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A President Should Protect His People's Lives, Part 2 of 3



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I can take care of their souls. Because at that time, they were all eager to go. If they all think of freedom, and a good life, and stuff like that. They think all positive. And the American soldiers, they look all very compassionate, very friendly, and they really have compassion for these people.

I’m so sad, so sad. But it’s OK. It’s OK. I can take care of their souls. Because at that time, they were all eager to go. If they all think of freedom, and a good life, and stuff like that. They think all positive. And the American soldiers, they look all very compassionate, very friendly, and they really have compassion for these people. They say, “We will not leave you behind.” And they’re helping with delivering babies, and picking up children and women, and the sick and all that. (Yes, Master.)

Because it’s a very hot airport. There’s no shadow, nothing, no shade, and they feel very, very sorry for the Afghans as well. The system was working very slow. (Yes.)

I don’t know, there’s also other countries with too much bureaucracy, at the time when there’s no need. There’s someone who was supposed to be sent to the airport to go, and the allies looked at his papers and said he’s not qualified, whatever, sent him back home. That’s another thing. (I see.) And I saw it on other news that one big airplane ‒ big airplane ‒ empty! (Yes.) Meaning they went to Afghanistan, and then they just flew back, empty! Just a couple of people on board. (Yes, right.) My God!

They could have cooperated with the Americans and taken some of them. Doesn’t seem like they’re very eager. It’s like a joke because nothing happened yet. They think, “OK, the Americans can take care,” and even slowly and all that, and maybe can convince the Taliban to let them delay the deadline. But they have delayed already. (Yes.) You cannot even blame them also. They delayed from the 1st of May to 31st of August already. (Yes.) They want to occupy themselves with other things, like reorganizing the government or people, or training the soldiers, disciplining their soldiers not to molest the women, etc. Maybe that’s what they want to do also, and organize the government and financial problem because they don’t have money right now. (Yes.)

All the money is controlled somewhere else like America, New York or somewhere else. They cannot take the money out. They blocked it already. (I see.)

So all they worry about is money, so they even know how to block all the banks first, but they don’t block anything else to protect their people. And even say, “OK, maybe some have to be left behind.” Just like that!

And then lately say, “Oh, we will try to get them out even after.” How? Even before the deadline, they’re already dead, not to talk about after. (Right.) There will be less and less soldiers all the time. (Yes.) If they immediately now bring the soldiers back to Afghanistan, it’s not all that easy, (No.) the logistics and everything. (Yes, complicated.) They had a base before, another military airport somewhere. I forgot the name. They did not even keep that, and just rely on Kabul and rely on the Taliban. And now, the Taliban also had to die with them, die with the stupid president. He is not worthy to even be a normal person.

Before, he was a vice president. Of course, President Obama did everything, almost, and just told him to do maybe small, small stuff. Even President Obama did not trust him. I read in the news, he said to his surrounding people that, “Don’t underestimate Biden for messing things up.” (Wow.) He’s been warning all of them like that. (I see.) But what to do, it’s a ticket, wholesale. He has to go with it. (Right.) No other choice, maybe the psychics told them that he’s the one, so they picked him. So even in the White House, President Obama never let Mr. Biden go to visit the whole White House. He never knew where what room is what. (Wow.)

My God. We cannot just blame Biden alone, because of the people who voted for him, but he didn’t have that many votes, according to what I saw. (Yes.) But of course, I don’t have evidence, so I cannot really loudly claim anything. But you can see, obviously, President Trump had 88 million followers on his Twitter or whatever he had. (Right, yes.) All of his internet account. (Right, yes.) So from all of that, you can expect at least 80 million people to vote for him. (Yes.)

But Heaven told me that he had 85 million (Wow, wow.) votes. I don’t know where all these votes have gone. (Yeah. Exactly.) I cannot say anything. I don’t have evidence.

With all the legal system and all the high tech, they could not even find out, how would I even have any… They could have. They did not want. (Understand.) Because they have prejudice against President Trump. (Right.)

