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In today’s news, Switzerland aids COVID relief activities in Bangladesh, United States non-profit maps world's areas vulnerable to future sea-level rise or flooding, Singaporean scientists invent more protective bicycle helmet, bank funds environment and social welfare- related projects for rural Australian communities, homeless United States veteran who helps others through poetry gifted house, Israeli startup creates egg replacer from chickpeas, and seabirds on Farne Islands, United Kingdom flourish with no human activity during pandemic. All this and more, on Supreme Master Television, your constructive global TV channel.

Switzerland gives support for COVID-19 response in Bangladesh.

Switzerland has donated over US$10.5 million to boost community-based COVID-19 initiatives in Bangladesh, working in collaboration with the nation’s government plus local and international partners. Since 2020, Switzerland has committed nearly US$18.5 million to COVID-19-related relief efforts in Bangladesh. These projects have provided food, vitamins, handwashing facilities, and telemedicine treatment for the coronavirus, to the disadvantaged, as well as financial assistance to remote and vulnerable communities. In addition, 1.5 million people were trained in hygiene standards to help prevent the spread of disease. Switzerland is also donating over US$325 million to the COVID-19 Vaccines Global Access (COVAX) facility, along with 4 million AstraZeneca vaccines, to help accelerate the distribution of Covid-19 vaccines in developing countries. Thank you, Switzerland, for your altruistic contributions. We pray that the pandemic will soon subside as veganism is adopted as the new norm, in Heaven’s caring, loving embrace.

United States entity creates global map displaying zones vulnerable to sea-level rise and flooding.

A non-profit organization called Climate Central, that is made up of scientists and journalists, has produced an interactive map of the world showing the expected regions that will flood at least once a year or be underwater in the future, due to climate change. The map displays data from 2030 to 2100 and highlights the susceptible regions in red. It can be seen that by 2050 many coastal areas around the world will be affected, including significant areas of India, the United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Âu Lạc, also known as Vietnam, China, Iraq, Australia, Singapore, in addition to countless other small island nations, and more. Our gratitude, Climate Central, for your map that warns us of the potential flood and sea-level rise affected regions of the near future. May all people switch to compassionate lifestyles to ensure the climate stabilizes, thus allowing humans and animals to live safely, in Celestial peace.

Up next, Singaporean scientists invent more protective bicycle helmet. Let’s pause to thank the telepathic animal communicators, who use their gift to help caregivers better understand and strengthen their loving relationships with their animal companions, as well as to solve health and behavioral issues. Please stay with us for more friendly news on Supreme Master Television. Vegan: the tool 2 make Eden

Good day, smart viewers! I’m Geo, the vegan Groundhog. If you want to know how I became so awesome, it was my plant-based diet. Try going vegan and see for yourself the difference it makes, inside and out. Today, I’m honored to share a tip from our Beloved Supreme Master Ching Hai. “Try to include some raw food in your pets’ diet, see if they like it. Slowly increase the amount but don’t overdo it, maybe a one-third portion of the usual amount of their meal. Check out first what’s suitable for each individual pet, considering allergies and other health concerns. Talk to your vet also about it. My dogs love blended, mixed raw vegetables and fruits. My birds also. But do give other suitable foods as well. God Loves you kids.” Many thanks, Supreme Master Ching Hai! All the animal caregivers watching will appreciate this healthful advice. Thank you for your attention, and lots of love for Being Veg and Going Green 2 Save the Planet for all humans and us all co-inhabitants. Now it’s time for the worldwide weather.

Scientists in Singapore create safer bicycle helmet.

Associate Professor Leong Kah Fai and team, of the Nanyang Technological University in Singapore, have produced a new bicycle helmet that is safer than existing mid-range models, but for the same price. The helmet utilizes an outer shell that is made from a kind of thermoplastic resin called Elium and is reinforced with carbon fiber. The strength of the outer shell allows it to absorb more shock than the shell of existing models, thus transferring less of the impact energy to the inner foam, which is in contact with the wearer’s head. The helmet should deliver about the same protection as existing high-end helmets, but for a significantly lower price. Wonderful news, Associate Professor Leong Kah Fai and team, on your advancement in helmet technology. May your innovation soon be available for sale and help to save countless lives, in the wisdom of the Buddha.

Bank offers community development grants to benefit Australia’s rural areas and smaller cities.

ANZ bank is offering US$184,000 to non-profits to support the environment and people in less populated areas of Australia with its Seeds of Renewal program. Each grant can be for up to US$11,000, and potential projects can include those that provide vocational training or employment, improve the environment, aid those in danger of homelessness or assist individuals with disabilities. The program is managed by the Foundation for Rural & Regional Renewal, which was established in 2003 and has so far supported 800 community groups and non-profits. Thank you, ANZ, for your thoughtful initiative that uses your resources to improve the environment and help people in need. In the caring guidance of the Providence, may your project shine the light of loving assistance in all areas where it is needed.

United States veteran who uses poetry to aid others gifted new home.

