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Be Your Children’s Best Friend, Part 5 of 6, Jan. 7, 2006

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So, a lot of people come to UK and Sweden now? (Yes.) (In Sweden it’s good.) Yeah? That’s good. Like that, we have a mixture, mix of culture, and people become more tolerant and more understanding of each other. Look how tolerant England is, because they’ve learned from so many different sources.

I was thinking, I am not sure if I want to stay. For example, if I buy, I’d have to consider how long I want to stay. I really do want to stay or not? And when you want to sell it, it takes a long time. Maybe, maybe not. It depends. And then you’re stuck. I don’t really like houses at all. I don’t. If I don’t have you disciples, I just stay in a hotel. Just a room in a hotel, good enough. And they clean your room, they change sheets, change everything every day. I don’t have to do anything. It’s not that expensive. Of course, it is. Consider that, if you put that, like in ten years, you can buy a house, better, of course. But it’s not the house that I want, you know, convenience! But because I have you, I have dogs, I have... Just sometimes it’s all connected with each other. You and my dogs, my pets, cost me so much. You, number one, and they, number two. I don’t mean just money, time and detached-ment.

Oh, the houses in England are really expensive. For that price, you can buy a nice house in elsewhere. Maybe even Bulgaria or Croatia, they are very cheap! (At the same time, you’d make a lot of money if you buy it here.) Buy (it) here and make a lot of money? (Yes. You make money when you buy properties here. You don’t make the same when you buy in other countries.) How do you know? We don’t sell it tomorrow. We (will) sell it (in the) next ten years. (Oh. No, no. Yes, I’m not talking about… I’m talking generally about the market.) What for we buy the… We don’t want to make money. (Oh, sorry. Yes.) Nobody really cares to make money. Can, but what I mean is if we want to have a good land and anything. They’re so cheap over there. Even in Spain, they’re much cheaper than here. (Yes!) (In France as well.) France as well. Yeah, it’s true. It’s true. How come? It’s just a few minutes away. I mean a few thousand minutes away, so big difference! Why is that? Because England is small or what?

Why do we go to a small place to stay, I don’t know. Why? Tell me why. Yeah, why not Belgium, or why not France? Do we have a lot of disciples in France? (It’s because of the Sterling, the pound Sterling.) Who cares about that! Really? Because of the pound? (I think it’s maybe because the people are very well educated here. And so people make a lot of money, and people are attracted to those places because they also want to make a lot of money. And then there’s a lot of demand for places to live, and that is pushing up the price.) I don’t know. In France, you can also make money! (Spain’s got nicer weather.) Yeah, nicer weather. Just we don’t have many brothers and sisters. Yes?

(I think it’s the language, because everyone speaks English here, so...) Language, aha! It’s easier, right? (Yes.) Easy to learn, huh? (Yes.) And if you go to Francais... My God! From the house! Camembert! [French cheese] Camembert! Yeah, yeah! Even though I know French, but I have to confess to you that when I was in France, it was very tiring to speak French, for me, you know. The pronunciation, it’s very hard. It’s fantastic!

Yes, it’s… You know, like when I make a poem in English, it’s so smooth and easy, no tongue twisting a lot. And when I translate it into French, oh, my God! It’s hard! It was so difficult! And when you read it up, it was not... It’s nice after you have to change a lot and make it into nice French, but still, when you read it, it’s more difficult than reading English even if you know both languages. So, it’s the English. It’s the language, is it? (Yes.) Isn’t it? Is it true? (Yes.) (Everything. It’s the exposure of the British Empire years ago.) Yeah, it’s true. (A lot of different nations had access.) It’s true also. Because the British have expanded their territory all over the world. And it’s not only that, but because they have left a very good impression after they left. So they probably had treated people nicer than other colonizing empires, so the people still trust the English and come back to live here. Is that what it is, maybe? Yeah?

(And also, there are more job opportunities.) More job opportunities here? (Yes.) Are you sure? (Yes, in London. Especially in London.) Yeah? What kind of jobs we have there? (Compared to other countries like France, because a lot of the Spanish and Italian and French came to London especially looking for a job because they said it’s more difficult to get a job in their country.) Are they sure about that? (One agent told me that there were more jobs than people available.) In London? (Yes!) Oh, really? Oh, good news! You’re kidding! But I still see unemployment. How much percent? (No, it’s jobs mainly in the service industry.) Like what? (Waitressing, retail...) Then who cares? As long as you have a job!

(I think the government is quite clever like... A while ago, the doctors were being paid a lot of money, and then they made it so that doctors from other countries could easily get a visa to come and work here. So then there was an oversupply of doctors, so then the government had to pay less for the doctors. And I think the government watches what skills they need, and they make it easy for people to come and live here.) Oh, same in America or Australia. Yeah, maybe that’s why. Also, the language is easier to learn than maybe Spanish or French, right? (Yes.)

