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People Need True, Strong and Wise Leaders, Part 3 of 3



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God, Heaven, doesn’t want any more war involving beautiful, handsome, young Americans going to any country, any strange place to die. (Right.) Because they are good at heart. The American people, they have been generous and kind. (Yes.) For charity and many other things. So, Trump was designated for that. It’s mandated by Heaven. So, Trump can do it better.

All right, that’s it. Any more questions, my love? (Yes, Master. Do You think that President Trump would have handled the Afghanistan situation better?) Yes. I believe so. (But why does Master always side with President Trump?)

I’m not siding with President Trump; I am siding with a good man. But you have to know, in the universal system, everything has a purpose. Everyone has an assignment. So, Trump is assigned to make peace, and to take care of the Americans right now. (I see.) Because Americans have been at war, helping many countries, or have been at war many times already. And all their tax money has been wasted on all these killing fields. (Right.) And their system has been a little worn out also. People have been neglected. So, he’s supposed to build up America again and take care of the people, using their tax money for better purposes, for their own people. Their hard-earned money should be used for their better lives, better comfort. (Yes, understand.)

God, Heaven, doesn’t want any more war involving beautiful, handsome, young Americans going to any country, any strange place to die. (Right.) Because they are good at heart. The American people, they have been generous and kind. (Yes.) For charity and many other things. So, Trump was designated for that. It’s mandated by Heaven. So, Trump can do it better. (Oh, yes.) He’s for that. Therefore, the international community has more respect for him than Mr. Biden. (Yes, it’s true.) Therefore, if he negotiates with other international community agents or countries, they will have a more cooperative attitude and action with him. (Yes, agree.) That’s what it is.

I’m not siding with anybody. (OK, Master.) Besides, if I’m siding, I’m siding for peace, for humanity, for compassion, for the world where people live in harmony and enjoy what they deserve from their hard labor of work, like the Americans. Do you understand now? (Yes, understand, Master.)

If it’s not for President Trump, I would side with any other president who makes peace and who takes care of their own people. That’s what the leader of a nation is for. (Yes.) Taking care of your people and having good diplomatic relationships with other countries around the world. That is what a true leader is. And Trump was that; Trump is that; Trump is for that. (It’s true.) So, I am not siding with him. You misunderstand. (OK, Master.)

By the way, I just make an example for you. Like there are many doctors. Maybe study in the same school and doing the same thing. But one doctor has a “healing thumb,” he can heal anybody. And the other doctor, the same class, same study, but whomever he touches dies or cannot get better, cannot recover. (Yes.) It is very simple like that. (I got it. Yes.)

Because everyone is assigned to do something, but many humans do not realize their purpose in life. That’s why they err, that’s why they did wrong, that’s why they seize power to do other jobs they are not supposed to do. (I see.) Maybe Biden was good as vice president. He did that two times already. It’s time that he should not have gone into a higher position anymore. You see that? (Right.) His talent or his purpose has been used up. (Right.) Trump should have been in the White House. It’s better for America and better for the world. (Understand.)

I am not siding. (OK, Master.) If you can see well, Mr. Biden doesn’t have the aura of the president, doesn’t have this energy exuding from him as a president. (Oh, right.) That’s why the people don’t respect him that much. And even people who respected him, now they are waning. (It’s true. Yes. We can see.) Even the media before was supporting him, now, almost like turn against him. (Right. We hope for the best person) Yeah. (to be in leadership.)

I am trying very hard to help with the present government and with Mr. Biden. But still, to drive a good car is different than to drive not a good car (Right.) or a broken car, or a car that’s not supposed to be made for that kind of road. (Yes, understand.) Like a 4-wheel drive, you can drive in rough terrain and a hilly road. (Yes.) But the other weaker car cannot, no matter how good the driver is. (Right.) A good driver needs also a good car. (Yes, Master.)

I’m sorry for the Americans. I’m not sorry to tell the truth, even though I offend the big power. What’s the use of my life if I cannot tell the truth to perhaps awaken some people at least? Or show them the reality, the logic behind all the events in this world, as much as I can when I’m still alive. (Yes, Master.)

I don’t want to meddle in politics. I never liked politics. But this is not about politics, it’s about humanity, (Yes.) it’s about peace in the world, it’s about the suffering of humans and animals everywhere. Do you understand? (Yes, Master. Thank You for always showing the truth) Yeah. (and the true path.) We all should do. We all should tell the truth, nothing else. (Yes.) If we pursue the Truth inside, we have to also demonstrate the truth outside. (Right.) (Yes.) Have to walk the talk. (Yes.)

(What advice can Master give for the governments of the world?)

In general, you must rule people with heart, with caring intention, with true, really loving dedication to your country and your people. Then people will feel it. Even if you might make mistakes sometimes, like every human, but people would feel that you are genuinely caring for them. Then they would forgive you, and then you can start anew or make repairment for that mistake. (Right.)

But if, for example, if you need tens of thousands of troops or national guards and fence and barbed wire around your presidential palace, on day one already, then you are not doing a good job. (Yes, definitely.) Then you should know people are not for you, not with you. And you should be more cautious in how you deal with internal and international affairs. (Right.) That’s a good sign of warning. Instead of trying to dig out a bigger hole of dividing people’s hearts and minds within the country. (Yes.)

Maybe you have made mistakes, maybe you have been illegally installed into the presidential palace, but you could change. You could be genuinely caring, loving and tending to the people, especially they are already in deep, deep water with COVID-19 and looting, burning, and a lot of protests and turmoil around the country already. (Yes.) Because if you do things genuinely with love, people with feel it. (Yes, it’s true.) They will support you, and they will forgive you, and they will try to work with you. (Yes, for sure.) Generally speaking. (Yes, Master.)

