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In today’s news, Germany aids the food insecure in Zimbabwe with financial support, hundreds of wildfires rage in southern Europe, World Health Organization advises continued face mask use due to COVID delta variant, typewriters showcased in National Museum of Scotland exhibit, Australian couple provides loving home for abandoned senior dogs, United States-based restaurant chain launches vegan steak entree, and detection dogs in Cambodia sniff out coronavirus in 15 seconds.

Germany provides financial aid for food security in Zimbabwe.

The German government has donated €3 million to the United Nations World Food Programme (WFP) in Zimbabwe to bring food relief to the nation’s most vulnerable communities. Restrictions put into effect during the COVID-19 pandemic have caused the loss of employment and household income, thus exacerbating food insecurity for many people. The funds will help in providing adequate nutrition and access to food for vulnerable adults, children and refugees, especially during the agricultural low season. The contribution is part of Germany’s €18 million package for southern Africa for 2021 to 2023. Germany is a Shining World Caring Leadership Award and Shining World Leadership Awards for Compassion and Wise Governance laureate. We sincerely thank you, Germany and the United Nations World Food Programme, for the caring support. May the kind people of Zimbabwe forever live in the benevolent love of the Divine.

Wildfires blaze across southern Europe.

In early August 2021, countries across southern Europe, including Turkey and Greece, grappled with hundreds of deadly wildfires amid a blistering heat wave in the region. In Turkey, eight people sadly lost their lives while thousands were evacuated from their homes. Meanwhile, in Greece, a number of residents were hospitalized with respiratory difficulties, and many were left homeless. The Prime Minister of Greece, His Excellency Kyriakos Mitsotakis, said the country was Experiencing “the worst heat wave since 1987,” with ground temperatures reaching more than 53 degrees Celsius on August 3, 2021. Chandra Bhushan, CEO of the nonprofit group International Forum for Environment, Sustainability & Technology, said the wildfires were fueled by high temperatures, a long drought, low humidity, in addition to strong winds, and “all of them can be linked to climate change.” Our sincere condolences to the families who lost loved ones, and we pray their souls rest in peace. May those affected soon recover as we urgently shift to a climate-saving vegan world, in God’s omniscience.

Up next, World Health Organization advises continued face mask use due to COVID delta variant. We pause to thank the farmers who cultivate the organic apple orchards, providing a delicious and nutritious fruit that many people and their animal companions enjoy. We’ll be right back, with more supporting news on Supreme Master Television. Vegan: cuz a longer life is good 4 us, good 4 our children.

Hi, happy friends, it’s Farron the vegan Flame Bowerbird! Creativity, motivation and productivity come with a clear mind. Being vegan will focus your mind on all the noble goals you’ve set in life. Here is a safety tip for you… Did you know that cooking is the primary cause of injuries and fires that take place in the home? Please be prepared and always have a fire extinguisher ready to use in your kitchen. It is important you know how to use it as fires can get out of control within seconds. In case of any fire, turn off the gas or electricity supply that may be fueling the fire. To extinguish it, don’t use water – use baking soda or a pan cover to eliminate the air supply. If there is a fire in your microwave, simply turn it off and leave the door shut. Be diligent and stay safe, everybody. Big love for Being Veg and Going Green 2 Save the Planet for all humans and us all co-inhabitants! And thank you for tuning in. Now the weather around our beautiful globe.

World Health Organization (WHO) recommends continued use of face masks.

The World Health Organization is urging people, including those already vaccinated, to continue to wear masks and to practice social distancing as the highly contagious COVID delta variant continues to spread rapidly around the world. In the wake of the ongoing community transmission, WHO Assistant Director-General, Dr. Mariângela Simão, noted the continued importance of measures such as masks, handwashing, avoiding crowds and being in ventilated spaces. Our appreciation, Dr. Simão and WHO. May we all work together to put an end to this virus through compassionate lifestyles and protecting precious lives, in Heaven’s mercy.

United Kingdom museum features “The Typewriter Revolution.”

In an interesting historical exhibition at the National Museum of Scotland in Edinburgh, dozens of typewriters from as early as 1870 are displayed, ranging from heavy, mechanical prototypes to early office machines and on through to modern electronic versions. A vital part of any office or factory just decades ago, they were all but replaced by computers in the 1980s, making typewriters today a treasured collectible. It has been noted that typewriters had a significant impact on women’s early employment opportunities and prospects, the way we communicated, and office work transformation. While the current generation will barely know what a typewriter is, their grandparents most definitely know it well, and the exhibition will certainly bring back memories for many. Thank you, National Museum of Scotland, for this fascinating exhibit. May societies continue moving forward technologically while valuing wisdom and respect, in the love of the Divine.