Now you know, it’s a mess, politics. Thank God we are not in it. (Yes, Master.) I don’t have any weapons or I don’t dream ever to war with anybody. At least, I have a little voice to talk for the people. (Yes, Master.) We do what we can. (Yes, right.)

You cannot just stand by and say, “Oh, never mind. It doesn’t matter to me.” People’s lives matter to me. (Yes, of course.) Animals’ lives matter to me. All lives matter to me. (Yes, Master.) Because the longer they live, the more chance they have to practice spiritually or turn their life around, and then contribute more to society and the world at large.

Their lives were just snuffed so early like that, when they’re so young and handsome, and strong and able, and trained (Right.) in many aspects, not just killing only. The armies, they are capable of many things, just like the police. (Yes.) Survival and all that. And defense, and help and protection. (Yes.) They have been trained in many different fields. (Yes.) So, one soldier lost is one big asset lost. And one precious human life lost. You see, he has family, he has parents. He has a wife, kids or girlfriend waiting for him. And now, no more. They won’t ever see him again.

It’s not a number. (No.) For Biden, it’s so easy. He just stands on a stage, with all the cameras clicking, with the teleprompter, (Yes.) and talks big. “I’m going to track you down.” Yeah, yeah. Yeah, yeah. I will see how he tracks them down.

They might even track him down, or track the Americans down first. (Wow.) My God. I have never seen such a stupid President before. No, truly.

Like the border, he messed it up. He just let them in, without any strategy, without any preparation. (Yes.) In the pandemic.

And now, the people here are desperate. And it’s the Americans’ responsibility to help them out. (Right.) And he hesitated. Dillydallied until they died. And now they’re stuck. Now, even if anybody wants to rescue them ‒ very difficult. (Yes.) Difficult, more risky than before. (Yes.)

You see, the attack didn’t happen until Thursday. Yesterday, right? Yeah. (Yes, Thursday.) Late Thursday. So, all this time before that, it would have been safe to take people out, at least. (Yes, Master.) All this time, up till then, they did not attack for some reason. So, if he had moved them out much earlier, and had still a strong base, strong power, strong air force, and all this military equipment to protect, in case. (Yes.)

You didn’t even have to revenge, because you had enough protection power, enough manpower to screen some unwanted elements, so they cannot kill people. (Yes, right.) Then avoid them dying also. (Yes.) Avoid many other people dying, not just Americans’ lives. (Yes, Master.)

He doesn’t do his job well. He’s supposed to protect his people. He’s killing them. And now, he wants to kill more. If he revenges, what do you think, who’s going to do it? He? No. He sits in the White House with barbed wires around it. And tens or hundreds or thousands of troops surrounding to protect him. He cares not about the soldier who goes out, baring his life in the small airport, with no protection, nothing. (Right.) That’s what I’m saying.

That’s what I’m saying: He should step down, before more Americans’ lives are wasted. (Yes, Master.) Just for his stupidity and ego. He, vice president, and Pelosi, and many other Democrats, they all should go! To save lives. (Yes.)

And the army also should be prepared, should be more careful with security in their own homeland. Strengthen their alertness and power. Just in case. Otherwise, if they just send them all out to revenge, whatever, then the American house, nobody guards there. (Right.) And there could be other incidents, other tragedies. (Understand.) Like 9/11. I don’t ever wish that to happen again to the Americans.

My God. Enough already with this man. He should step down, and immediately. The sooner the better. I don’t know why they still let him stand there, continuing to kill their sons and daughters. And their own citizens. Oh! I’m so mad. I’m so angry. Oh, my God! Life is not just a number. (Yes, Master.) You don’t wait until people die and say, “OK, now I am going to revenge.” He is not even in the position! Unless he wants to start a war again, and more people will die. More taxpayers’ money. More danger for Americans ‒ outside in the war, and inside the land. Inside their land when there’s less security, less soldiers to protect. Because America is big. (Yes. Right.) OK, never mind. Any other thing, any comment, you tell me. I’m too mad already.

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