Tra Maestra e discepoli

High Thinking & Simple Living, Part 3 of 5, Jan. 3, 2006

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Here, to buy a plot of land costs so much! Nobody in Rwanda ever dreams that you spend so much money just to buy a plot of land! And you buy there for 30 dollars, 30 pounds, I mean. 30 pounds, you can buy a plot of land and all the equipment you need to farm and do things yourself.

And if sometimes I come here, OK, then I tell you guys, and you come together. Squeezing for a day doesn't matter. You don't have to meditate that day, just sit together, eat, and go home. Or meditate standing! Or we can make some, like, portable floor. Like, you divide this into two floors, collapsible, you know, like a metal-shelf structure, and put wood on top of it, and some sit under, some sit on top. After finish, then take it off, and put it away. Or make boxes. One box on top of the others. The collapsible box. And then everybody sits in a box, and on top of that, another box. Yeah, like this, nobody dares go to sleep, because, "Boom!" Like this, you concentrate very well! The one under also keeps concentrating, praying, so that the one on top doesn't fall down. So both are united. You feel all the boxes are united.

Is it possible we invent such (a) thing? You know, like a Murphy bed. You put it in the wall, and when you don't need it, you fold it back. So, it's just about this much around the wall, and when you need it, you span it out with some supporting metal pole underneath. You know, something that has feet like this and a pole on top, so it will stand there. Of course, it doesn't rely on that alone. Must be able to do something like that.

(I thought about to do that in London. I was discussing one day with a brother.) So, what happened? Can you? (Ah, I just gave up because it's little now, so if we made that plan, it would narrow it too much.) Narrow too much? (Yes, everything would come very close, and...) No, could sit two levels. Of course, just to sit for some emergency time. (Yes, something like that can be done! Must make it safe for the people underneath.) Yeah! Oh no, their head is so hard, nothing can ruin it. Nobody's more hardheaded than my disciples. Don't worry about it. Many years already, I still see it like hitting the stone. That's why I don't hit you guys, because it will only hurt my hand. Not because I'm sweet or gentle, but I am worried about my hands. That's it, OK? No, no, it's not so desperate like that yet.

No, England is just very expensive. (Yes!) Why? (Lately, Master,) Why is that? (all the prices of the houses just boom up.) Yeah, I know, I know, but it has always been. You know, London is one of the most expensive cities in the world. But why? What is that there? (They live out of the profit of the housing market. That's why the people from Britain benefit, so all their...) So, they're selling to make money. (To make more.) So, England lives on the money, (That’s it.) on the real estate market. But who would go to London to buy a house? (Everyone.) Huh? Everyone! (Everyone keeps buying.) What do you mean? Why everyone? (Jobs.) (Money.) (Jobs and invest.) Good jobs? No? (Higher pay. Because they can make more in London.) (Higher pay in London.) What? (Higher pay.) Oh, higher pay in London. (Yes!) (And in the countryside, sometimes not many jobs at all.) How high can you be, when you pay so much for the house? What is it about London that people like, I don't know. (It can't be the weather.) It can't!

(You're right about being anonymous, because a lot of people come to London from foreign countries) Yes. (because it's so free, you can be exactly who you want to be.) It's true. (So, it's like that, I think.) But how anonymous can you be? If you want to live somewhere, you have to put your name down, and electricity bill and everything. Anywhere is the same (Yes.)! Not that anonymous! Unless somebody's already there, and you just crash in and live there, and pay rent quietly. That's different, but... I don't know! I wouldn't say I hate London or anything. It's just so crowded. (Yes, it's too crowded.) And it's not really that appealing, except some areas like the Queen Mother's area, you know, James Street, or Park Lane, or Westminster. Just a couple of places, right? And even then, it doesn't appeal. (It's still crowded.) Huh? (I think it's very crowded.) It still doesn't appeal to me. Does it appeal to you? (No!) But everybody talks about London. What is it? Why? Because of the palace? What is it in London?

