant a lot. We will have a lot of food. Too much food!

Actually, it's a good idea. If we have a farm, if some of you can afford, then just live there cheaply. Like, it's saving. And saving the money, just every day put a little money, and do your garden yourself. Self-sufficient, it's better. It's a very wholesome life. And holy, yeah!

You plant vegetables, and then you eat together, and you go meditate together. It's like a big family. But you have to choose well, because if some people are not good level or not good temperament, it could be not very good for you. So we have to choose, and make a rule well: whoever argues three times, then you are out. (What if it's only once?) Once OK, but three times... Be a little tolerant, my God! You're a meditator! So strict! Huh? (Oh, dear!) Oh dear, yes! Oh, my God! Yeah, I imagine life like that is also nice. But we started that in Florida, but it didn't work after a while. I had to leave, because of the karma, I guess. And I paid for that center all myself. So maybe if you guys pay together, it might last longer. Because it's like hard-earning, like you earn it yourself. You see what I mean? (Yes.) So, maybe that helps. (Yes.)

OK. Just the idea is good; it's just sometimes I don't know how good it is. Because when you live together, and you have to do like a farmer every day, I don't know if you like it or not. See, some day when it's sunny and you take a hoe out, you say, "Ho, ho, ho! I'm going and do some potatoes!" But when it's rainy and wet and cold, you say, "Oh!" Just like to stay indoors, and sit. I don't know how farming life appeals to you. You sit here, it seems romantic. And if Master is there, "OK, I do anything!" But when She is not there, "Why the heck? What the heck am I doing here?" There're no movies around, there's nothing, and maybe you get bored. I'm not sure. Maybe, maybe not. No?

(I'm sure it's OK, because we are not doing business.) No. (We just grow enough for ourselves.) Yeah, yeah. It's true, it's true. (It's just like me, I do the window business.) Enough, just enough. (Yes, enough is enough. It's just a couple of hours, and then come back,) Oh, that's it? (raining and then, "Oh, God tells me to go back and meditate." And that's it. I just enjoy being that way.) Nice. (Yes, so nice.) It's good. No, because you are all contented inside, that's why.

You really are following my teaching. Otherwise, you'd get bored easily. Because you really meditate, that's why. That's good. I'm glad. So, you have to pick the right-minded, the like-minded. Otherwise, it is creating trouble. I know that very well. (Yes!) Community life has to be really harmonious. Because you have to be like one. Individual, but one. (Yes.) Easy. Simple, OK. All right. Try. (Yes.) See how it goes.

Sometimes I dream to have somewhere nice for the pets, for the dogs, and get birds and dogs, and dogs and birds. Nice for them to run around. But it looks like everywhere I go, there's always something. I don't know. I give up. Too tiring! (That's why it might be the time for us to try.)

You know, the bureaucratic stuff, and work, and... The maya is after me anytime! The negative power. It's not that I don't want to do, but I have to let it be sometimes. Let it be, just let it be. It doesn’t matter. No rush, no pressure. If we don’t have that, then don’t have it. (That’s it. Yes.) Then we continue here. What’s wrong with it? (Yes.)

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