Vainuupo Avegalio, also known as AV, is a homeless veteran who was recently given a new house in Purcellville, Virginia by the non-profit HeroHomes. Local contractors and businesses helped to fund and build it. AV uses his poetry and art, which deal with trauma and the experience of conflict as a serviceman, to aid other veterans with post-traumatic stress disorder, help people in correctional facilities, and assist youth at risk of suicide. He said, “Art & Poetry have become a highway to healing. ... Experimenting with this IS MY PATH TO REDEMPTION.” He will use his new home’s basement as an art studio so he can continue aiding others. A standing ovation, Vainuupo Avegalio, for your selfless deeds to help others overcome their suffering. In the grace of Heaven, may your loving actions inspire a deep connection with God within all whom you meet.

Coming up, Israeli startup creates egg replacer from chickpeas. Let’s take a moment to thank Mother Nature for the cool breezes at night that gently soothe us into a deep slumber. We’ll return with more mind-soothing news on Supreme Master Television. Vegan: vehicle 4 Heaven. Welcome back to Noteworthy News – Refreshing News for a Happier World.

Israeli startup releases egg replacer made from chickpeas.

ChickP of Israel recently launched an egg replacer made from chickpea protein, that contains 90% protein by weight. Created by scientists and food technicians at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, the product is highly versatile. It replicates the taste of egg as well as having the same binding and emulsifying properties, which makes it ideal for use in mayonnaise, salad dressings and more. It will allow current vegan mayonnaise producers to shorten their ingredients list and egg-based mayonnaise manufacturers to eliminate egg altogether. ChickP is already producing 20 metric tons of this protein per day, and will soon expand to the United States, Singapore and South Africa with intentions to later tap into the European market. Way to go, ChickP, on the release of your versatile product. In the blessings of the Divine, may your innovation help to bring further peace to our chicken co-inhabitants as vegan egg replacement offerings like yours become the norm globally.

Seabirds thrive on United Kingdom’s Farne Islands during lockdown.

Over the past 18 months, the Farne Islands off the coast of Northumberland, England, UK, have been shut to visitors. Inner Farne Island opened again last month with a limit of four boat-arrivals per day. According to Farne Island rangers, closing the islands has had a fascinating impact on the behavior and breeding of birdlife. In the absence of human activity, the population of puffins and other seabirds like shags, fulmars, guillemots, kittiwakes and terns seems to have risen. The terns have also moved away from Inner Farne to outer islands for nesting. Thank you, Farne Island rangers, for your interesting observations on the behavioral and population changes of Farne Islands’ seabirds during the pandemic. May all our animal co-inhabitants flourish, in God’s magnanimous love.

To bring more laughter into your life, here’s the joke of the day called, “Returning from the Barbershop.”

Over a few years, Mr. Perry grew a thick beard, mustache and sideburns. One day, he shaved it all off. After returning from the barbershop, he saw his son Jackie playing in front of the house. He wanted to know if Jackie still recognized him after shaving. So he asked him:

“Hallo, young man! Can you show me where Mr. Perry’s house is?”

Utterly surprised, little Jackie ran into the house to his mom.

“Mom! Dad has just shaved his beard, and now he has forgotten where our house is!”

And now we have a heartline from all Taiwanese (Formosan) contact persons of our Supreme Master Ching Hai International Association:

August 9, 2021 Update report in Taiwan (Formosa)

Most Caring Master, We would like to express our gratitude to You for Your everlasting care. Taiwan (Formosa) is truly blessed with one miracle after another. On July 23rd, an approaching typhoon took a 90-degree turn; and on August 5th, another typhoon also took a sharp turn and hit the land first, leaving with it only some rain.

Also, a sharp decline of COVID-19 cases has been noted, while the whole world is in the pandemic’s grip. Here are the figures as of August 8th. There is only one explanation for all these unusual phenomena, and we all know it’s all due to Master’s Presence and Your Loving Power.

According to official records, as of August 8th, 2021, a total of 15,782 people have been diagnosed as COVID-19 patients in Taiwan (Formosa), and a total of 806 people have died. More than 9.1 million people were vaccinated, with a population coverage rate of 36.88%. In the past week (Aug. 2nd-8th), the daily COVID-19 cases were between 4-20 persons.

Taking into account the global rise in cases of Delta mutant strains, Taiwan (Formosa) will continue to implement “strict border control” to prevent imported cases. With our deep appreciation and respect, All Taiwanese (Formosan) contact persons

Fortunate Taiwanese (Formosan) contact persons, Here is Master’s kind reply: “Thanks all of you for your update report. With love for Heaven and Earth, we thank God for all the blessings upon Formosa. Hope that all world citizens appreciate God’s Love, repent and U-turn toward a Vegan world, so that their days will be filled with more happiness and peace. In Heaven's Grace.”

We welcome your heartlines, stories and or cute, loving animal clips. Please send them via

Thank you for spending time with us on Noteworthy News. May celestial light always shine on you and your loved ones.

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