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God Flame – The Source of Perfection: From the Unveiled Mysteries by the Ascended Master Saint Germain (vegetarian), Part 2 of 2



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Let us now continue with the reading of an excerpt from Godfré Ray King’s book, “Unveiled Mysteries.” The following is more of the wise teachings by Saint Germain as told to his journey companion, Mr. Ballard, before the two part ways, and how even afterwards, the Adept’s presence still doesn’t leave his friend.

“‘Recognition, conscious direction, and constructive use of the God Energy maintained within one’s self at all times is the way of Perfection, Mastery, and Dominion over all things on Earth – including the conscious control of all natural forces. The instruction I have been giving you will erase completely all false beliefs – if maintained. The rapidity with which it is accomplished depends upon how continuously, persistently, and deeply you feel and associate with your God Self.’”

“‘In the attainment of Mastery or Adeptship, the conscious control of all force and manipulation of substance are dependent first, upon the acknowledgment of your own individual God Self; second, upon perfect calmness of feeling under all circumstances; and third, one must be passed all temptation of misusing power. The stilling of all emotions at the command of the conscious will is imperative and the demand for it in the Adept is unconditional, if Dominion is to be attained.’”

“‘The student often asks, if one reaches a point, while still on the path of attainment where he rises above the use of affirmation? When an individual sincerely uses affirmation, he brings about a full acceptance of the Truth of whatever he affirms – for its use is but to focus the attention of the outer mind so steadily upon the Truth that he accepts it fully in his feelings, because feeling is the actual God Energy released, which manifests the Truth affirmed.’”

“My gratitude to Saint Germain, for all I had received was too deep for words. He read my thoughts and feelings as one reads a book, and so we both sat silent for some few moments, in perfect attunement. He roused me from my reverie to watch the gorgeous colors in the western sky – the sunset’s afterglow.”

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