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In today’s news, Italy endorses humanitarian corridors protocol for 1,000 Lebanon refugees, United States announces water rationing as Colorado River declines in historic drought, planting of native tree in Indonesia may soon help restore land and provide fuel solutions, Israeli company’s water-saving technology to aid small farmers in Africa and India, American high school students build devices to attach infant car seat and stroller to new father’s wheelchair, Hong Kong inaugurates first-ever plant-based culinary academy, and teenage girl from United Kingdom finds committed rescued bumblebee friend.

Italy to take in Lebanese refugees.

The government of Italy and a group of Christian non-governmental organizations (NGOs) have endorsed a transfer of 1,000 refugees, over the next two years, from Lebanon to Italy through the humanitarian corridors program. In this initiative, funding, relocation and integration into the host country are the responsibility of the sponsoring NGOs. According to one of the organizations involved in the current plan, the Community of Sant’Egidio, more than 2,000 refugees, mainly from Syria, have already been relocated to Italy under two previous humanitarian corridors agreements signed in 2015 and 2017. Italy is a Shining World Leadership Award for Public Health Protection recipient. A high salute, Italy and involved NGOs, for your loving kindness in taking the lead in welcoming refugees into your country. In God’s benevolence, we pray your exemplary endeavor may be replicated by other countries, and all refugees are provided with opportunities to rebuild their lives with a vista of hope for bright tomorrows.

Water restrictions declared as Colorado River retreats during record dry spell.

Due to “historic drought and low runoff conditions” in the Colorado River Basin, the United States Bureau of Reclamation announced that Lake Mead, the USA’s biggest water reservoir, would impose its first-ever “Level 1 Shortage Condition” for the whole of 2022. Under the water savings guidelines, water supplies to Arizona, Nevada and Mexico will be reduced by 18%, 7% and 5%, respectively. Alarmingly, Lake Mead’s water level plummeted to a record low in August 2021, to about 35% of its capacity. Dr. Brad Udall, Senior Water and Climate Scientist at Colorado State University, said that the severe decline of the Colorado River is “very significant” and cautioned that water cycle changes are among climate change’s worst impacts. Many thanks, Dr. Brad Udall, for your vital warning. As we pray for Heaven’s blessings to the global warming-affected, may humanity swiftly embrace the planet-saving vegan lifestyle to avert climate hardships.

Up next, planting of native tree in Indonesia may soon help restore land and provide fuel solutions. We’ll just thank the plexiglass shield and partition installers, who set up protective dividers and sneeze guards at shared places in schools, offices, grocery stores and restaurants to help keep the public safer from COVID-19. Please stay for more beneficial news on Supreme Master Television. Vegan: Forget what u looked like b4? Of course! U look better now. Of course! U look better now.

Hallo, charming viewers, I’m Poppy the vegan Yellow Prawn-goby. By consuming a plant-based diet, you save 198 animals each year! All animals big and small, from both land and ocean dwellings thank you for treasuring their lives. You should never set hot glass kitchen items on a cool or wet surface as glass expands when it is warm and contracts when cold. Stress resulting when the two extreme temperatures come into contact with each other may lead to potential shattering or cracking. It is best to place any hot glass item on top of a wooden cutting board, potholder or heat-resistant trivet – all of which can more effectively absorb and distribute the heat away from the glass. Also, make sure the glass is heat-resistant. Thank you for watching and love you for Being Veg and Going Green 2 Save the Planet for all of us humans and all co-inhabitants alike. Here’s the weather around the world!

Indonesia looks to local tree to help solve environmental and energy needs.

The Indonesian Ministry of Environment and Forestry together with the Center for International Forestry Research are studying the pongamia tree as a potential solution to help rejuvenate degraded land and also provide biofuel as well as food. The tree’s treated seeds are edible and its nuts contain significant quantities of oil that can be mixed with gasoline and used to run diesel generators and vehicles. The pongamia thrives in both wet and arid land from zero to 1,200 meters above sea level. It grows faster than other trees, thus making it potentially suitable to help reforest the nation. Our best wishes, Indonesian Ministry of Environment and Forestry and the Center for International Forestry Research, on your investigation of how the pongamia can heal the land, while providing food and energy. In Allah’s uplifting care, may your project help quickly restore majestic Indonesia’s environment.

Water-saving irrigation technology to help small farmers.

Israel-based SupPlant recently secured US$10 million in funding to help expand its sensorless water-saving irrigation technology to reach a projected 500,000 farmers in Kenya in 2021, and a total of two million farmers in Africa and India by the end of 2022. The new irrigation system uses advanced software that autonomously calculates the real-time amount of water required by a particular crop in the area it is being farmed, considers area climatic information, and guides farmers on watering requirements. SupPlant’s resource-saving system is designed for the 450 million smallholder growers who make up around 76% of farmers in the world, and operate on less than two hectares of land. Thank you, SupPlant, for making your exceptional technology available to aid the humble small farmers. In Divine splendor, may your expansion help to further ensure the stability of the world’s food supply as we quickly act to protect the planet through plant-based farming.

High school students in United States build adaptable devices to help wheelchair-using father.

