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Masters’ Good Affinity with Sentient Beings, Part 6 of 6

Lingua:English ,Vietnamese(Tiếng Âu Lạc (Tiếng Việt)) ,Chinese(正體中文)


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Whoever practices well spiritually, well, his or her parents, relatives, clans, all will be liberated, unless they did something very evil. If they didn’t do anything evil, I can pull them up immediately.

In the old times, there was a woman who lost her child. That child was still a baby. She lost her baby and became crazy. She didn’t know what to do, so she went to the Buddha, crying, “How can I bring my child back? How? Buddha, You have the power. Why don’t You revive my baby for me.” Then the Buddha said, “OK. There is a way. There is a way. Now, my love, you go to every house around here, any house, and ask if there is any house that has never lost any member in their family, or in their clan or relative, up until now. Then you bring their hair here for me, so I can turn that into your baby.” Or something like that.

The woman went to each house, one by one, and every house had some member who had died. Sooner or later, someone will die. If you don’t, then your parents will. If not, then your grandparents, your relatives, your siblings die. Understand? Finally, she was awakened. She forgot about her baby. Understand? OK. (Yes, I understand.) Very sad, very sad. I know. I love even the dogs, let alone he was your son to whom you gave birth and raised him up from a baby until now.

You finished all the debts with him, so he left, understand? (Yes, Master.) I told you guys many stories already, but you didn’t listen. (Thank You, Master.) It’s OK. Let him go up, and gradually, he will go up to the Fifth Level, then he can save many of his relatives. Understand? (Yes, I thank You.) If you obstruct him, you will commit a sin, and if he comes down here again, then it’s a pity for him! Understand? Creating karma. If you come down here, you will definitely have attachments and relationships, right? Then you will have problems, and the spiritual practice becomes difficult.

Coming back here, your spiritual practice will be more difficult. Because the maya knows already, he will find all means, set many traps, and wait for you. That’s why it will be harder for you to practice spiritually. Âu Lạc (Vietnam) has millions of people, but how many of them practice spiritually? You see? Âu Lạc is a holy land. Many Buddhas have come down already. At least, there were ten Buddhas. Buddha of Tây An, Buddha Huỳnh Phú Sổ or Buddha Nguyễn Thành Nam, Cao Đài Religion. Ngô Minh Chiêu, for example like that. And King Trần Nhân Tông, and Zen Master Vạn Hạnh, Huệ Năng. (Lý Thánh Tông.) Lý Thánh Tông, too. For example like that. But how many Aulacese (Vietnamese) were awakend to practice spiritually? Because when they came down here, they were obstructed by the maya, and couldn’t understand anything. So, it’s very difficult to practice spiritually.

Do not drag him down here again. My God, you have to love him. You have to let him go up. It is easier to practice spiritually up there. (Yes, Master.) He is already at the Fourth Level, so it is much easier. (Thank You, Master.) And he will get to the Fifth Level very quickly. (Yes. Thank You very much, Master.) OK. All right.

(In the future, Master, please come back to Âu Lạc.) I do want to go back, but only when it is convenient. (We bow to You.) OK. (Thank You, Master.)

Do you still sing? Do you still act in the theater? (Yes, Master.) Still? (Yes, Master.) In the Aulacese classical opera? (Yes, I sing Aulacese opera. I am the artist who performed Aulacese opera for Master.) That’s right! (I wanted to come here so much. Now that I’ve met You, I am so happy, Master.) OK! Thank you for coming here. (Thank You, Master. I bow to You, Master.) (Master, I am so happy that I could see You, Master. Thank God for leading me to You, Master.) (Master, Master! I haven’t seen You for a very long time.) (Thank You, Master.) OK. (May You have good health.) OK. Thank you, thank you. (Wish You good health.) Thank you. Thank you. (Hi, Master. Thank You, Master.) Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. I don’t have much time and I am alone.

(Master loves me, dear Master.) How come you still look so beautiful? How old are you that you are still beautiful and sing well, too? (Thank You very much, Master.) Nobody is like me, the real spiritual practitioner! (Thank You, Master.) She is a classical opera artist. (Yes. Thank You.) You’re from Bình Định, right, love? (I’m from Quy Nhơn, near Bình Định.) Quy Nhơn? (Yes, Master.) Quy Nhơn is part of Bình Định. (Yes, Master.) Come here, come here.

(Dear Master, may I ask a question?) What? Go ahead and ask! (While sitting in meditation, why I heard the [inner Heavenly] Sound of the wind chime, very loud?) That’s good, good. (Yes.) Small bell. Later on, you will hear the big bell.

