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Be Your Children’s Best Friend, Part 3 of 6, Jan. 7, 2006



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So don’t tell me you don't progress or all that garbage. Don’t dwell on these stupid, preconceived ideas of how you are and how you see. Don’t look at these small negative traits that you still have. See, every day, write down all the positive things that happen to you, and then you will see how much you’ve progressed. It's very easy.

Well, get over it. Some people are so stupid! They don’t appreciate other people. Or they are jealous. Sometimes you are more intelligent, or even you have richer parents, or you have a better house, or even have a better boyfriend or better looking, and they plan to crush you. And because you are a kid, and you don't understand much and you are so nice! Mostly the kids who are picked on are nice kids. Because the tough ones, they go pick on other people. And the nice kids, they are quiet, study and do their own homework, and they don’t do anything bad. Just they’re too good, so they don’t know how to defend themselves. Yeah, that’s the problem.

It’s good that you get back your happiness. You deserve it. Everybody deserves happiness. And if you don’t have it, and that is your problem. You have to see why you are not happy. What is the area of your life that bugs you.

One time, I was in France, and there was a woman who kept telling me about how bad she felt, because of her husband and the family. And it’s not all that difficult to handle, but she kept nagging me, asking me, and I told her, and she didn’t change. So I told her, I said, “OK, you know what? If it’s me, I just look into the life, my life: any area that is bugging me, anything that is making me unhappy, I just get rid of it!” She said, “What? Really? Everything?” I said, “Anything!” She said, “How about husband?” I said, “If a husband bugs me, I sell him! If a car makes trouble, I sell the car. If the house troubles me, I sell the house.” First I said, “If the car troubles me, then I sell the car.” And I said, “If the house makes trouble for me, I sell the house.” And she said, “How about husband?” I said, “If husband bothers me, I sell the husband!”

I know, it takes time, with the husband it's more difficult, but it’s not like not doable. It's a joke, but it can be realized. You know, I mean, what for you keep yourself in trouble, huh? Maybe you can’t get rid of it now but plan to! Try to! Try to look forward.

Like in the school it’s the same. Kids, if you have somebody bullying you, you have to go home and tell your parents. Be upfront. Tell them, because they’ll help you. You have to tell them. If you cannot tell them by words because you don't know how, it's difficult to talk, (then) write a letter. Think of what you want to tell them and write it. It’s easier to write than sometimes to talk. It’s because you have a longer time to think and to formulate your ideas. Because as a kid, it’s difficult for you to talk sometimes. And when you are too emotional while talking, you just can't express it. So maybe you think about what you want to tell your parents about your problem, you write it down, and give it to them.

All right. Any more of the good stuff?

It's not like I don’t want you to tell me about your kid’s problems or your family problems. It’s not like that! Everyone is different. You see, the way you tell me, I would not feel mad at you. I would not feel that you are just nagging. It depends on if you’re real or not. Some people just want to blah, blah, just to make trouble for me. They don’t really need my advice. They just want to throw dirt at me and everybody else. That’s different. But if you have a real problem, of course you can talk to me. I always talk to you about your problem. What else? About my problem? I don't have any! Right? No, the sister next to you, love.

(Hi, Master, I was upstairs.) Hi! (I had to come down and talk to You.) Yeah, sure, why not!」(First, thank You for those (vegan) candies sent home for my children. They felt very special and loved, and I said, “These are from Master,” and I could see it in their eyes, they felt special.) Yeah, sure, it is special.

(Yes. It was. Thank You! And thank You for the Gift. I had a suspicion that I was from outer space before, but now, when I was meditating, I’m just going back into... The pull is so strong,) Yeah? (it’s amazing. And I could not come out of my meditation. I struggled to come out.) Don’t struggle. Why come out? (Well, yes, I could have stayed there.) So, you have to work. (But it’s just wonderful. The change is amazing.) I am glad! (It’s just wonderful! Thank You!) I'm glad. I told you, it’s very powerful! Handle with care!

You don't have to always talk. If you need to, you talk. If not, don’t. Don’t have to. I am just asking you in case you want to. Not wait until I go out, and sneak in the corner and say, “Master, I have a secret...” I hate that! “Special. Can we talk in private?” Is there anything else? OK. Yes.

(Master, I'm newly initiated. How will I get to know when I'm progressing? Will I feel any changes? You say we change from one level to another.) You don't feel the change? (Well, I do feel good when I’m meditating, and doing meditation. Sometimes it doesn't go too good. But I'm just wondering if I’m progressing.)

You are, of course, no? Just sometimes slower than other times. If you feel good in all kinds of aspects in your life, that means you progressed. It’s not necessary that you see the (inner Heavenly) Light. Because sometimes you go up so quick, you don’t see it. And when you go down, you are down. You don't see it! When you go up, your mind’s all shut off, and then you don’t see it, so you think you don't. It doesn’t matter. It’s the soul business. It’s not a show business that you always have to see something. Soul business! All right. (Thank You.) You are welcome. If you are happy, you look like that, you must (have) progressed, so happy! It's rarely I see a happy man around in the world. Most of them... You look so happy! (Yes, thank You very much.) You must have progressed, yes.

All right, look into yourself, and you know you (have) progressed. And you are more “lighted,” feel more light than before, more carefree, more compassionate, more loving, more at ease with yourself. And you feel even... Before, sometimes some people grow up, don’t feel good with themselves even. You know, every practitioner has some special areas to work on, you see? Not always about the (inner Heavenly) Light even. Of course, you have (inner Heavenly) Light. But sometimes because your mind just shuts off and you don't know, or you go too quick, or something like that, or you don’t pay attention. But, for example, sometimes you feel more confidence in yourself. Some people feel... When they were kids, they were being harassed, and they don't feel confident. But after meditation, at least they gain their confidence back, if not the (inner Heavenly) Light or anything. They feel more in control, they feel more beautiful! They feel more accepting about themselves. Even that!