(You also get more benefits.) More benefits! (Like, from the NHS as well.) From the security office? (No, from the National Health Service.) Ah, yeah, yeah. Yeah, you have this as well. Even if you don’t work, you still can get taken care of, right? (Yes.) OK, that’s also, I have to say. How about in France? They don’t have that? (They do! It’s very good in France.) Yeah, then why? It’s the same here. It’s the language? Well, I have to say also, English is easier. (Yes.) And maybe, I don’t know, what? More casual or something? They’re more kind? Or not. No, same. (Yes.)

The English are more casual, right? (They are more tolerant of other people. There’s a lot of tolerance.) Got what? (Accommodating.) More accommodating. (And I think it’s a good place to learn. There’s a lot of... For me, my experience is really good for learning.) Learning what? (Like college, compared to my country.) OK. (It’s multicultural.)

What is your country? (Brazil.) Oh, Brazil! OK. Of course, it’s different. It’s far away. It’s South America. (And there are lots of Brazilians coming now to England.) OK. It’s easy? (To come here? No, very difficult, but they’re all coming because the situation there is really horrible.) But how do they come here if it’s difficult? Just come and stay? (They come to try to find work.) Understand. (And they do like, work in cinemas, dry cleaning. But they’re dreading to go back to Brazil because it’s a really bad situation there.) How about you? Are you OK? Visa? Now you are OK? (Now, just about. Yes, I am.) Now you are OK, huh? Make sure. Because to stay somewhere illegally is very bad. Not that I encourage the border of every nation.

The world should not have any borders, anyway. But maybe the situation right now, it’s maybe still necessary. Maybe not, I don’t know. People (are) so worried, like if no borders, then everybody can go to England, or everybody goes where and does what. But I’m not sure about that, because I heard, for example, Before, many countries joined together to become European Union, and then they said to each other that everyone could travel freely from one country to the next; and then later they worried that some poor countries would overwhelm France or whatever, or Germany. I don’t remember what country. So they just stopped it.

But Ireland did not stop, it just keeps the promise so that people can travel if they want to go to Ireland. But not too many people go to Ireland either. (Lots of people, Master.) A lot, but I mean, it’s not like overwhelming, you know? (150,000 Polish people in the last year.) Polish people? (Yes, 3% of the population.) Yeah? (Yes.) 3% of the whole population? (Yes, already in a year.) Well, you need more people. (100,000 Chinese.) Yeah? (Every country in the world.) But that’s not that much. Even then, not everybody. Not like the whole Romania or whatever country will all go to Ireland. Many other countries, they had this opportunity, but it’s only 150,000 people came. Maybe they will come more, but maybe not. Maybe that’s all there is. Not like all of the other countries all go to Ireland.

And for example, like Hungary, it’s not a rich country. But I’ve seen not many people want to go to other countries to work. No, I don’t see that! I don’t see many Hungarians around. Even in our group, there is only one, and he came from Mongolia! Originally! He just stayed in Hungary for a while. So, it depends, you know? It’s not because it’s poor, people will all go there. It’s not that. Because, for example, 150,000, it’s not just from one country, it’s from different countries, so that’s not much from each country. From the whole Europe, that’s not much. And the Chinese, of course, you cannot say anything about the Chinese. Chinese, what can we say? They go anywhere! But I am not sure it’s because you open the gate, then everybody will come. It depends if they have affinity with that country, or they like it or not.

So only Irish open, huh? (Ireland, UK, and Sweden.) OK. So, a lot of people come to UK and Sweden now? (Yes.) (In Sweden it’s good.) Yeah? That’s good. Like that, we have a mixture, mix of culture, and people become more tolerant and more understanding of each other. Look how tolerant England is, because they’ve learned from so many different sources. They had been expanding their kingdom before, and for that, they also learned a lot. See? Learned a lot from different cultures, and that’s why they respect and tolerate. Because they know there are good things everywhere and you can learn things from every country. They don’t feel superior to any race of people on the planet because they have learned - they have been there, and they have known things from different countries that are respectable, that are very awesome. And that’s very worth of learning and worth of their experiences. So they don’t just go there to colonize it, but meanwhile, they also learn something. That’s why they grow. The English people, they grow, they have become more tolerant, and they also learn a lot of things, so they mix well with other races of people, and that’s why they’re beloved everywhere. The English passport is respected more than many other countries in the world. If you have a British passport, it’s easier to go many places because of that. The English people, they are open, because from many centuries of going abroad and back... back and forth, and learning from different cultures. Yeah, that’s good like that.

OK, anything else? No? Winter, the time is so short. Out of the window, three o’clock, so dark already. How about Belgium? It’s the same? (Same.) (Yes.) Belgium, the same? Who is it, love? Same? (Yes.) Why? All Europe is like that? No, except France and Spain. (Spain and Portugal, it stays brighter longer.) Until when? Until six? (Around five, six.) (One hour difference, so it’s a bit more.) No, it has nothing to do with that. (But the summers are very long.) Yes, summer here is long? It’s long everywhere! (It’s daylight until ten...) Ten. Everywhere, everywhere! Everywhere! Summer is like that. Even in America, except Alaska. I don’t know about that. Summer in Alaska is long also. And winter, six hours daylight. Here, we have eight hours daylight. Big deal, two hours difference! Not much, is it?

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