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Be Wise and Have Peace in Your Country, Part 2 of 3, Sep. 20-22, 2021



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Any country, it’s just like any humans’ life, it has some ups and downs. (True.) Some upheavals and some changes. And we just have to take it accordingly, so that we have more peace within. The more important is peace within our heart, within our soul. It’s not the outside appearance. (Definitely Master.) And if everyone has peace in their heart, then the country might have more peace and more lasting peace.

(Master, in the past, during the time of the last king of Afghanistan, women were having much more fashion freedom,) Yeah. (like they did not need to wear the hijab or burka. And now this looks like a big difference in our modern time.) Yeah, of course.

Any country, it’s just like any humans’ life, it has some ups and downs. (True.) Some upheavals and some changes. And we just have to take it accordingly, so that we have more peace within. The more important is peace within our heart, within our soul. It’s not the outside appearance. (Definitely Master.) And if everyone has peace in their heart, then the country might have more peace and more lasting peace. (Yes, Master.)

They should study more the teaching in the Koran and the Hadith as well. (Yes.) When I have time, I will explain some in the Hadith for you guys. (Oh, thank You very much, Master.) Very interesting holy book. And the Koran also.

They (Afghan women) should worry also about that, except they have to learn things to become maybe a doctor, engineer, architect, nurses, computer expert, all that. It will be good to build up their country. (Yes, Master.) Because men alone cannot do all that. (Oh, very true.) Sometimes women need a woman nurse. And men need a male nurse, and women need a woman doctor. (Yes, necessary.) For maybe more intimacy or delivering babies and all that, they feel better. They feel safer. So, we cannot just use men for everything. They have to work together with the women, for different purposes, different types of jobs. (Yes, Master.)

So, it’s good the girls can study. That’s important. So I suggest that the girls accept whatever’s offered to them now, so that we have more steps forward for the country, and no more war, no more conflict within the nation. (Yes.) And can go ahead with development and more building for the country, more progress. (Yes.) (Definitely. More progress.) Yes, more progress.

(Master, women have gained for the past two decades much freedom in many aspects, including the clothing. Master, how can they protect that freedom?)

How? Not by going against any powers that be. Not like that, because let’s face it, women are weaker and they have not learned to fight physically. (Yes.) So, it is better just to accept what it is, as long as it doesn’t harm you physically. (Yes.) Then should just accept. During the monarchy and the monarchic regime, they had more freedom. And this is the time that the country is going through a different period, a more upheaval type of situation. So, it’s better to just let it be, OK? (Yes.) Let it be. Otherwise, there will be more bloodshed, more restrictions, more curfews, more conflict. (Right, Master.) That is also no good, no good.

Things always change. Yes, the proof is that they had more freedom before. (Yes.) And now they have so-called less freedom. You see? (True.) So, things changed from better to worse, and maybe it will change to the better later. (Definitely, Master.) Life is like a river. In some places it flows smoothly, some places it flows through the rocks and waterfall and deeper area of water.

So we just have to be calm, be peaceful, be more prayerful, and hope for the future. OK? (OK, Master.) That’s what I think. That is the way it should be. If you cannot change it, then you have to accept it. (Right. Right, Master.) In England, they say, “If you can’t beat them, then join them.” Right? (Yes.) You heard about that? (I’ve heard that phrase, yes.) So that’s a better way to live. First you have to survive. (Yes.) And do your best to survive and to help in whichever way you can. Then you can contribute to yourself, your family, your country, and to the world.

The government, either the Taliban or any new government, should be proud if the women of their country achieve something noteworthy or great. Like in the last king’s period and in the last 20 years, the women, they tasted more freedom, they achieved many things internationally. (Yes.) Or different kinds of aspects, even music or science. (Yes.) And if it continues like that, then the Taliban or any other government, or any power in the government should be proud. (Oh, definitely. Yes.)

Should not suppress them, but let them develop their potential, because it’s good for them also. When the international community looks up to the Afghans with respect and admiration, either the men contribute to that fame, or women contribute to that fame, they are all Afghans, they should all be proud. (Yes.)

“CNN Interview Sept. 16, 2021: How can you have any hope that this can get better? (I really have no other choice. I honestly don’t. None of us do. We have to. We have to believe that something is going to give, something is going to change, and we are going to be… something is going to be better. Our education, our place in society, as mothers, as daughters, as wives, as the women that we are. And all of that, I want to do according to Islam. We don’t want anything more, honestly! I don’t want to ask them anything more. Islam has given me a lot of rights, honestly. A lot of rights. And if those rights are given to me, I can live very finely in here.) And if the Taliban don’t listen to you? (They are going to be making mistakes, because they will not hear from us women, from our point of view, what we know, what we have learned, what kind of ideas we can give them, to make things better.)”

