Tra Maestra e discepoli

High Thinking & Simple Living, Part 5 of 5, Jan. 3, 2006

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It's because you have faith. Just tune in, OK? Just trust that the Master Power is there always with you. If you block yourself from that blessing, then I can't get in; I can't force you to bless you! Sometimes I do, but only in emergency. Otherwise, you have to be willing.

It's fun to have your own tomatoes. And it's more independent, and more healthy. A healthy lifestyle. According to research, the people who are farmers, the marriage (of those) who both are farmers, they are the most happy. And the second is the doctors. The third is… I don't know what. Maybe business... (Teachers.) Teachers, yeah. The fifth of the most happy couples. And then, businessmen are the last of the fifth. But still, they are more happy than the others! I don't know why other jobs don't make people so happy. I guess because you are productive. You plant things together, and you watch it grow, and then you have your own food. You just feel happy.

(And also if you plant your own vegetables - one sister in Belgium, she and her husband, they have a small planting. And one time she brought a courgette to the center, and it's like this big!) I know, I know. I know. It can be very big, if you know how. Yeah, if you know how. Anyway, you could also ask the brother who knows how to plant those things. You don't even need fertilizer or anything, I heard. According to him, you don't even turn the earth. Just plant it and cover with grass, and it'll grow very big. I saw it! Some people grew zucchini, so big! Big like this, and long. So, it must work. And vegetables grew so big, big leaves and big stem, everything, so big, big! They could hardly eat it themselves, it's too much. Too much, you know? So, they had to give it to the center, a bigger center, to eat.

So, I think if you stay, some together, and plant vegetables, it would be OK. Extra income! You know, extra! And fresh vegetables for you. And you go out to work as usual. You still have your money, pay the rent there, instead of paying the rent outside. And on top, you have vegetables, and stay together, meditate, and help each other. It's fine. But it has to be peaceful. If any strong character, then better not go in there. You have the right to choose who can be the residents.

Anything else you want to tell me, or ask questions? Has to be spiritual and productive, OK? Don't drag me into your family quarrels and all that stuff. It's so ugly and low, low lev (level). I already taught you everything, how to deal with family, in every circumstance. And if you don't know, then go home, read books again. My books!

(Master, I was just wondering. There are five levels, Fifth House. If people don't reach the Fifth Level in this life, I presume we come back again.) No, it depends on where you go. If you are on the Third Level, you don't have to come back, if you don't want to. You can. (OK.) (So, if you are only making it to the First or Second Level in this lifetime... Because remember, I know before, when I was listening to Your tapes or reading something,) That's right. (You were saying about different people moving at different rates, and all that sort of stuff.) Right! (And I was just wondering that. Thank You very much!)

But you'd better make it to the Third, because at this time, anyone except the Third Level people are not protected. (Yes.) I mean, the Second Level people are still doomed for disaster. Maybe not dead like the astrals, but they've been in trouble also. This time is like that. This period of this planet is like that. It's a big cleansing. You can see it everywhere around the world. I told you before, and I tell you now. It's the same. Before it happened, I told you already. And now it's happening, it's been happening, I tell you the same stuff. Yeah? (OK.) So, you can see it for yourself. (Thank You.) All right.

Most of you are on the Third Level upward anyway, so I don't worry too much. And the guys who have come in, and are still on the Astral or Second Level, that is not my problem anymore. But still, they are more protected than the ones outside who don’t have. They're still given a chance to develop as long as they live. Until the time they die, they're still given the chance, more than the astral who has no Master. Because at least the astrals in my house, they are vegan, they don't kill, they don't steal, they don't intoxicate themselves, they don't do any bad things to other people. So, Heaven gives them a chance to continue developing. But the astrals outside, they are not protected, because they continue to do more bad things. And that's the problem.

(Master, since You came last week, and You taught a lot of people here the Gift, I've been meditating this week, and I've felt so tired, but I feel really intelligent, really bright, really full of life and ideas. And all the new brothers and sisters that You taught that to, we had a group meditation this week, and when we were together and talking, they felt so intelligent, so happy, so vibrant. We can understand many things without even thinking.) Understand. (So, I thank You for that, obviously. But my question is, when I wake up in the morning, I've been so tired, incredibly tired! And I think, is this because You've lifted us so high that we have to probably need much more meditation to sustain that level, is it?) Yeah, possible. (But then, I thought it was just me, maybe I'm getting old or something.) Maybe. (But they had the same problem. All of those people with me, they had the same problem.) It's just the physical body gets tired. (Yes.) It's too much power, I guess. They'll get used to it. (Yes, I hope so. I like this.) You'll get used to it. (Thank You.)