Even I'm not a psychologist or anything! I don’t need to sit down and tell you, “Oh, you are beautiful. Look at your eyes, look at your nose. It looks different from everybody else's nose. Look at that, it's so unique!” Yeah, but then you feel it. You feel, “Oh, I'm fat, but I am beautiful.” “I am skinny, but I am lovely.” You just feel you are OK. And that's to begin with already. The same with men or women. Because let's face it, you are beautiful or not beautiful, it's in the eyes of the beholder only. You see the frogs, the male frogs and the female frogs. The female frogs are beautiful in the eyes of the male frogs, right? Or even anything, the ugliest things that you name, they’re beautiful for someone, and that's all you need! You don’t need the whole world to tell you, “Oh, you're beautiful!” And, “You're Mr. Universe!” and all that garbage. Don’t need!

And some people don't look beautiful, don’t look like striking or attractive at the first glance, but the more you look at them, the more you feel they’re so charming, and the inside beauty just shines forever. So that’s what you should concentrate on - the inside beauty. And then you will feel everything else fall into places. You’ll feel you're beautiful. I mean, what do you mean by beautiful to begin with? Everyone has two eyes, a nose in the middle, and a mouth. And depends on where the mouth (is) put, where the mouth is, you look beautiful or not beautiful. Or some people like thick mouths, some people like thin mouths. What the heck? You don’t have to look like the neighbors to feel that you're beautiful. You don’t have to look like a model to feel sexy. It’s all the attitude. It’s all about attitude. It’s all in here. Really, it’s like that.

You know, I am too old already. You know, right? I am 50-something already. But you know how many men still like to look at me, and turn their head? Yeah, really! I am not kidding! I am not telling to boast to you, I don’t care about this thing. But I am surprised, you know? Sometimes, I am really surprised! Just because I don't think in this direction, I am really surprised.

Like, I walk in somewhere, eat something. Sometimes I go in the restaurant, because I travel, I don’t always go bother you cooking for me. I stay in a hotel, of course, I stay in the restaurant. If I walk in the restaurant, sometimes the whole restaurant turns around! And I just sit in the corner, and everybody tries to make an excuse to go and peep at me. Just to peep at me. Yeah, really! I am not kidding. (You look young.) I feel beautiful! I don’t feel like I am the most beautiful woman in the world or anything, but I feel OK. And it’s not like I go out every day: If you look, I am going to be OK today, or anything. It’s just they surprise me sometimes. And then I know that I feel OK in any way, and maybe that’s why. Because the world is not short of beautiful women, but I really make people turn around and look, and I don’t know why, either.

It’s not like I feel I am very exceptionally beautiful or anything, but I do make them turn around. Even women! The whole couple, they turn back and look many times, many times! And sometimes make an excuse to take photos and all that. And I am shy, you know. I don't want to just always be in any photo. So, sometimes I have to turn to sit on the other table, opposite the other table, because too many people looking or trying to take photos, that I have to even turn my back on them. I have to change my seat sometimes. And sometimes if I sit with somebody else, I just say, “Move, move a little bit to the left. No, no, right a little bit! OK! Right there.” To block the gaze of other people.

And I am just nobody! I'm not really that exceptional. It’s just if you feel beautiful, you are beautiful, really! Not like proud or arrogantly, you know, it’s not that. Just you feel good with yourself, you feel at peace, and you feel you don’t need anything, you are OK the way you are; whatever it is, you just feel fine, then people really feel attracted to you. It’s not about how you look, it’s how you behave as well. And how you behave comes from inside, right? So, people just look at you and just love you.

Now you know that yourself. After initiation and after meditation for some time, people do love you. They do love you. Except those enemies from the past, they come back and try to make trouble, but even then, they cannot help it, but love you. They love you, but because of the past karma, they make trouble for you. But they love you in their heart, no? You feel more love than before. People smile at you more often, because it's your reflection. It is like that. There’s nothing else I can tell you that you don’t already know. Right? You have experience.

So don’t tell me you don't progress or all that garbage. Don’t dwell on these stupid, preconceived ideas of how you are and how you see. Don’t look at these small negative traits that you still have. See, every day, write down all the positive things that happen to you, and then you will see how much you’ve progressed. It's very easy. Or with your family, or with your relationships at work, or with friends, everything improves. At least you improve. So it’s not just about the (inner Heavenly) Light. (Yes, it is good.)

The (inner Heavenly) Light is within you. And sometimes people go to you, and say, “Oh, you have a big aura on your head.” No? Some people tell you, right? But do you see it yourself? No! See? I tell you! Well, this is good also, so your ego doesn't come up. What if you feel you're saintly every day, walking out, “Look at my halo! You don't see it? Ah, you're blind! Look again!” Feeling too saintly is no good for you. Is that not true that sometimes some people come and tell you why you have a halo on your head, no? Some of you, you have experience, right? Like that.

But you, yourself don't see it. It's a good thing you don't. But some do! Some do know you have a halo, some don't, and it's OK. Just make sure you clean it every day, so it looks shiny and clear. You know, no brown spots or black stripes in it. If you clean it every day, even if you don't see yourself, it is a mirror, a clean mirror. Other people will see it. You don’t need a big saint to see your halo. Some psychic people, and some people who have a gift from the past because they have been blessed, and they can see your aura. So, you are not hiding anything. You can’t. Just clean it every day, all right? Make it shine! I mean, make it come out, make it come out. Your original Nature is clear and crystal anyway, just make it come out. Don’t let the dirt of the world cover it, OK?

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