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In today’s news, Fiji receives further assistance from Korea to cope with COVID-19, Canadian scientists find common herbicide causes lasting damage to wild roses’ reproductive system, tallest sandcastle in world constructed in Denmark, plastic-to-energy facility to be built in Democratic Republic of the Congo, wise second-grader in United States sends positive messages to his peers, British company releases vegan fish product to help end fishing industry, and rare bird makes comeback in Sulawesi, Indonesia.

Korea aids Fiji in dealing with COVID-19.

The Korean government has delivered a batch of personal protective equipment (PPE) in its ongoing effort to assist the Pacific island nation as it faces its second wave of the virus. The US$190,000 consignment consisted of 385,000 KF94 masks, 56,000 face shields and 9,200 protective suits. Additionally, 8,000 KF94 masks, 4,623 PPE kits, and 500 infrared non-contact thermometers have been donated through the Korea International Cooperation Agency Office in Fiji. This year marks 50 years of diplomatic relations between the two countries. Korea is a laureate of three Shining World Leadership Awards for Compassion and Shining World Leadership Awards for Protection and Peace. Our heartfelt thanks, Korea, for your benevolent acts of true friendship and loving support in Fiji’s time of need. In God’s mercy, may we all soon live in a pandemic-free, harmonious vegan world with love for all.

Canadian scientists find common herbicide negatively affects wild roses.

University of Northern British Columbia (UNBC) researchers have found that glyphosate-based herbicides (GBH) cause long-term damage to the reproductive system of the wild prickly rose. Even one year after the chemical was applied to examined British Columbia forestry sites, investigators found that the pollen viability of the plants decreased by 66%. Furthermore, 30% of the anthers that contain the pollen failed to open, causing the flowers to be functionally infertile. It was also observed that two years after the chemical was applied, the GBH could still be detected on the flowers. Next, the researchers will study the droppings of hummingbirds and pollinator insects to determine if they too are also absorbing these herbicides. Our appreciation, University of Northern British Columbia researchers, for your study into the damaging effects of glyphosate-based herbicides on the environment. We pray that humans rapidly switch to vegan organic farming methods to ensure the sustainability of the natural environment, in the love of Heaven.

Up next, tallest sandcastle in the world constructed in Denmark. We’ll just thank the 3D printing technicians, who use their skills and craftsmanship in helping to design and operate 3D printers that construct three-dimensional objects and structures to make our world a better place to live. We’ll return with more happy news after these messages here on Supreme Master Television. Vegan side effect: u’ll b stronger than ever.

Good day, compassionate friends! I’m Lumi the vegan Nutria. Being vegan, I eat the colors of the rainbow – the plants. That’s right! And I feel fabulous. Come join the club. Here is a good tip on how to soothe a restless baby while bathing. Give “swaddle bathing” a try. You will need to swaddle – which means to loosely wrap - the newborn in a cloth or light blanket. Then put the infant in a tub of warm water up to the shoulders. Just gently unwrap a small limb at a time, clean, wash, rewrap, and repeat! Thank you for your attention and lots of love for Being Veg and Going Green 2 Save the Planet for all humans and us all co-inhabitants. Now, the worldwide weather.

World’s tallest sandcastle constructed in Denmark.

The more than 21-meter tall sandcastle was built in Blokhus in North Jutland, Denmark by Dutch artist Wilfred Stijger together with 30 of the world’s best sand sculptors. The inspiring creation is 3 meters higher than the previous world record from 2019 set in Germany. Built from almost 5,000 metric tons of sand mixed with clay and glue for longevity and stability, the sandcastle is in the shape of a pyramid and contains intricate images, including designs representing the local town, as well as symbolism regarding the power that COVID has had on our lives. What a beautiful and meaningful piece of art, Wilfred Stijger and team. In Celestial grace, may your work help inspire more artistic designs that remind people to live in harmony with our magnificent world.

Democratic Republic of the Congo to host plastic waste-to-energy facility.

A US$30 million plant will be constructed in the capital city of Kinshasa by US-based Clean-Seas, a waste management solutions company. The technologically advanced process heats the plastic to 400 degrees Celsius to extract gas to power electrical generating turbines and then further converts the useful leftovers into viable industrial products. The facility will have a capacity to transform 200 metric tons of used plastics per day, thereby producing a yearly output of 96 megawatts of electricity, 3,500 liters of industrial lubricants, 15,000 liters of diesel fuel, and three metric tons of black char. The plant will create 70,000 metric tons of carbon credits annually. The Democratic Republic of the Congo is a Shining World Leadership Award for Wise Governance laureate. Wonderful news, Democratic Republic of the Congo and Clean-Seas, on your Earth-protecting project to convert harmful plastic waste into electricity. In Cosmic harmony, may the Congo continue developing in an eco-friendly way as your loving citizens enjoy the blessings of a greener lifestyle.

Seven-year-old boy sends inspirational messages to other kids.

Second-grader Rowyn Montgomery from Tiverton, Rhode Island, United States, records and shares videos to motivate other children to embrace themselves and to help them deal with tough situations in school and life. It started three years ago, when Rowyn was bullied at school, and his mother, Michelle Montgomery, explained to him that each person is unique and that what we think about ourselves, not others’ opinions, is the important thing. Rowyn wanted to help other kids who might be encountering similar challenges. His positive messages on his YouTube channel “Rollin’ with Rowyn” have gone viral and have had a valuable impact worldwide. The caring youngster shared, “Everybody’s different, and everyone is good in their own way. Believing in yourself is always the right thing to do.” Thank you, Rowyn Montgomery, for your wise advice. May you continue to inspire many and have an exciting new school year with renewed confidence, in Divine benediction.