I have a hair dryer, a hair blower, you know, a hair curler, and it's 100-something watts. And in the hotel, I didn't have the European plug, socket. And I tried hard to plug in, and it didn't work. Somebody showed me the trick to put a spoon inside to push something, and it didn't work still. So I put it in the bathroom, where it says, "Shavers only." And it went, "Bee-juu!" It didn't work! So I had to spend, like, 70 dollars to buy another one. It's not as good! But whatever has to be done. I have to look a little bit better for the photo, no? My photo earns money. A little bit. OK, I'm just kidding, but if you don't... You know, because I know if I'm at home, I don't care about my hair so much. And it goes, "Bzzzt!" So I have to tame it a little bit. Yes, brother! So you see, too much power can kill a thing! Yeah!

(Well, this is actually not a question, but I just want to thank You. I was meditating with Your method since '96, and I had so much benefit, and...) '96? (Yes.) It's a long time. OK, and then? (In the beginning, I never thought I would last one month. Every day is like, I'm impressed and I'm surprised! And I never believed it, I just followed, like, the requirements, because I thought it offers so much and it's worth the effort. So You've been with me all the time since then.) It's cool. (Although I'm not like Your best disciple but I mean... I was just...)

You are! The way you talk, you are! If it's the way it is with you, then you are the best! One of the best! I like those disciples who make progress, who really tune in, so they can feel the benefit. I don't like those blind, deaf, dumb and covered with raincoat that even the rain couldn't get through!

(I had spiritual experiences, like, I never had that before until I was with You. And I had my own method, because I was Muslim, so I had my own protection.) Before, yes. (Yes, when I was initiated. So I had more experiences, and I was in places where I had to, like, use everything I know, and nothing worked. But with You, it's like You are always by my side, so it helps immediately. So, I want to thank You.) You are welcome, love! I love doing it for you!

These kinds of disciples make me feel like you are worth it. And the ones who complain, "Ah, family!" and you know, "How can I get a daughter, a wife for my son, or a daughter for my..." I don't know, "daughter, mother,” what? “Wife for my…” what? “Husband for my kids!" And what, blah, blah, blah! You know, all that just really drags me down, and I feel like I don't want to do my job. Because you guys are like deaf, dumb and blind: hear nothing, see nothing, don't understand anything! These people are too low for me to even be dragging around. But because I had openly given this method, before, so some dragged themselves in, by the way, so OK, we let them there. But they'd better keep their mouth quiet; otherwise, if I know (who), I'll kick them out. Dragging everybody. You know what I mean?

All right. Thanks for being a good guy. Anyone else? (Master.) Yes? (I just want to thank You for miracles and things that happen every day for me, and for making my life.) While you are cleaning, some miracles happen? The broom's flying or something? (All little things! All the little things happen. You know, you get stuck in the middle of nowhere and a taxi turns up when your car is broken down, and...) Yeah? What kind of.... (Just little things, but every little detail is taken care of.) I understand. Yes! If you tune in, you get everything you want. (Life's so different now! It was so empty before. Thank You so much!)

Yes, yes. It's because you have faith. Just tune in, OK? Just trust that the Master Power is there always with you. If you block yourself from that blessing, then I can't get in; I can't force you to bless you! Sometimes I do, but only in emergency. Otherwise, you have to be willing. You know, like a patient has to go to the doctor and let him treat you the way he knows how. The doctor, even, can't force you. Like an emergency, maybe yes, somebody else can sign for you. But mostly, you have to sign for what you want from the doctor. So just tune in, baby. Have faith. Have faith! (Thank You so much.) Very little faith you need, not much.

Difficult, I know, but it is so easy! Well, if you are children of your parents, when you were a kid, the only people you can trust in the world are your parents. There is no choice. No choice. And if you don't trust your parents, God help you. If you wonder around, you get trouble. All right. Yes, next.

What kind of car you have that broke down in somewhere, that I had to help you? (We bought it two days before.) Two days before? It's an old car, or what? (Yes, it is quite old,) Too old? (but it's really well looked after, but... I don't know, I think...) It's still working? (Sorry?) It’s still working well? (It's about ten years old. Yes, it's great now. We'd only bought it a couple of days before, but I don't know, I think sometimes things like that happen, so other things can happen.) Yeah, I understand. (So people can come along, and you can learn from it. It's not exactly the car that's at fault, it's just that we can learn through the experience.) OK, OK. How much did you pay for it? (Oh, I've forgotten now.) (Twelve hundred.) Twelve hundred. One thousand, two hundred pounds? (Yes.) Oh, that's cool. So, you need it to go do your job? (Oh yes, we have to have a car for our job, yes!) And how about two days ago? Where did you go? (Oh no, it was two days after we bought it, it broke down.) I know, but... I thought you said you bought it two days ago? (That was last week, last week we bought it.) OK, before that, how did you get to work? (Oh, we had another car, but that just decided it didn't want to go anymore. So the garage across the road took it and sold us this other one, so it was quite convenient.) Oh, is it good now? (Yes, I think it's a great car,) It’s cool. (with fingers crossed, yes.)