In a course called Making for Social Good, led by Matt Ziglar, students from the Bullis School in Maryland, USA, chose to help expectant mother teacher Chelsie King and her husband, Jeremy King. After experiencing impaired mobility and balance issues following brain surgery, Mr. King would be unable to safely walk their soon to be born child. The students created two easy-to-use innovations they have called WheeStroll, which allow both an infant car seat and a stroller to be attached to a wheelchair. The couple were given the gifts and are delighted that proud dad Jeremy can safely wheel gorgeous baby Phoenix Royce King through the neighborhood. Our sincere appreciation, Matt Ziglar and the entire WheeStroll team, for your thoughtful and caring inventions that can improve the lives of many families. May our world be filled with more empathy-driven initiatives, in the elevating embrace of the Providence.

Coming up, plant-based culinary academy opens in Hong Kong. We will now take a moment to pray that God will bestow on us wisdom and foresight to maneuver through this world safely. We’ll return with more munificent news on Supreme Master Television. Vegan: cuz we don’t have planet B. Welcome back to Noteworthy News – Exciting News for a Radiant World.

Hong Kong opens its first vegan culinary school.

The Plant-Based Culinary Arts Academy is a collaboration between real estate giant Great Eagle Group that operates a number of hotels and restaurants in Hong Kong and around the world and Green Monday, the group behind popular vegan meat brand OmniPork and the Green Common vegan grocery chain. Designed for restaurant chefs, caterers and hospitality professionals, training will be offered on plant-based ingredients and exciting food preparation methods. Great Eagle chefs have already created and introduced five plant-based dishes in the company’s restaurants. A spokesperson for Great Eagle explained that the new academy can, “gather the power of the public in changing their eating habits and work together to tackle the climate change challenge.” Our earnest thanks, Green Monday and Great Eagle Group, for founding the Plant-Based Culinary Arts Academy in Hong Kong, thus equipping professionals with innovative skills to help vegan eating become even more widespread, in Heaven’s joy.

Unlikely friendship formed between teenage girl and bumblebee.

When 13-year-old Lacey Shillinglaw from Coventry, United Kingdom, was out for a walk with her mother and dog companion, she spotted a large bumblebee lying on the road. Lacey noticed the bee had one crumbled wing and tried to put her in a safe place on a nearby flower. The determined bee refused to stay and insisted on following her kind rescuer home. Affectionately named Betty, she has been happily buzzing around Lacey everywhere since then, never leaving her side as they share sweet snacks, go to the store and even the bowling alley. Sweet Betty lovingly sleeps next to Lacey’s bed in a small pot made for her comfort. Lacey expressed her joy regarding Betty, saying, “She’s so fluffy, and I love our friendship.” We are touched, Lacey and Betty, by your care for each other! May your beautiful story inspire people to see the gentle, peaceful nature of the bees who help pollinate our plants and flowers promoting life on Earth, in Cosmic radiance.

A good joke is hard to forget. Here’s one you’ll always remember. It’s the joke of the day titled, “Oversized luggage.”

A passenger was struggling to haul his oversized travel bag onto the plane. A flight attendant kindly helped him with the bag until they finally managed to stuff it in the overhead bin.

“Wow! Do you always carry such heavy luggage?”

“Never again! Next time, I will ride in the bag, and my friend can buy the ticket!”

And now we have a heartline from Salam from Syria:

I am from Syria. My family and I received initiation 10 years ago. I thank our Beloved Master for Her most precious gift. We ran into some problems after initiation, but we realized that it was heavy karma on us. We moved to Germany, because of the war conditions in our country. My husband, son and I had the privilege of co-hosting some episodes on Supreme Master TV. My youngest son passed away in Germany four years ago at the age of 25. He had been active in spreading veganism. I had seen many signs of his coming death. Also, he told me four days before his death that he feels he will leave soon. Although we felt very sad about his leaving, Master’s Blessing and Mercy overwhelmed us with calm and peace. Also, my mother passed away four months ago and left peacefully, thanks to Master’s care and Blessing. We noticed that the vegan products where we live are always increasing, and some families changed to veganism after being in contact with us, and they love Master and believe in Her greatness. I have a question that still concerns me. Seven days after my son’s death, while I was falling asleep and reciting the Five Holy Names, I heard my son’s voice whispering in my right ear and saying, “I am cold.” May I know the meaning of that? I hope to know about my deceased son and mother. I hope that my eldest son will be blessed by Master as we still have some difficulties here. I hope to be worthy to go Home with Master. Although my inner experience is mediocre, I still love it. I am pretty sure that I am on the way. Many thanks and gratitude to our Merciful Master, wishing Her good health and strength to complete Her mission until our planet recovers. And thanks and gratitude also to the Supreme Master TV team for their great and sincere efforts. Salam from Syria

Thoughtful Salam, We thank you for your message. Your enduring faith shines, and we admire your devotion to Master along with the strength you draw from your meditation practice in such sad times as the passing of your loved ones. We pray that Allah may bring joy to your days and those of the friendly Syrian people. In Heaven’s Grace, Supreme Master TV team

P.S. Master replies with these kind words: “Caring Salam, the loving trust you place in Master is evident. I want to reassure you that your son and mother are safe and happy, having moved on to higher Realm, Tim Qo Tu’s New Realm to be exact. The whispering was from five demons that gathered their negative force together to try leading you astray, with only one they cannot, but with five they tried! But that was all they could muster. Because you and family are soo strong in Faith, and Master Power drove them out. Thanks God for Hiers protection. With much Love, I pray that Allah lights your way and uplifts special Syria.”

We welcome your heartlines, stories and or cute, loving animal clips. Please send them via

Thank you for your company on Noteworthy News. May the Providence shower peace and happiness upon you and yours.

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