(Other people like the way of life because they can... Everything is so easy to get to. Like, where I come from in Cape Town, it's like, transport's very difficult,) Of course! (and things like that. And over here, the transport, you can get on a tube, you can get anywhere. And if you want to go out late at night, for other people, they enjoy that, so they can go and do whatever they want at whatever time they want to. It's constantly going!) I don't see anything there in London that's going anywhere or coming anywhere! It's all streets and houses! You know, for example, in Miami OK, then I can understand. OK, there are discos, bars, restaurants, everywhere along the street, and you can see it. But in London, I don't see anything!

(There are pubs! Because they enjoy... It's a pub culture.) (Yes, there's a lot of pubs!) Pubs? (Yes! They go and drink all day long, all night long,) Jesus Christ! (until they fall out the side.) Just because of the pubs? (Yes!) But you can also live in Ireland and go to the pub. Even more pubs! Or here, you can go to pubs as well, no? (Yes!) Don't have pubs here? Everywhere in England you have pubs! (You can, but the Metro system in central London, for getting around, is much easier.) Oh, the Metro! (Yes.) (Whereas the further out you go, it's not quite as connected. Whereas in London, if you want to get on the tube, because it runs till quite late.) The tube, OK! Underground, the tram... (Underground.) OK! And they got the train, the tram, the tube, the top, the… OK, OK.

But where do you want to go in London? Is there anywhere worth going? (No!) (That's why all of us came out here.) So, I don't... yeah, I can't get it! (I can't get it, either.) (People like the social life, I think.) But what is the social there? There's nothing there at all! I don't see anything that's worth going in or coming out. (I know.) Maybe I see pubs, but what is the... what pub? It's just so dark inside and smoky! (And it's dingy!) And smelly! (Yes!) (And smoky!) Oh, if you go in there, you just feel like you're in a cloud. (You can't see anything.) Maybe that's why - they feel like closer to Heaven or something! They feel they're in the cloud. It's very cloudy in there! "Cloud nine," you know? I think it's in the cloud ten, because it's so smoky - you can hardly find a bathroom!

They are very friendly in London, I have to say. And very sociable! I'm surprised. Like, last time I went to London for a passport, I just sat... Because inside it was so smoky, so I went outside in the freezing winter, and just read a newspaper, just to be out there. I was waiting for the passport. And some people just came and said, "Oh, all right, love?" And then just sat right there, "Oh, what's in the news, love?" And I said, "I don't know. Here, take half of it." They said, "Thanks, love!" And then read it. No problem for them. It's like family. And I like that, too. I do like that.

It's just the pubs that I don't like. (Yes.) You go in there, you don't need to drink! You just sit there and breathe in all this smoke for a while, and then you, "Oops!" You go out on (a) high. They like to (go) high, huh? High Heaven. "Cloud nine," that's why. Oh, terrible! How do people sit there all day? And watch football and all, you know? Loud, crowd, and cloud! That's the impression I have of the pubs. There's nothing much there that I like. Smelly clothes and smoky atmosphere, and everywhere is just full of ash on the table, and beer. Oh, God! So, that's what London is? No! That's why people like London? (Yes, because a lot of people like that kind of socializing. A lot of people!) God bless them, then! (Yes!) God help them.

(A lot of people come from Australia and New Zealand - all different countries just to be in London. There are more foreign people in London than the locals.) Yeah, tell! (I think it's also got to do with the money, though.) Just to think of London, I'm tired already! Sit down. Yeah, tell me, tell me. Tell me!

(A lot of people come here because the pound is so strong. They come to earn pounds, and then they can travel to all over the world. Because it's easier to travel from here than it is to travel from anywhere else because it's sort of cheaper than what it would be in any other country. So they get drawn to London because of the pound, and then they sort of use London as a base, and then travel to different places. They go for two months traveling here,) OK. (and they'll work a little bit here) OK, understand. (and work a little bit there.) Yeah, it's true? (You can work for three months, and...) In London, earn lots of money, go to Africa, spend it. Understand! (Yes. They come back, [Thailand.] work hard, hard, hard, and then go back and spend it.) Yeah, Thailand, Mexico, you can live on $7 a day, or $15 or something. (Yes.) A month, sorry! It depends on where, of course.