Australian couple dedicate their lives to caring for vulnerable senior dogs.

About 15 years ago, Karen and Jamie Goullet of Morayfield, near Brisbane, Australia, found their life’s purpose after adopting an elderly dog, Sally, who was left at a shelter. They only had a short time with her but after Sally’s passing, the couple knew there were many others like her who needed a home. With their own funds, the Goullets purchased a two-acre (0.8 hectare) property where they have since provided a safe, nurturing space for more than 50 senior canines to live out the rest of their days. Sadly, older dogs are often abandoned due to the extra care needed and costly veterinary bills. Regarding the effort and expenses involved with the dogs, Karen said, “We don’t worry about that. We just make sure that they’re loved and cared for.” Our heartfelt thanks, Karen and Jamie Goullet. We pray that all our canine friends in need are blessed with forever loving homes such as yours, in the guidance of the Providence.

Coming up, United States-based restaurant chain launches vegan steak entree. We will pause to thank the philanthropists for their loving actions that remind us that there is goodness everywhere in our world. Please stay tuned to Supreme Master Television for more helping news. Vegan: weaponless hero. Welcome back to Noteworthy News – Encouraging News for a Friendly World.

California, USA-based restaurant chain launches vegan steak dish.

The WaBa Grill, one of the United States’ leading fast-casual restaurant chains, recently released Korean BBQ-flavored Bulgogi vegan steak at their almost 200 locations in California and Arizona. The plant-based meat is supplied by Nasoya Foods. The Plantspired range of vegan meats from Nasoya Foods includes 20 different items and is available in the US, Korea, Japan and China. Way to go, WaBa Grill and Nasoya Foods, for your collaboration to help bring delicious vegan food to the people of the United States. In the love of Heaven, may the friendly Americans always make the wise and healthy vegan choice as they experience the abundant benefits of their loving actions.

Trained canines in Cambodia detect COVID-19.

Three sniffer-dogs have been successfully taught to detect the virus in not more than 15 seconds, while another 7 dogs are undergoing training and learning fast. The initiative is a collaboration between the Cambodia Mine Action Center and the University of Health Sciences. The gifted canines will offer a great operational service in densely crowded areas, including airports, stadiums, and international checkpoints. Well done, talented canines, for your amazing ability to detect the coronavirus. A round of applause, Cambodia Mine Action Center and University of Health Sciences, for your fruitful partnership. May we all appreciate the immeasurable contributions of our animals friends to our world, in the upliftment of the Buddhas.

Let’s have a laugh together listening to the joke of the day entitled, “What’s in a vegan muffin?”

Little Katie and little Fernie were talking to each other during lunchtime at school.

“What are these little black things inside the vegan muffin?”

“These are raisins. My mom loves to add raisins to her muffins.”

“Oh, Ok. But what is a raisin?”

“A raisin is a grape with a sunburn.”

And now we have a heartline from He-Yue in China:

Most Beloved Master, I was overjoyed to hear that You had called for increasing prayer time for a vegan world to an hour a day. I feel that we have more and more hope for the world now because I believe that the more people joining this prayer, the more illuminated the planet will be, and the more awakening power will be availed to help everyone.

May I ask Master a question, which is from a non-initiate? When we pray, should we just pray for a vegan world or should one also repent to God, or visualize a beautiful vegan world? Is it enough just to pray from the heart? How can we help the non-initiates better?

I am extremely grateful to You, Master, for guiding us with such patience and Love. Words can never express the depth of my gratitude to You! I pray that every sentient being in the Universe would support You and help make Your dream come true. I am also profoundly grateful to the Supreme Master TV team. Thank you for your love and dedication to spread the message of Truth and Enlightenment to every corner of the world. I pray that a vegan world will be manifested in an instant! With love, Your disciple, He-Yue from China

Diligent He-Yue, Thank you for your optimistic and hope-filled words, which express our dreams too for the swift coming of a vegan planet. May the Buddhas hear our prayers and speed the change to the life-giving vegan diet in glorious China.

Master offers guidance in this reply to you: “Encouraging He-Yue, thank you for informing others of the need to pray together to strengthen our call to the Divine Powers to assist in elevating Earth to a vegan world. What is most important is our sincerity, not our words. Our prayers must come from within. May the Heavens guide and support you always and help the outstanding Chinese people to realize the joys of being vegan.”

We welcome your heartlines, stories and or cute, loving animal clips. Please send them via

It’s been a pleasure to have your presence on Noteworthy News. May your heart be filled with the pure joy of the Divine.

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