Tra Maestra e discepoli

Masters’ Good Affinity with Sentient Beings, Part 3 of 6, Nov. 11, 2018

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The Masters, the Buddhas, the Saints, They are very, very compassionate, in so many different ways. So, people sometimes misunderstand, thinking They don’t want to work, or They don’t want to earn Their money and They go there and beg for food. It’s not like that. At that time, the Buddha already became Buddha, enlightened already. He had no need. He could manifest food for Himself, by love.

Yeah, somehow you can manage, you know? You can be flexible with your money. I didn’t have a lot because I offered it to some masters, some monks everywhere I went, even though I didn’t have much. But sometimes I was like that. I offered everything and then I had nothing. A little bit. I thought I would survive somehow. I thought God would take care of me. But Hes didn’t. I didn’t see anything coming from the sky. I was stupid. I was thinking God would take care. But how? God doesn’t make money. OK? Otherwise we would all be rich. Right? We wouldn’t have to work. God doesn’t care about money, that’s why Hes doesn’t understand us. That’s why somebody has to come down here, live like you, suffer with you, going through ups and downs, everything with you. That’s the price to pay.

Somebody asked me, “If You’re a Master, how come You don’t have any magic power? Prove it to me that You’re a Master; do something.” I said, “What, hoola hoop?” I do what? I have hands, I have a brain, I have feet, I have a functional body and a very intelligent mind. Why would I need God to do anything for me? Just to take care of my little physical body, this. You understand me? Oh yeah, and now and then maybe you have some miracle if you’re in a desperate situation. But I won’t let myself get into a desperate situation, and then become a beggar for God’s Mercy. That is not right.

God has done a lot already. God created all of you, look at you, and make a lot of trouble already for Hirm. Why would I also come and say, “Me too! Add me to Your problem list.” You got that? Let’s be fair, no? God created and took care of the whole creation, and gave us so many things already. It’s just we are sometimes lazy. Don’t do anything good, just do anything bad even, some bad thing even, and make trouble, and then blame God for everything.

Like today, I ate a lot before I came. So my clothes feel very tight. That’s my problem. It’s not God’s problem, is it? If I had not eaten so much, I would have looked better in these clothes, but I knew it too late; I just explained before already. Right? Have you heard it all translated? Yeah, I won’t repeat again, it’s a very shameful thing. Yeah but, for so many days I didn’t have a good appetite, and then today, I cooked something for myself. I thought I would feel better, because I didn’t sleep much, and I didn’t rest much and had a lot, a lot of stress and work recently. So, I thought, “OK, I’ll spoil myself by cooking congee, rice soup.” And whatever left over from the other day, that I just threw it inside. That’s my luxury day today. And because I cook for myself, then of course it tastes good. You understand what I’m saying? Because it’s your own taste.

When you cook for yourself and when it’s warm and ready and you feel ready to eat also, it tastes good. So, I was thinking, “I’ll cook a little bit more so I eat two times. Today, one, and tomorrow, continue again.” I finished it all in one time. Only after I wore this beautiful dress that I realized, “Oh, what a mistake I have made.” I could eat just a little bit and come back to eat later, you know? But when you have an appetite when something you like, you just continue without thinking. It’s all your fault, all your fault. If you were not here, would I have to suffer like this? It’s not God’s fault, it’s your fault; human made, right? It’s all your fault, you made it.

Anyway, have you eaten yet? Breakfast? Yeah? (Yes.) OK. We have only two meals here maximum. So, just drooling and waiting. OK. I’m going soon so you can eat, don’t worry. (No.) What do you mean, no? I’m busting inside my dress here. Ah, OK, not too bad really.

Yeah. I didn’t think I would fit in this kind of dress anymore at my age. I haven’t worn this for a long time, this kind. I always wear loose. You know, right? You’re getting older, and more freedom and comfort is the best. It’s not about looks anymore, right? It’s freedom. But I didn’t know this dress was so small. It looked so big hanging in there, flat, so it was big, I thought it was similar to what I used to wear all the time. I took it to my area and wore it and I said, “Oh, are you going down like this? With all the buttons, it doesn’t fit together anymore. How are you going to go down?” So I just put a scarf on here. This is also another tip for you. We can put it on Supreme Master TV Tip of the Day. If you happen to eat too much and you still want to look nice and tidy, then you wear a scarf in the front. And tie it like this, so that it stays right where the buttons are. Cover whatever gap that you yourself created by your appetite.

Oh, but I’m very happy, you know what? A long time I haven’t eaten such a beautiful tasty meal because I mostly don’t have enough time to cook a lot. Just eat what’s simple from the fridge or whatever they give. But it’s not hot anymore, because sometimes people bring food for me, but then I’m too busy. Understand? I feel I could eat, you know, sometimes I feel hungry, but then I think, “No, no. No time. Time pressure. I have to finish this job first.” And by the time I finish my job, I’m over hungry or something; it doesn’t taste good anymore. Also, the food became cold.

So, today, when I cooked for myself, just the right thing to do. It’s just the clothes are not right; it’s not me. OK? I deserve some good food sometime. Cook for myself, right? It’s the clothes, the problem. This is the problem. You are the problem. There, you came for Buddhist teaching, Catholic teaching and you hear only food. Don’t worry, just relax. You will get Home. You will get Home, sooner or later.

