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In today’s news, European Union provides funds to Laos to cope with COVID-19, refugees among those most threatened by floods, locally made cosmetic products sell extensively in Gaza, scientists from Australia make major advancement in quantum computing, volunteers save orca stranded in Alaska, United States, innovative French start-up makes plant-based leather from leftover fruit, and United States man’s life possibly saved from wildfire because he adopted a dog.

European Union supports Laos in COVID-19 response.

The EU approved a €42.9 million grant to assist the Laotian government in dealing with the COVID-19 crisis, while students and underprivileged people in the country will be provided with education and nutrition assistance. Specifically, €26.4 million of the funding will be allocated for Laos’ Basic Education Support Programme, and €16.4 million will go to support the National Nutrition Strategy and Plan for Action. The European Union is a recipient of four Shining World Leadership Awards for Humanitarianism, two Shining World Leadership Awards for Peace, and a Shining World Leadership Award for Earth Protection; as well as a laureate of two Shining World Leadership Awards for Humanitarianism and Shining World Leadership Awards for Compassion, Unconditional World Care and True Caring. Many thanks, European Union, for your life-affirming contribution and endeavors in addressing the pandemic. May the gentle people of Laos obtain health-promoting nutrition and a quality education for a brighter future, in Heaven’s grace.

Refugees among those most affected by floods.

As torrential rains have been gripping countries around the world, those dealing with conflict and displacement are among the most vulnerable. In Afghanistan, days of flooding took the lives of approximately 150 people and destroyed hundreds of homes in Nuristan province. Meanwhile, more than 48,000 people in Myanmar were displaced by heavy floods in the multiple states. In Bangladesh, at least six Rohingya refugees lost their lives and nearly 5,000 people were made homeless. Sadly, 380 Nigerian families were also affected or displaced, with at least 21 casualties due to heavy rains in mid-August. With heartfelt condolences to those who lost loved ones, we pray for the protection of the vulnerable. In Divine mercy, may our world urgently embrace the benevolent vegan lifestyle to avert any further weather disasters.

Up next on Noteworthy News, locally made cosmetic products sell extensively in Gaza. Let’s spend a few moments to thank the caring emergency volunteers, who drop everything in time of natural disasters, near or abroad, to aid in the recovery efforts. Please stay tuned to Supreme Master Television for more valuable news. Vegan: cuz hell is not just a word, it truly exists n it’s terrifying.

Good day, elated viewers, I’m Pippie the vegan Hedgehog. I sleep like a baby with a clear conscience, because I am vegan. Enjoy sweet dreams with a plant-based lifestyle! I have a safety tip for you today. If you’re carpentering or making crafts, you can place zip ties around your precision knife to prevent it from rolling off the table and landing on your foot. You can also fasten them around carpenter pencils so they’ll stay put. Alternatively, painter’s tape can be used instead. Just put a small strip of tape around the pencil, leaving a little bit of excess at the ends like a flag. Love you so much for Being Veg and Going Green 2 Save the Planet for all humans and us all co-inhabitants. Thank you for tuning in, and now for the weather around the globe.

Palestinian women extract essential oils from herbs to make beauty products.

A team of four women in Gaza have developed an enterprise of extracting essential oils from herbs to make them into natural beauty products. A range of 17 products, including cleansers, shampoo, and moisturizer, have been acclaimed by local consumers, and are currently sold in Gaza across 50 outlets under the brand name GG, for “green gold.” The herbs, such as rosemary, basil, mint, thyme and chamomile, are bought from women farmers in the area. The project is funded by Australia and global charity organization Oxfam, with the aim to empower women and advance Gaza’s economy. Australia is a recipient of five Shining World Leadership Awards for Compassion, and Shining World Leadership Awards for Protection and Good Governance; as well as a laureate of three Shining World Leadership Awards for Compassion, and Shining World Leadership Awards for Caring, Good Governance, Health Guardian and High Moral Value. Kudos to all the independent and hardworking Palestinian women involved, with special thanks to Australia and Oxfam for supporting this good business. Wishing Gaza more peace and prosperity each day, in Allah’s Love.

Australian scientists make major quantum computing advancement.

Researchers from the University of New South Wales have made a major stride in quantum computing, which may allow quantum chips with millions of qubits (the equivalent of a quantum bit). Current quantum technology uses only a few qubits due to the architecture required to switch them, which involves a magnetic field-generating wire next to each qubit. The new technique, however, generates the magnetic field from above, then focuses it onto individual qubits using crystal prisms without generating excessive heat. This allows the chip to stay cool. Exceptional work, researchers from the University of New South Wales, in bringing about the next generation of computing technology. In Universal blessings, may all future use of technology be for peaceful means as we help one another live better lives with hearts full of love.

Orca saved by loving volunteers.

