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A President Should Protect His People's Lives, Part 3 of 3



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That’s really disrespectful to his army. Even though he’s the commander-in-chief, but just in the name only. He should respect their experience and their wisdom. And he should have had more protection for his people there. He should have even evacuated earlier. (Yes.) Instead of busy with all not urgent matters.

(So would Master say that Americans would actually have to be worried if Biden continues as president?)

Yes! Well, at least I am worried. (Yes.) I don’t know if the Americans worry. (I see.) They’re too busy now, at the time. Delta and COVID, the deaths are spiking up. And the children even now, deaths or infected numbers are spiking also. Before, COVID-19 wasn’t that bad. It seemed like easy to control. This Delta, not. Delta, they will go and hunt you down. And it’s very, very strong. Very nasty. More difficult than the COVID-19 before. (Oh, understand.) So the people are also busy. (Yes.) Their attention is all over, because their parents are sick, their children are sick or in the hospital dying. Or worrisome financially. No job, businesses cannot open; open, you get looted and things stolen from you. The business. (Yes.) So they let people go in and loot at random, and nobody dares do anything. And then, many police are fired or defunded. They don’t have high morale to even want to protect people anymore. (Oh, God. Yes.)

What for protect people and get blamed for everything? And they want to fire them and defund them. And whenever they have problems, then call them. How are they going to survive, the police force? (Yes.) Some police made mistakes, of course. But it’s not the whole police force. (Right.) Every country has some rotten police. (Yes.) Surely that, or some aggressive police. (I see.) Same in the army or in any government system. (Yes.) But you cannot blame the whole police system. (Right.) They are there to protect people. Because when a criminal goes into your house, they are not going to be as lenient and as humble as the police right now. You can defund the police, you cannot defund the criminals. And more criminals nowadays, according to the news. (True.) More looting, more crime, more deaths, more shooting, everywhere in America. (Wow.) Because some places, the police are defunded or looked down upon, so their morale is also damaged. (Oh, understand.) Their enthusiasm also diminished.

So the American people might not be as 100% concentrated to worry about whether or not Biden is in office. (Right. Yes.) They cannot think too much and calculate too much when their children are dying, or their family, their husband, wife are dying in their arms. (That is true.) So this is a dangerous situation (It is.) (Yes, Master.) It’s not normal. It’s even more dangerous than 9/11. 9/11, at that time, America was still strong, still united. At this time, they’re more divided. Internal problems keep breeding up, and with COVID and with Delta like that. (Yes.)

Really, I don’t know what God wants to do with this beautiful country. I can only pray. Looks like God doesn’t want to protect that country anymore. One thing after another like that. And the scientists threaten there are more variants, worse than Delta, are coming in a couple of months, (Oh, no.) or several months. As if they don’t have enough infected and deaths. As if they don’t have enough already. And now comes Afghanistan. (Wow. It’s a lot.)

And that person is just staying there in the White House with the whole bunch of same level of low IQ. (Yes.) I really hate all this. It could be avoided! The deaths in Kabul could be avoided. (Absolutely.)

A president doesn’t have to be good at military strategy. But you could be good enough to listen to the experienced commanders and security chief and all that. (Right.) Because a president should be busy with many other things, of course. And that’s a good excuse. But the army, they focus only on their job – military. (Yes.) And they learned their military courses and lessons in history since centuries ago, and they focus their attention and their time on it. So they know more than a president about strategy. (Yes. Of course.)

But if you abuse your power as a commander-in-chief, just to show your power, that you are in charge and that you are president and you have power to say yes or no, this is, really, more than evil. Just to play with people’s lives ‒ your people! Imagine if he’s one of the young soldiers standing in the open air at the Kabul Airport, with just a small gun or no gun in his hand. Because some soldiers have to keep looking at the papers. (Yes.) So he’s not the one with a gun. Imagine, just put him in the Kabul Airport, the day before yesterday and yesterday, when the attacks happened. Then he wouldn’t be talking so big. He wouldn’t be obstructing the army. He wouldn’t be like ignoring their precious advice from their years, decades of experience in the battlefield. (Yes.)

That’s really disrespectful to his army. Even though he’s the commander-in-chief, but just in the name only. He should respect their experience and their wisdom. And he should have had more protection for his people there. He should have even evacuated earlier. (Yes.) Instead of busy with all not urgent matters. Oh, my God! He had like seven months or eight months about this already. It’s not like he just knew it last month or something. And he didn’t listen to his people. (Yes, really not wise.) Not trustworthy. He’s not worthy to be anything, let alone to be president. I’m not afraid to say anything like that. I tell the truth, from my heart. (Yes, Master.)

What for let people die for nothing when you could avoid it? So the blood is on his hands. Cannot blame the enemies alone. (True.) Cannot even blame the Taliban. They’re also doing their best already. I mean, for what they can. (Yes, understand.) They just take over the country, and they also have to organize their stuff, (Right.) and try to think what to do. And many people are missing in the government system. Many things they have to learn to take care. (Yes, Master.) Or appoint people – they’re all new. They may know how to fight and know how to kidnap the women, or molest girls or children. Maybe they just know how to kill and to have sex and molest little girls. But they don’t know how to run a country. Civilly. (Yes.) Because offices and bureaucracy and all kinds of this… belong to civilians. They have not learned to. And many people want to leave the country, or maybe are not easy to cooperate with. So they are short of manpower already. They have things to worry about.

You cannot just blame the Taliban. Blame the Americans. I don’t blame all the Americans, I blame Biden, and whoever supports him in this decision to kill. And now he wants to kill more – oh, that’s terrible. Oh, I hope God… Please, God do something! Oh, please, don’t let more Americans die for this stupid man! It’s not their fault. Please protect them.

It’s not their fault. It’s one man’s fault alone. Not the fault of the Americans. Not even the voters who trusted him to vote him into office. (Yes, Master.)

Any more questions, comments? (No, we just really also pray for the safety of Americans and Afghan people.) Yes, yes. (And everyone.) Americans and Afghan allies, yes, and international allies who may be still stuck in there and have no way to go out now. (Yes.) Because the intelligence in Afghanistan told the Americans, “Don’t go to Kabul airport.” But they have nowhere else to go. Everywhere they have checkpoints. It’s not easy to run out of the country. (Yes.) Besides, the Americans don’t have any foothold anywhere else around them. (Yes.) Around Afghanistan. And inside Afghanistan, it’s below zero. They have nothing there to hold on to, to act as a base, so that they can rescue people. Oh, my goodness. I have never… I have never seen anything like this. I don’t understand anything like this.

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