Whatever I say to you is also a lesson. Understand? So, if you become a Master in the future, don’t eat. Don’t eat, especially when you go see your disciples. And if you’re a woman, that even more so, don’t eat at all. Keep your figure. The outside is also important to many people. That’s why I wear beautiful clothes. Jesus went barefoot; Buddha wore just a monk’s robe; Bodhidharma didn’t even shave, just sat there. They tried all kinds, didn’t work. I try this to see, see if it works better or not. It did work. It works, right? Yeah, yeah. It’s very convenient, see? I have the nice clothes that I design, most of them I can wear beautifully, also can sell it, you see? Two businesses in one contract. So, I earn money, look good at the same time, and people like to see me. See that? So, I thought maybe in the future, if you become Buddha, wear nice clothes. Put some makeup on, everything, high heels, then maybe it works.

What for people go to see movies, all the beautiful movie stars? Because people like beauty, no? Maybe like that. So, I’m going to, well, I don’t think they listen, but I want to advise all the masters to wear nice clothes. Just don’t eat before you go out to see disciples, before the satsang. Sunday, don’t eat at all, until you finish, go home. But sometimes I work so hard that I don’t have time to eat, and when I want to eat, I’m too tired. I just drop, or sitting there, struggle whether or not to eat or to go sleep. And then the body’s too tired so the body wins. So, I say, “OK, never mind, you can still eat tomorrow, and now just take a rest.” Like that. Because if I keep eating all the time, I think these clothes, I can’t even look at them not to talk about wearing them. You see? Even though it has a little gap between the buttons, I still can wear it. Understand me? It’s good like that. It’s good that I don’t always have good food, and don’t have a good appetite.

But I try to eat, because it’s good for the world, good affinity with many beings when you take in food. That’s why Shakyamuni, He went out for alms every day, every morning. Being a Prince and having so many disciples, do you think He needed to even go out to beg for food? No! Even if He wanted to, His father would have given Him everything He needed. He even built a summer palace, a winter palace, for Him, to cool Him off, to make Him comfortable in all kinds of weather. How would he not bring Him food every day? You see what I mean?

It’s just the Buddha was merciful. He wanted to use this way to give the people outside a chance to earn merits to be liberated. At least one person liberated, even without initiation. Just seeing Him once, being good to Him, giving Him food, that’s enough to earn that person a place in high Heaven. Liberation. Outside of the Three Worlds already.

You remember one Buddhist story I told you? That there was a very poor woman, and one of His disciples only, the monk disciple, not Himself even, encountered the woman and she was crying, and he confronted her and asked her what was the matter. Remember? And then she said she was too poor and being so harassed every day and she didn’t want to live anymore, etc, etc. And the monk taught her how to sell her poverty. Remember that?

If you have even seen that or not? Too busy, don’t look. It was on TV. It was on our Supreme Master Television. Everyday there’s something shown on there. They show my face there. I see my face sometimes and listen to my talk sometimes, because sometimes it catches my ear: “Wow, very, very wonderful story.” Because sometimes, whatever I said, I don’t remember anymore. Very little. Maybe the main point but not the whole thing, not the live speaking. When I was speaking, it was different.

So, she said she had nothing to offer. So how could she be liberated if she had nothing at all? But she had some grass, dried grass that she was supposed to be able to sleep on, the grass. You know, like the dry hay or something like that. She slept on it. So, the monk said, “You can offer that.” You see? So, she put some clean grass on one side. In the heart probably offering to that monk on the Buddha, and then she sat on one side. And then that night she passed away, naturally, anyway. And then she went straight to Heaven; became a chief of a large retinue up there. And then she could see her body lying down there, and then she took her retinue, together went down back to the Earth and buried that, her body, in honor and all that. Even just grass! And offered it with heart, with respect. Earned her a big place in Heaven, that many people can only dream of, but never can attain. See that?

Why am I talking about this? What was it before? What was it? You didn’t listen. All of you don’t understand anything? I spoke English. No? Caught you. What did I say before that? Now, the blonde there, tell me. You what? Didn’t hear anything? (Yes, I understood.) So, what did I say before? (She offered the grass to the monk.) Yeah, yeah, but why did I say that? Why did I tell you the story? (Affinity.) Ahh, affinity. (The Buddha doesn’t need to do those…) Ahh, the Buddha. Yeah. You see that? I told you whatever I said I forget right away. But you should not. What do you mean “me too”? You did not speak anything. You should not forget what I speak. You’re a disciple, no? Supposed to remember everything that Master says, no excuse. All right. So, that is the thing, you know?

The Masters, the Buddhas, the Saints, They are very, very compassionate, in so many different ways. So, people sometimes misunderstand, thinking They don’t want to work, or They don’t want to earn Their money and They go there and beg for food. It’s not like that. At that time, the Buddha already became Buddha, enlightened already. He had no need. He could manifest food for Himself, by love. Any Saints who attain the Buddhahood, high level of spiritual practice, can manifest many things. Well, if you’re lucky. If you’re lucky. Meaning of course, at least the food, They can manifest. Food and clothes, They can do that. But some Masters cannot. Not allowed, not They cannot. Have to exchange many things before coming down.

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