An orca whale that was stranded on the coast of Prince of Wales Island in Alaska, United States, was kept alive by volunteers who stood guard for six hours and kept her wet until high tide returned. Captain Chance Strickland and his crew anchored nearby and formed a chain of people who transported buckets of water from the sea to pour on Cassandra. With tears in her eyes, she initially called out to her pod who were nearby and they also communicated to her. Thankfully, with each bucket of water, Cassandra became more lively. The US National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration eventually arrived with a water pump, the tide returned, and Cassandra was able to enter the sea. We are so happy you are all right, gentle Cassandra. Thank you, Captain Chance Strickland and crew, and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, for helping to save the life of a helpless animal friend. We pray for a vegan world to ensure all of our animal friends thrive, in the kindness of the Divine.

Coming up, innovative French start-up makes plant-based leather from leftover fruit. We’ll pause to be grateful that at any moment, we can always call out for help to God, who is always there listening. We’ll be right back with more gladdening news here on Supreme Master Television. Vegan omits ur pain n early death. Welcome back to Noteworthy News – Beneficial News for a Healing World.

Innovative start-up makes plant-based leather from leftover fruit.

Vegskin, a brainchild of Loïc Debrabander and Anaëlle Picavet of Wattrelos in northern France, makes vegan leather from upcycled fruit. By using 100 metric tons of discarded bananas and mangoes, Vegskin can create 5,000 to 8,000 square meters of plant-based leather, which is free from non-biodegradable plastics. This also helps to address the issue of food waste, which contributes up to 10% of greenhouse gas emissions worldwide. The startup plans to introduce Vegskin to high-end brands to create items such as shoes and upholstery for furniture and cars. We salute your commitment to bringing compassionate inventions into the fashion world, Vegskin, Loïc Debrabander and Anaëlle Picavet. May more entrepreneurs likewise embrace the peace-making plant-based way, in Heaven’s joy.

Man’s life may have been saved due to adopting a dog.

Reinhart Auf Dem Venne from Colfax, California, United States, recently made a trip to the San Francisco Bay Area when a friend there encouraged him to come over and adopt Zoe, a homeless dog. Happily, Mr. Auf Dem Venne quickly bonded with sweet Zoe. However, while he was gone a wildfire burned up the mountain where he lived and destroyed his home. Appreciating his luck despite almost everything being gone, Mr. Auf Dem Venne believes if he had been there he may have lost his life. Firefighters have managed to totally contain the River Fire, which destroyed over 100 homes, razed more than 2,600 acres, and injured four people, two of them firefighters. Our sympathies for the fire-affected, including Mr. Reinhart Auf Dem Venne. May God bless you to recover from this tragedy, and stay well with your new guardian angel by your side.

Let us start and end the day with a happy smile! Join us for a warm laugh with this joke entitled, “Super Librarian.”

It was announced to the class that the school librarian, Mrs. Patterson, was leaving.

“Hey, Emily, do you know why Mrs. Patterson quit?”

“Maybe because she read all the books?”


And now we have a heartline from Qian-Ai in China:

God expresses Hiers Love through the enlightened Master. During meditation, Master told me how much She loves us. She is the perpetual and unchanging Love, and through all kinds of identities, She conveys God’s Love to us and loves us. “The air is my whisper. The mountains, rivers, flora and fauna are all aware of my Love. How could you not be aware? Worried that you might not hear, I keep telling you through all languages that I love you. Worried that you might forget, I keep telling you that I love you throughout the ages. I am the everlasting Love. Don’t worry that my Love will be exhausted. I have endless Love to shower on you. Can’t you hear it or feel it yet? I tell you I love you through the lips of every enlightened Master, and I love you through every beauty. Don’t you know that? Go and use my Love as much as you want. I have Oceans of Love for you to draw from. This is Me.” Qian-Ai from China

Ardent Qian-Ai, Our thanks for sharing your inner understanding with us. We are deeply touched to be reminded of God’s magnanimous Love, through Supreme Master Ching Hai and all great Masters that have been blessing our planet with their compassionate presence since time immemorial. Despite our forgetfulness while venturing in the ephemeral worlds, Love always finds us even in the deepest abyss. We pray that all lost souls soon return Home to the Kingdom of Heaven. May Buddha’s eternal Light illuminate you and magnificent China, Supreme Master TV team

P.S. Master has these words for you: “Pure Qian-Ai, so glad that you are connected enough to feel the Love within from Master to the souls. As a spiritual practitioner, when elevated to certain high level and beyond, you can radiate God’s Love everywhere. The opportunities to serve others are endless. You have a good heart and can set an example for those around you on how to live a moral and upright life. May you and your virtuous co-citizens in China enjoy inner tranquility and robust health.”

We welcome your heartlines, stories and or cute, loving animal clips. Please send them via

It’s been a pleasure to have your company on Noteworthy News. May dreams for a compassionate world soon come true.

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