So, in order to achieve international recognition and equality, everyone should have freedom to choose their lifestyle. (Right, Master.) And then the whole country can benefit, and can take pride together, men and women, and it would be good for the children to follow up.

The Prophet left a very great teaching. It’s just that there were many misunderstandings after the Prophet went to Heaven, Peace Be Upon Him. But they were lacking enlightened translators and Masters. (Yes, Master.) Masters are rare to find, (Very rare.) and not always in one country.

Mostly, in the world, there is only one True Master and most enlightened Master. Maybe two. (Yes, Master.) But not always concentrated in that country or the other country. This is the thing. The power of God flows anywhere that you can catch it. (Yes, Master.) And the problem is sometimes the translators or the explainers are not enlightened enough, and they make the teachings of the Master become dimmer or misunderstood, and they misled the whole country or the whole world. (Yes, very sad when that happens.) Very sad. You’re right. Very sad. But the whole karma of the world doesn’t allow more Masters to teach in every country.

In some countries, even if the Masters were there, They would not be able to open their mouth to teach the Truth openly. That is the thing. They might be even killed before They could even say anything. (That’s true.) In the history of humans, we know many of such instances, of such sad tragedies. (Yes.) That’s why our world is not all enlightened as we would like it to be. Always some Master came and went, and had either been murdered, or imprisoned, or forbidden to teach the Truth. Or maybe just teach halfway and then cannot anymore, or teach and then nothing left behind because it’s all destroyed, by some reason, by the government at that time, or by some other incident.

That’s why our world is in darkness. (Yes, Master.) That’s why killing, war, and famine, and disasters are going on all the time, and despite God’s and Heaven’s warnings. Humans have not completely woken up to change their way of life and to live according to religious teaching. They are killing within religions, killing humans and killing animals, destroying the environment and all that. All this is against any religion’s teaching. (Yes.) Only now I wonder how can people not understand their religion? If they all do, then we would never have war and famine, and humans never have to suffer pandemics. Animals will never suffer in slaughterhouses ever again, and our world is a paradise.

We have enough. We have enough financial reserves in the whole world. We have enough food. We have enough land. We have enough means to cultivate for the whole planet to be plentiful in food, and clothing, and finance. Even if some people don’t ever work at all and just live on the government and charity, they would be full and clothed. (Yes. We have an abundance.) We have abundance.

God gives everything that we need. Just due to greed and ignorance, and hatred and competition between people, between companies, between nations, that we have arrived to this stage. Gluttony and greed and brutality that destroy our world. Otherwise, no demons can touch us because we are the children of God. (Yes, Master.) We made ourselves vulnerable to demons, to Satan, to devils. (Yes, Master.) Very sad but what to do?

You know, those neighboring countries like India, Pakistan are more open and relaxed, even had or have women presidents, prime ministers, and ministers. Many other Muslim countries are more relaxed, like Malaysia that I have been to, Dubai, etc. They are more open and relaxed. So who knows, maybe Afghanistan will change. We just have to be patient and things will work out eventually. Have faith, we would say!

All right, any other questions, my love? (No, Master. That’s everything.) You’re done? (Yes.)

Then I wish all of you well and I thank all of you again. And may God bless us. May God bless all the world, bless especially the poor animals, so there’s no more suffering for them. May God bless our world to be completely vegan so that we can save ourselves, our children, our world, and the animals from all suffering. Amen. (Amen, Master. We wish Master the very best, may God bless Master, and may animals be forever protected and everyone to observe Heaven’s law so we can live in paradise.)

Yes, that’s why. Vegan law is Heaven’s law. God keeps warning us but we don’t listen. Any religion would teach you nonviolence: “Thou shall not kill.” (Yes, Master.) But the people who read that every day or who go to the church every week, who have the Bible in their home, they don’t obey that Commandment. (Yes.) That’s why God was angry, and God wanted to destroy the whole world. If it’s not been for some interventions from some good practitioners, then we’d have been doomed a long time ago already. (Yes, Master.)

OK, my love. We pray, continue, OK? (Yes, Master, and thank You for everything. Thank You for Your protecting the world as well, all Your work. You’ve done so much for all of us.) It’s all God’s Grace. I thank God every day for whatever Grace we still can receive. (Yes, Master.)

I wish all of you, all the Quan Yin practitioners and all other practitioners, good, good practitioners, all the best from the most Gracious God, so that they continue to help and bless the world visibly and invisibly, to please God, to appease all the murdered, innocent humans and animals so that they don’t continue revenging on us, on our world.

I maybe talk to you next time. (Yes, Master.) Thank you. (Thank You for Your time.)

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