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In today’s news, UK invests in Kenyan green projects, Earth Overshoot Day indicates humanity used Earth’s annual biological resources five months early, Denmark researchers effectively clean diesel from soil in Greenland, United States discount retail chain offers to pay college tuition for staff, Spanish engineer’s innovation turns air into water for people in dry regions, new Singaporean plant-based milk company receives funding to grow business, and shelter dog becomes diver in Texas, United States.

UK finances Kenya’s eco-projects.

The United Kingdom will provide £132 million in public and private money to support several initiatives in Kenya that will create jobs and further economic ties between the nations. Approximately £57 million will go to the construction of 10,000 affordable green homes for low- and middle-income Kenyans, with the nation endeavoring to build 500,000 such homes by 2022. About £3.2 million will be for climate change-related programs, including ones for sustainable energy, reforestation, and clean cooling. Around £400,000 is earmarked for “policy advice and technical assistance” to boost Kenya’s electric vehicle manufacturing sector and other eco-friendly manufacturing industries. The balance of the funds will go to diverse projects ranging from improving Kenya’s customs system to private investment in a Kenya-based electric taxi service. The United Kingdom is a laureate of the Shining World Leadership for Caring Award, Shining World Wise Leadership Award, and Shining World Leadership Awards for Protection, Animal Protection and Kindness. Many thanks, UK, for your support of Kenya’s green economy. May the lovely Kenyan people prosper and flourish, in Divine light.

Humanity uses Earth’s annual resources five months early.

On July 29, 2021, humanity reached Earth Overshoot Day, which means we have already consumed all the biological resources that the planet can produce in one year. Since this date, we have gone into an ecological deficit as we consume resources that will not be regenerated, create excess waste, and produce greenhouse gases that will not be absorbed back into the ecosystem. The day is calculated by the international non-profit Global Footprint Network, which noted a half a percentage decrease in the world’s forest biocapacity because of the increased loss of rainforests in the Amazon in 2020 and thus far in 2021. Our gratitude, Global Footprint Network, for helping to highlight the unsustainable trajectory of our current way of life. In the mercy of Heaven, may the citizens of the world quickly lower their ecological footprint, with the vegan diet being the most effective way.

Up next, researchers from Denmark effectively clean diesel from soil in Greenland. We’ll just thank the television and film production assistants who help with a lot of tasks such as transporting set equipment, making copies of scripts, answering phone calls, and responding to requests related to the production. Please stay with us for more responsible news on Supreme Master Television. “Buy captive animals and give them freedom.” ~Tract of the Quiet Way (Taoism)

Hallo, virtuous viewers, it’s Lenny the vegan Red-bellied Lemur! I’ve always felt terrific with my diet. Do you want to live better? Of course you do! What are you waiting for? Be vegan. I have a practical tip for you. Make sure you clean your humidifier occasionally, as the water can cause microbes to accumulate and mold to develop. Sanitize it by unplugging the device and pouring 472 milliliters (two cups) of undiluted white vinegar into the water tank, and gently slosh it around until the tank interior is fully wet. Set the tank filled with vinegar on the base and let it drain for 15-20 minutes into the reservoir. Once it is emptied, take a small brush to scrub the nooks and crannies of the tank to eliminate the residual build-up. Love you so much for Being Veg and Going Green 2 Save the Planet thus save the world! And thank you for your attention. Here’s the weather around our beautiful globe.

Researchers find method to clean contaminated Greenland soil.

Scientists from Denmark’s University of Copenhagen, and the Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland, recently discovered that a soil cleaning method called landfarming works to clean diesel-contaminated soil under Arctic conditions. The study was conducted at a site in Mestersvig, Greenland, that was polluted with 36 metric tons of diesel, which had affected 4,535 metric tons of soil. The method involves spreading the soil in a thin layer over a large area and then plowing, fertilizing, and oxygenating it each year, thus allowing soil bacterial populations to flourish. The bacteria consumed 82% of the pollutant within five years. It is hoped that with more time, all of the remnants will be removed. Exceptional news, University of Copenhagen and Geological Survey of Denmark and Greenland, on the possibility of cleaning soil using affordable and natural processes. In Celestial peace, may we strive to restore the natural balance to our beautiful planet.

Discount retailer in United States to pay employees’ college fees.

Chain store Target has announced it will cover the full cost of college degrees at 40-plus institutions for its staff. Apart from tuition costs, other fees and textbook expenses will also be covered, and 250 degree programs that are aligned with its business will be available, such as information technology, business and computer science. Other degrees that are not on the list are also eligible, and Target will pay up to US$5,250 per year for undergraduate degree programs and US$10,000 per year for master’s degree programs. Congratulations, Target, on your initiative to help your employees obtain debt-free college education. In the love of the Providence, may inexpensive or free higher education be available to all citizens on the planet as we better our lives and society through diligence and study.

Spanish engineer builds air-to-water device to help arid regions.