(I worked in a restaurant, a vegetarian restaurant, and there was a girl that I worked with from Australia.) Yeah? (And she worked there for only about a year, I think, and she'd saved enough money to go back to Australia and built a house, got a house. You know, it's crazy!) Oh! What kind of house is that? Plastic? (I think it was pretty much in the sticks, in the bush, so very remote.)

Oh, it may be true, quite true. Like yesterday, the story I told you about the boy in Rwanda: 30 pounds only, 30! And he can buy a plot of land and cultivate it. And I don't know why all the people stick in England and don't go live somewhere cheaper. Here, to buy a plot of land costs so much! Nobody in Rwanda ever dreams that you spend so much money just to buy a plot of land! And you buy there for 30 dollars, 30 pounds, I mean. 30 pounds, you can buy a plot of land and all the equipment you need to farm and do things yourself.

Wow! Some corners of the world. Can't imagine! Just even then, in Thailand and all that, you could live on maybe 50 pounds per month, or less even. You live like a king there already! But nobody wants to go there and live like a king. They'd rather stay here and be slaves. (Thailand is beautiful, isn't it?) Yeah, it's beautiful, no? (Oh, sunny, lovely.) Yeah, too hot. (Yes.) Too hot. But it's no big... What I just meant is as an example, you know? Or... where else? Anywhere, really. Many places are cheaper. Even in Europe, like Croatia or Bulgaria, they're still very cheap compared to England and elsewhere in Europe. But nobody wants to go there! Why? (I suppose they get used to it.) Get used to it, it's true. And you just stay here, and think of here, (Yes.) and... Yeah, I guess so.

(There are also a lot of places, in Croatia and that, that used to have wars, where they used to have wars and stuff. And then after the war finished,) Cheap. (the place was deserted. It's really cheap. But my cousin who lives in Switzerland, he went over with his wife once, and he said it's so beautiful over there. He said no one wants to go there because there are still, like, land bombs and stuff, so there's...) Land mines. (Yes! So the people that take you there have got to show you exactly where to step, so you don't...) Oh! Just don't go out of your garden. (No! You never know! You might not come back!) Oh, Jesus! (But they did say it's very, very beautiful over there!) I know, but... (It's a pity you can't...) How long it lasts? (One day you see it, then gone!) How long it lasts, the beauty? (But it's a pity, because all that stuff is underneath the ground, and it's such beautiful surroundings.) Yeah, I know. In Cambodia and all that. (Yes.) It's horrible! A war-torn country! (Yes.) It's beautiful everywhere, just how long it lasts, you know? Your eyes! It's not nice to live there and feel, "Oh, can I step out there off this carpet?" "How many millimeters?" (Yes.) Oh! I'm telling you! It's not that good, is it? (No.)

The people make the mess of our beautiful planet. These warmongers! Those idiot astrals! (Naughty boy!) I know... naughty! Spank their bottoms! Get all of them here, and spank them! (All in a row!) Whip them! And throw candies at them! Whip them with our celery sticks! Pour apple juice onto their heads, and wake them up! Wow! Naughty, naughty! Tell Santa about it. A naughty list, big time! (A naughty list. No more Christmas presents for you!) Double, double! Double naughty! Yeah, yeah!

We've been talking all these nonsense stuff. All right, I've got to go, and maybe we'll talk again someday. Maybe this weekend or something. (Thanks for coming to visit us. Thank You, Master!) Thanks to all of you. (It's been lovely seeing You.) Thanks for lunch. Oh, I don't know. I don't know where is my home. Actually, I don't know where to go home. I don't know where to go. (You're welcome here anytime.) Thank you! What I mean is, I don't know where I really feel that I could stay. There's always still something. I don't feel settled.

Love you guys! (Bye, Master! Bye-bye!) (Thank You so much.) Ciao! OK huh? (Take care. Great to see You.) (Bye-bye!) (Bye, Master.) Nice seeing you! Nice to see you too. Take care, OK? (You too, Master!) (Yes, Master.) Get in touch. Thank you, love.

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