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Creative Endeavors during the COVID-19 Lockdown, Part 2 of 2



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In Part 2 of our program, we’ll continue to share some fascinating projects that people have embarked upon during the COVID-19 lockdown. Besides engaging in new creative projects, revisiting completed projects is also an interesting activity to undertake during lockdown. Instead of practicing his usual hobby of painting and drawing, 88-year young Roger Phillips is keeping himself busy during the lockdown by writing new editions of his books, “Wild Flowers of Britain” and “Trees in Britain, Europe and North America,” which were first published in 1977 and 1978 respectively. Mr. Phillips is adding new photographs to these latest editions, which is a good way to rekindle beautiful memories.

Music, dancing, and songwriting are popular and effective destressing projects undertaken by many during the pandemic lockdown. Sharing songs can also help to cheer others up. Paramedic David Webster, who never wrote a song before, found relief for his sadness over his critically ill hospital colleagues, and the passing of one due to the coronavirus. He composed the song “My Heart is Blue,” which was inspired by the blue hearts that people share on social media to support the work of the UK’s National Health Service. David searched “How to write a song” on the internet, and then put his whole heart and soul into writing the piece.

Wearing full protective gear, including a face shield, mask, and medical gown, Dr. Arup Senapati, of Silchar Medical College in Assam, India, danced to the tune of the popular Bollywood track “Ghungroo” to cheer up patients hospitalized with the coronavirus. Dr. Senapati decided to make his patients laugh and be happy during this difficult time by dancing in the recovery room, which was witnessed by a few patients and colleagues. His dance video went viral and garnered 5.3 million online viewers.

The COVID-19 pandemic has affected virtually everyone in the world, and many people have taken up similar projects to keep healthy and fit, as well as mentally and emotionally balanced. We’ll now conclude our program by showing short video clips of “Jerusalema Dance Challenge,” a dance routine performed by people in various countries. We hope these videos will raise your spirits during this challenging time that we are all facing.

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