Coming up, British company releases vegan fish product to help end fishing industry. We’ll pause to thank nature for giving us hope by showing us that even after a mighty oak sheds all its greenery, new budding leaves will gloriously appear again when spring comes. Supreme Master Television will return in just a moment with more cheery news. Vegan: it’s u in the mirror! … just more beautiful! Welcome back to Noteworthy News – Lively News for a Splendid World.

British plant-based food tech company releases vegan fish product.

Moving Mountains recently introduced their new vegan fish fillets to help put an end to the nation’s consumption of their animal-based counterparts. Each year, the people of the United Kingdom consume 380 million portions of fish and chips, which impacts the health of the oceans and kills marine animals. The brand’s delectable and planet-saving creation took years to develop and has the same flakiness and taste as whitefish. It is also free of cholesterol and GMOs as well as contains no mercury or microplastics, which are commonly present in fish due to ocean pollution. In addition, Moving Mountains has used packaging that is 100% recyclable, with the yummy item now available at the online supermarket Ocado. Exceptional news, Moving Mountains, on the release of your new plant-based fish fillets. In the power of Heaven, may your goal to replace animal-based products soon be realized as the world awakens to a peaceful and stable future.

Endangered maleo bird numbers increase as villagers protect their eggs.

The maleo’s only known habitat is on the Indonesian island of Sulawesi, and numbers had been decreasing rapidly, mainly due to illegal egg poaching and loss of the bird’s rainforest habitat. To help protect the rare avian, the international non-governmental organization Alliance for Tompotika Conservation (ALTO) is working together with Sulawesi communities on two projects. Firstly, the villagers - including former poachers - are hired to protect the maleo nests while also patrolling and safeguarding forest corridors. Secondly, ALTO staff hold conservation education activities in schools and communities throughout the area. Happily, these efforts have resulted in the number of nesting maleos increasing by up to fourfold over a period of 14-years, encouraging other villages to follow suit. We appreciate your conservation efforts, ALTO and involved communities. May the gorgeous maleo thrive as we support the right of all Earth inhabitants to flourish, in Allah’s overflowing love.

Boss upset? No longer, if you tell them the joke of the day called, “Jackie Chan.”

At the barbershop, two buddies were getting their hair cut and chatting:

“Do you notice there is no difference between Jackie Chan and me?”

“Sorry, but I can’t tell how you and Jackie Chan are alike.”

“Yeah, you take away the looks, money, intelligence, charm, success, and really, there’s no difference between Jackie Chan and me!”

And now we have a heartline from Luna in Valencia, Spain:

Dear Master and Supreme Master TV team, We are writing to share with you the story of two of our sweet, rescued cats. We rescued Chimo last summer 2020; we saw him on the street, and his ears were heavily wounded. The vet told us he had skin cancer plus an advanced, extended lymphoma (a type of cancer). After surgery, there was nothing else they could do for him, so we took him home to take care of him until the end. We asked Master, the Godses, the God of the Cats and the Angels to take care of him and grant him a smooth transition, and so they did. He lived happily with us for six months, enjoying being part of a family who loved him. He loved vegan food! His favorites were his grandma´s vegan lentils, vegan Spanish omelette and vegan cheese. He meditated with us and watched Supreme Master TV too. We are convinced that he was a Saint in a cat´s suit; that is how noble and good he was: never a “bad meow” and always loving and grateful. The day he passed away, we were next to him the whole day, and he was watching Master´s conferences on Supreme Master TV. It was all very smooth, and we thank Master, the Godses, the God of the Cats and the Angels who made it possible. We know he is in Heaven now.

Gandalf is another of our rescued cats. We adopted him two years ago, and he was also sick with a skin condition. He had bare skin on many parts of his little body. After vet treatment and a lot of love, he was finally cured of it some months ago. But now, he has been diagnosed with extended lymphoma too. We are devastated, because we would need 100 heartlines to convey what a loyal and loving companion he is. Another Saint in a cat´s suit. He watches Supreme Master TV, he always sits next to us to meditate and while we work, and he always comes to comfort us when we need it. We will miss him deeply when he departs, and we are so grateful he chose us to be his family. Gandalf passed away on May 29, 2021, after living happily for two more months. Nobody could have guessed he was sick until his last week of life, when he lost weight and became weaker. He enjoyed a blessed, happy life with us and had watched Supreme Master TV until his last breath. We want to thank Master and all the High Beings who had been taking care of him till the end, and we know he is in Heaven now thanks to the infinite Grace of our Beloved Supreme Master Ching Hai. Sincerely, Luna from Valencia, Spain

Grateful Luna, Thanks for your heartline about the kitties. Our animal companions add so much love and wisdom to our lives. Serving and caring for them opens our hearts, as does their loving kindness and care towards us. Thank you for your heartfelt sharing about how your furry friends have impacted your life. May God forever bless you and all whom you look after as well as pleasant Spain, Supreme Master TV team

P.S. Master has a reply for you: “Lovely Luna, it is clear from your writing how much your sweet cat companions meant to you. You are wise to think of them as saints in animal form. This indeed happens in this world as higher beings may incarnate as animals to help guide humans towards their original nature. The big-hearted love of the animals is generally easier for humans to receive and reciprocate. Animals are great instruments to encourage humans to be more compassionate and to serve others. All the more reason that we should treat them as the Divine benefactors that they are. I pray every day that humans realize this. May your heart and those of your fellow affectionate Spaniards be ever more open in the Grace of the Providence.”

We welcome your heartlines, stories and or cute, loving animal clips. Please send them via

Thank you for spending time with us on Noteworthy News. May all be blessed with God’s infinite love and mercy.

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