And if, suppose somehow you are in power, or you seize the power, by chance, or by force, or by circumstances, and your citizens immediately wanted to flee from your regime, that means you are not doing a good job. (Right.) That means you are not following God’s will and God’s principle.

“Afghan girl(f): For me help, help, help! I want help for me! Taliban… Taliban’s coming for me! Taliban’s coming…!”

“Media Report from Hindustan Times August 2021 Reporter(f): Public torture and brutality against women have become Taliban’s hallmark and social media has exposed it.”

“Media Report from SBS Dateline July 2012 Reporter (f): The grainy video shows the woman Najiba awaiting her fate. Moments before her execution, she looks over her shoulder towards the person filming – the last person she will ever see. Brutality against women have become Taliban’s hallmark and social media has exposed it.”

“Interview by 60 Minutes Australia Woman: We can see our life is finished. We can see our dreams are finished. If we stay here, I can say that I would rather die (than) to be as a sex slave for the Taliban. If they take us as their wives, you’re only a sex slave for the Taliban. That’s it. And I would rather die.”

“Reporter(f): The women we’ve been speaking to inside the country, are now too frightened to talk on camera. Those brave enough to leave the house are wearing burkas. Reports of women already disappearing from public life.”

“Media Report from Sky News Reporter(f): Women here seem to have largely melted away. (Why do you think you’re selling more burkas right now?) (‘Because the Taliban took over and all the women are afraid,’ he says. ‘So that’s why they’re all coming in and buying burkas.’) (If she’s not wearing the abaya [over-garment], or she’s wearing high heels, then it’s the standard 40 lashes.) (They’ve just told me to stand to the side because I’m a woman.)”

“Media Report from WION Reporter(f): The Taliban is back to its old ways. I’ll start with this letter. It has a Taliban seal. What does it say? Parents should ‘gift their daughters as wives’ to Taliban fighters. They want to reward terrorists with wives, like women are some kind of an object to be gifted. Reports say this letter came from the Taliban’s cultural commission. It asks imams in captured areas to prepare a list, a list of the names of women in their communities, girls who are above 15 years of age, and widows under 45 years. The letter says they will be married to members of the Taliban. They’ll be transported to Pakistan’s Waziristan where they will be converted to Islam and reintegrated. They want to impose an extreme interpretation of the Sharia law in Afghanistan. In fact, they’re already doing it, implementing old rules in some of the districts. Women are not being allowed to step out alone. The Taliban says they must be accompanied by a male companion. They’re being barred from receiving an education. Taliban have clearly not evolved.”

“Zar Begum – internally displaced person(f): Taliban militants forcibly evicted me at gunpoint, killed my sons, and forcibly married my daughters-in-law. They forcibly took three or four girls from each house and married them. We had to leave. (I’m scared a lot. Whenever I leave my house, I’m scared because we don’t know if we will come back alive.)”

“Media Report from Channel 4 News Pashtana Durrani (f): I’m going to lose my… everything that my father and I and my whole family have worked for, every girl has worked for, every person has worked for in the last 20 years. This means losing your houses, losing your dreams, your goals, your ambitions, your identity as Afghans, everything. I feel weak right now, I feel like crying right now. I might be murdered by tomorrow. I might not be able to go out anymore. I might not be able to mobilize anymore. I might not be able to work or educate myself.”

“Media Report from Al Jazeera Interviewer(m): Is your view that there is a war being waged on women in the Arab world? (Absolutely, Mehdi. I mean, when 12-year-old girls are dying giving childbirth in Yemen, when 91 percent of Egyptian girls and women have had their genitals mutilated, when 16-year-old girls in Morocco are forced to marry their rapists so that their rapists can escape conviction, that is nothing short of a war.)”

And if your co-citizens fear your government, fear your leadership, instead of praising it or at least accepting it, quietly or openly, then you are not doing a good job. (Yes, I agree.) In general, it’s like that. (And it’s logical.) Yeah, it’s logical and it’s… (It’s common sense.) Yeah, common sense, and love and genuine dedication to your job, to the people that you pledge in God’s Name to protect, to serve, and to care for. You understand me? (Yes.)

So, no matter what religion you belong to, no matter what ideal you follow, if you want to take control of the power and rule your country, you must make sure that your people know your genuinely good intention. Don’t make people fear you, run away from you, fleeing from you at all costs, at the cost of their lives and all that, then you should be ashamed. (Right.) That’s what I say. (Yes, Master.) You should be ashamed if your citizens flee from you. And if you try to coerce them to stay or use a brutal means to beat them up to force them to stay or to oppress them to accept your policy, your regime, then you are not doing a good job. Then, God will see to that. God will not let it be continuously for long. (Right. For sure.)

That is my general opinion for any government, that they can measure their power of convincing, of whether or not they have won the hearts of their citizens. If not, it doesn’t matter how long you sit there. It doesn’t matter how big you have become in your position as president or as leader of the country, or as prime minister, whatever, the end will not bode well. (It’s true.)

That’s it. Very simple. Rule with heart, rule with love, rule with caring, rule with genuine compassion for your people. Then, the international community will also respect you, support you, and all will be happy and have peace. (Yes. Exactly.)

(Thank You so much, Master, for this advice.) You’re welcome, my love. It’s my humble opinion. If anybody even listens. (They should listen.) Forgiveness to your opposition, your enemy, and caring, loving, genuinely dedicate your life, your heart, your mind to your people. That’s how you will win the nation. Not with guns. (Yes.) Not with muscle. Not with oppression and fear tactics. (Definitely not. Yes.) Right. Thank You, my love. (Thank You, Master. Thank You so much.)

All right then. I wish you well, I wish all of you well. (Thank You. I wish You well and be safe, Master.) I wish all of you well.

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