What Chinese signs are you? Dog? (I'm a Bull.) A what? Ox? (Ox!) OK, how about your husband? (He's a Rat.) Ah! Good together! (That's not him, though. That's not him. He's upstairs.) (No, that's not me!) I know. No, I don't say it's him! No, I don't point at him. I said it's a good sign! (Yes, I saw a program that said the two...) I know what he looks like. (The two are compatible; I saw a program about it.) Supposed to be! (Supposed to be, yes. I think he's good.) So, who is working hardest in the house? The Ox, right? (Maybe a little bit, yes! I don't want to say too much.) The Ox is supposed to work very hard, no? I'm not sure... Just fun! (Yes, yes.) All right.

(And also, I'd just like to say, when we have this big center, the chance is we are going to have to grow together and learn from each other, because when you work together as brothers and sisters, there's a lot you can learn and introspect in yourself and see your faults and correct them.) Maybe. (So, I think it speeds up the process a bit, maybe, of learning.) Maybe. (I hope.) Maybe.

So, you are still working at that job? I mean, different houses, or buildings? Big buildings? How did you get the job? (Through ringing... in the newspaper. And we ran around and put leaflets on some houses' doors. We actually only work 20 hours a week each.) OK. (But we manage to have enough money to live on.) How much do you earn per week or month, if I may ask you? (It's about 250 a week.) A week? (Just under, actually. Some...) For one of you? (No, for two.) For two, 250 per week? (Actually, sometimes it's less.) Of course. (Around 200 to 250. It varies.) Of course. (But because we don't do very much, and as You say, we don't need very much.) No, you are doing it much, it's just not everybody calls you every day. (Yes, that's right.) You don't have, like, steady kind of clients, of course. And you have to pay for car and insurance and everything else. (Yes.) So, the 200 is neto (net) or bruto (gross)? (Sorry?) Neto (Net)? (Oh no, that's net. No, that's what we have.) You mean in your pocket? (Yes.) After cars and everything? (Oh, no, no, no! No, not after car! No, we have very little after everything else.) Oh, I understand. (But we don't need very much, so...) Food and car and insurance. (Yes. A little bit more work, we could save a bit more, but it's enough for now. For now, it's enough.) You could even save from that? (Yes, yes! A little, yes, a little.) I am impressed! (Because we don't go anywhere, really. We just work, and it gives us a lot of time to meditate.) I am impressed! (And we don't do anything else, so...) I am impressed by your positive outlook and point of view, and appearance. (Thank You.)

That's what we should all feel. It doesn't matter where you work, and how much you earn. If you are happy, you should count your luck. Many people who want to work don't even have a job. You know, in other countries or war countries, you have no time to cover yourself every day even, just to stay alive! And in England, it's still quite a safe place. Of course, some political mess they make - we have a little terrorism, but don't let them win. Don't let the terrorists win. I mean, we still go out and be courageous, normal.

All right. Anyone else who is doing some small job? Why does he sit upstairs? Don't have enough room here? (I don't know why he didn't come down.) I told you guys you can sit here, so some people have more room, no? How many more people upstairs? A lot? (It's about 15 people.) Fifteen? (No, more than 15.) Twenty, thirty? (At least 30, 40.) At least 30, 40, yes! When I am talking, they can come down.

Oh, it also doesn't matter. Upstairs they can also see my face, right? It's cool, it's cool. Anything else you want to tell me? Something nice about your life, that you have progressed, that you've improved, that you feel good? Give me some feedback! Don't just complain all day long and want money. I want to know if I invest in the right company! It's just a fair business, right? At least I invest, I get something in return, no? Tell me!

(I was initiated just a short... two years ago. And I was having a hard time at the time. But since then, my life has changed totally. It's unrecognizable.) Yeah? (Yes. And even...) In a good way? (A very good way, yes.) OK. (I still find it hard with my mind sometimes, but I know I'm on the right path, and I just want to thank You.) Cool! You're welcome! Yeah, anyone else?

(And I'll just tell You something small.) Huh? (Just small things that happen. One day, I wanted to get weights for lifting.) OK. (And I thought I'd go to Argos for them, and I forgot. And my sister came in that evening with the same weights, saying she'd bought them but they were too heavy for her. They're just small things as well.)

OK, good. Well, as long as you're happy with small things, they will keep coming. Big things, we will have them later. Whatever you need, if you tune in, and if it's really right for you, it will be arranged. These are small stuff. OK, good! I am happy that you are happy. The thing is, it's not because I need to hear the award or anything from you. I just want to know that you are happy. OK? Good.

(And I feel strength this week, too, of the Gift.) Yeah? (Very much, yes.) OK, just cool down. Chill out, it will be OK. Get used to it. I'm telling you, it's very strong! Can't just give it to anyone. Yeah, who else?

(I would like to add to that, because it's so quick when we tune in, and it comes so fast. So, this is one of the things that I'm really impressed. Because it's... like that!) Yeah, sure! It's not even like that, it's before that even! (Yes, that's true! But then, when we notice, it's...) I know. It's already like that. Yeah, OK, I understand. (Thank You.) You are welcome. I love hearing that.

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