Founded by 82-year-young engineer Enrique Veiga, Seville-based Aquaer Generators has developed a low-energy consumption machine to turn air into potable water to help underprivileged people living in dry areas. Utilizing electricity to cool down the air temperature, the system gathers the condensed water created as a result. Normally, similar generators need low temperatures and high humidity to work, but Aquaer’s device can be operated in up to 40 degrees Celsius and a humidity level of 10 to 15%. A small-scale system has a daily capacity of generating 50 to 75 liters of clean water, while a larger machine can provide as much as 5,000 liters. Currently, the company helps supply safe drinking water to Namibia and a refugee camp in Lebanon. What an admirable invention, Enrique Veiga and Aquaer Generators. May such smart innovations help ensure life’s basic necessities are available to all, in Divine wisdom.

Coming up, new Singaporean plant-based milk company receives funding to grow business. Let’s take a moment to appreciate the angels who assist us unconditionally every day. We’ll return with more cheerful news on Supreme Master Television. Vegan: cuz pretending that we don’t know animal raising is bad 4 the climate, is cowardice. Welcome back to Noteworthy News – Positive News for a Harmonious World.

New plant-based milk brand secures seed investment funding.

Mohjo, a Singaporean start-up, which was founded by Ms. Juhi Dang in January 2021 to provide pure, healthy and tasty plant-based beverages for consumers in Asia, will enhance its product offerings and distribution through its recent round of funding. Its maiden line consists of three varieties of freshly made almond milk: Sweetened, Unsweetened and Pure Cacao. The refreshing drinks contain Australian almonds, Iranian dates and Peruvian cacao, and are now available for online purchase. Grand View Research, an India- and US-based market research and consulting company, reports that the approximately US$23 billion global dairy-alternatives market is projected to grow annually at a compounded rate of about 12.5% from 2021 to 2028. What a timely venture, Ms. Juhi Dang. We wish Mohjo great success. May all rapidly adopt the loving and healthy plant-based way of living as we welcome the imminent vegan world, in Celestial grace.

Canine from shelter is excellent diver.

Steve and Judith Scholtes, from Houston, Texas, United States, originally adopted Wolfe from a shelter with the hope that he could become a therapy dog. They quickly realized that he was a little too energetic for the job. His activeness and athletic abilities, paired with his affinity for being in water, got him into dock diving. This is a sport where dogs jump from a dock into a 12-meter-long pool, and the winner is the one that jumps the farthest distance. It turned out Wolfe was so good at it, he competed in the 2019 American Kennel Club National Championship and is currently training for the 2021 event. He has helped the Scholtes heal through challenging times, including Hurricane Harvey and the pandemic. Good job, Wolfe. May you and your loving family continue to share your lives in blissful togetherness, in Heaven’s shelter.

Keeping a straight face is not possible with the following joke of the day entitled “Catching the Ferry.”

Dan is used to taking the ferry, thus he knows if he misses it by just a few minutes, then he has to wait for hours until the next one. One time, he saw the ferry was no more than 3 meters from the dock and he decided to run and jump aboard. Luckily, he just made it. A passenger who witnessed his leap said:

“Hey there, the ferry is about to dock in just a few minutes, but I like your enthusiasm!”

And now we have a heartline from I-Ching in Taiwan, also known as Formosa:

Dear Master, I am Your disciple who has boundless room for improvement in my spiritual practice. I have always wanted to pay my highest respect and gratitude to Master and the Supreme Master Television team. You have brought us a series of pleasant surprises through Supreme Master Television. If it were not for You, there would have been no way that sentient beings could escape from the system that controls humankind or escape from the maya and maya’s henchmen. Even though we can see the vast sky above our heads, we cannot fly out to enjoy the air of freedom. It is You who ended all of these nightmares so that we can start to have dreams for a golden future. My dream is very simple. I sincerely wish all animals can live in dignity, and eat, sleep, and play with peace of mind, and not be separated from their families. I also wish that all the lucky ones who pass through the cleansing will forever be with Master. In the last stage of the prophecy and at a time when World Vegan, World Peace is imminent, I wish Master will have peace and joy every day. I would like to thank Master again for Your great Love for sentient beings, and thank the Supreme Master Television team for your efforts to save the Earth. Love You very much. Respectfully, Your disciple, I-Ching from Taiwan (Formosa)

Peaceful I-Ching, We are unimaginably fortunate for the Blessings that Supreme Master Ching Hai conveys through Supreme Master Television. Her energy goes to elevate the consciousness of all beings lucky enough to catch a glimpse of it.

Master responds with this meaningful reply: “Caring I-Ching, respect for and gratitude to your Master are great qualities to help you in your spiritual practice, and I am happy that you possess them. Your dream for the animals is a beautiful one, and we all can help realize it sooner by joining the World Vegan prayer daily. When the animals are at peace, I will feel the greatest peace and joy! May the Buddhas of the ten directions help your co-citizens of tranquil Taiwan (Formosa) and guide you on your spiritual journey.”

We welcome your heartlines, stories and or cute, loving animal clips. Please send them via SupremeMasterTV.com/heartline

Thank you for spending time with us on Noteworthy News. May your heart sing eternal songs of inner peace.

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