(May I ask You a question, Master? During initiation, my whole body was painful, like someone was crushing me into pieces?) Try to remember to recite the Five Holy Names, OK? (Yes, thank You very much, Master.) Recite the Five Holy Names, here. Remember to concentrate here. Because the karma was pulling you, it didn’t want you to practice spiritually. Some were pulled by family, some were pulled by karma. (I didn’t see the [inner Heavenly] Light.) OK, OK, you will see it later. Meditate, meditate. And meditate more in the future. You should meditate more in order to see the Light. Who else are the new ones? (Yes, I am new [initiate].) Come here.

OK. I’ll go to the other side. Where is my umbrella? Did I have an umbrella? (Yes, Master.) Who has the son that just passed away? Bring this to your wife. So that she can try to practice spiritually.

New? New initiate? (I am going home tomorrow.) Going home tomorrow, huh? (Master, I am a new initiate.) OK, have a good trip. (I just got initiated, Master.) Yeah, have a good trip. (I am Aulacese.) OK. (I am from Quảng Ngãi [Âu Lạc] and just came here to get initiated.) Yeah, OK, OK. Congratulations, congratulations, congratulations. (Yes.) OK. Shake hands a little bit. Have a good trip home. OK. (Yes, I thank You very much, Master.) Aulacese (Vietnamese)? New? New? New? Why are you crying? Why are you crying?

(Hallo, Master.) (Master, I love You.) Newly initiated? (Yes, Master. Thank You, Master.) (I’ve just been initiated.) (Master, I’ve just been initiated.) (Master, Thank You very much.) (Thank You very much!) (Master, I love You.) Love you. (Master, I love You.) (Thank You, Master.)

You OK? Where from? (Australia.) Australia! Wow, that’s a long way, boy. How are you, mate? You also (from) Australia? (USA. Houston, Texas.) (Master, I love You.) USA. I love you too, guys. (I love You, Master.) (Love You, Master. Thank You.)

Where from? (Belgium.) Belgium, welcome. Belgium Dutch or… Dutch or… (French.) French. (I can speak Chinese.) Oh! I see. Wonderful! Do you live here? (No, I am staying for three days.) Only three days? (Yes, I’m going back to work.) Where are you returning to? (Belgium.) Do you teach Chinese there? (No. I do translation.) Translation. OK. You are welcome here. OK? (Thank You, Master. I love You.) Welcome! (Thank You!) OK!

Just look at my eyes and don’t ask for anything else. Ask to be free, to go out, liberation.

(Master, Master, I just wish that You’d come back to Âu Lạc [Vietnam] to help the people there.) To help? We have to think about the world. If I can do anything, I will go back. Otherwise, what do I go back there for? The world is universal.

(My elder sister seems to be possessed by a ghost. We went to many places to make offerings for many decades already, but her condition has not improved. Do You have any way to help, Master? And does this affect my spiritual practice later on? Please explain, Master.) Each person bears his or her own karma. But you should practice a lot more, so that your sister can benefit some. I will try to help her, OK? You can put my pictures around her, for her. Then leave my lectures on everyday, 24/7, for her to listen to, OK? (Yes. Thank You, Master.) You are welcome.

(May I ask another question? My parents are also vegan, following my advice. But, number one, they are unable to come here for initiation. Number two, they are over the age limit for initiation. So what is the best way for my parents to be helped by Master in the future.) When one person practices spiritually, many can have the blessing, including your parents. Tell her to recite the Buddha’s name. (Yes, Master.) Does she follow Buddhism or Christianity? (Following Buddhism is following Master.) If she is a Buddhist, then tell her to recite Amitabha Buddha, day and night, OK? (My mother wants to follow Master now and she regularly watches the Supreme Master Television.) Then it is very good already. (Thank You, Master.) Very good already.

(I love You, Master.) You are beautiful. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. Just by the way.

(Dear Master, my mother passed away and at that time, I was in mourning for her. If I am mourning for her now, can she be liberated?) Yes, she can be liberated. She went up already. She went above the Three Worlds already. (Yes, Master.) Whoever practices well spiritually, well, his or her parents, relatives, clans, all will be liberated, unless they did something very evil. If they didn’t do anything evil, I can pull them up immediately.

(Thank You, Master.) You are welcome. (I love You, Master. Love You, love You.) (Thank You, Master.) (Master, we all love You.) (Thank You, Master.) (Hallo, Master.) (Master.) Just one touch is enough. (Thank You, Master.) (Master, I love You!) (Master, please take care of Your health. I love You, Master. I love You.) You want too, huh. (Thank You, Master.) You are old already. Do you still want this? (I want it. Thank You.) (Thank You, Master. I am grateful.) (Thank You, Master.) How are you? Are you OK? I can’t touch all of you. I can only touch whoever I can reach. One touch is enough. (Master, I love You.) Love you.

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