Tra Maestra e discepoli

Be Wise and Have Peace in Your Country, Part 3 of 3, Sep. 20-22, 2021



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I wish that the world would become peaceful and vegan faster. Then we don’t have to work so hard, then I can go back to my favorite part of the Himalayas, or at least take you out to good vegan restaurants for a treat. (Oh, wow!) Monday to Sunday different places!! A not too bad dream! Keep praying, it may come true quick, hey!

(Hallo, Master. How are You?) Hi, I’m OK. Thank You. You are all there in your office (Hi, Master!) and happy? (Yes, Master.) (Hi!) Hi, did you have all the goodies for Moon Festival, that I asked to send to you? (Yes.) (Yes, Master.) Did you all enjoy? (Yes, yes! Yes! …) I called the boys about the mooncakes, and if I don’t call you, then it’s not fair. (Yes.) So I call you also, to make it fun and fair. Fair fun. (Thank You, Master.)

(Thank You, Master for calling.) Yeah, because this world, we have men and women. No? (Right. Yes.) And you are supposed to be the better ones. The better half of the world. Yeah. That’s what they call it. The men in England, they call their wives “my better half.” (Oh!) (That’s so sweet.) You are. You are the better half. (Yes.) Always like that. Same in some other countries too. The wife, or “my better half,” they call their wives.

Did you have all the cakes and the chocolates, etc., (Yes.) the good drink and the Malz (malt) drink, non-alcoholic drink? (Yes, Master.) You like ’em? (It was delicious.) (All delicious.) Yeah? (Yes.) (Thank You, Master, for thinking of us.) It’s all right. If I don’t think of you, whom else do I think of? (Thank You, Master.) Yeah. (Hope You also enjoy good food and mooncakes, Master.) (Did You also enjoy the same, Master??) Well, it doesn’t taste so good, whatever, nowadays, and it’s OK too. I don’t feel like eating that much, even my favorite. Sometimes when I work too hard, I eat later, very late like in overtime. (Yes.) And then I lost taste and I don’t have an appetite. Because it’s not hot then. It’s not new and fresh. (Right.) But I feel lucky, as some people have nothing or less food than we have. (Yes.) You know, our work is quite challenging sometimes, but many have it worse. (Right, yes.) I’m happy that we can still do it and that I can send you something to make you happy.

(We are very grateful, Master. I really enjoyed the mooncakes and the [non-alcoholic] beers and the pomelos.) That’s good. That’s good. (Really tasty.) They are good? (Yes, Master.) (They’re really good.) (They’re awesome.) (Yes.) I like it when you use that word – awesome. (Awesome.) I’m glad you like it. I asked them to send a big supply to you. No? (Yes.) And they will bring more later. (Oh, wow!) You haven’t got everything yet. (OK.) You know, because of the Moon Festival, everybody went home, everybody went out and buy. So the supply quickly runs out. (Yes.) But maybe you’ll survive.

You have enough for now, right? (Oh yes, enough.) (It’s enough, Master.) You have enough for how long? (I don’t know, it will take some time take to finish!) How long? (Yes. Maybe two weeks.) Wow! So you are diligent! At least during two weeks’ time, you are happy. (Yes.) (No, but even after that, we will be happy also, Master.) (We are always happy.) Yes. Oh that’s good. All of you feel happy, yeah? (Yes, Master. Very happy. We are happy. Thank You.) I can hear all of you. You are loud. It’s good, good. (Yes.)

Yeah, you’re full of energy now after all these cakes. (Yes. Yes.) And even the pomelos. (Yes.) Yeah, that is called grapefruit also. (Yes, yes, yes.) Some countries like China, Âu Lạc (Vietnam), they have these green grapefruits with mooncakes and other sweets at Moon Festival, and other fruits of course. (Oh, yes.) The pomelo, even though it has a green skin and looks like a pyramid, and it’s not as round as the yellow grapefruit or other green grapefruit, (Right. Yes. Yes.) but when you peel off the skin, the inside is white and round like the moon. (Right. Yes.) And did you eat it while thinking of the Moon? Or saw the inner Moon? Ah, you had some before? (Yes.)

Some religions associate the Moon with enlightenment of the highest level, or higher level. (Ah!) Well, we can see it inside if we reach the Third Level in the spiritual world. But there are Fourth and Fifth, and more… and more…, but we all will pass them to go further to New Realm. You know that already! (Yes, Master. Thank You.) But now you are only busy thinking which food you like. Right?

After initiation, you can always have the Moon within, anyway, and more, don’t even have to do anything, just sitting crossed legged, crossed eyes! Then you have it. (Thank You, Master. Thank You, Master.) Well, I wish you the best every day. (Thank You, Master. All the best for You, every day too, Master.) Thank you, thank you.

We pray for World Peace through World Vegan. (Yes. We do, Master.) The food is good enough for you daily, right? (Yes, Master.) If not, you can express your opinion or write things like they don’t cook you well? (It is good. Yes.) (Yes. It is.) Anything more you like? (Oh! Thank You, Master. Thank You, we’re happy.) Thank you for your dedication. (It’s all Master’s Blessing.) It was just a joke. If you don’t like the food, don’t say that. OK? (Yes.) You are still happy with your noble job?? (We are.) (Yes, Master. And thanks to You also, of course.)

(Yes. Thanks to Your Blessing and Your Love.) Oh, I’m just, how you say, a sample, like a sample booklet. (Yes.) Maybe a good sample. (Oh, yes. The best!) The best? (Yes.) In German there is a cute children’s song. I remember one sentence saying, “Don’t worry about our differences, together we are what…” Means united, we are something good. (Yes.) United, you know, we can do something good. So here also, we are together for a good cause. Without you, I cannot do all that. Thank you, guys, for your support, intelligence, and unconditional love. And unconditional devotion. True, no? (Yes, Master.)

Anything you want to tell me, or anything you want to argue with me, or debate with me? (No, we just wish Master Happy Moon Festival. We wish You to be just really happy and) (And safe.) (and healthy.) (Yes, Master. And we love You.) Thank you. God loves you, I love you too. (We love You, Master, so much.) (Thank You so much, Master.)

All of you are doing well? (Yes.) The kitchen team cooks you well? You thank them sometimes, OK? (Yes. Yes, Master.) Be careful with mooncakes, too much of it, then you will look like it too. Your office and villa’s door is only that wide!! You are lucky, you have all become vegetables. (Yes.) And you’re lucky. Yeah, look! We have New Year celebrations and others, one after another! (Yes!) Moon calendar New Year, and then Sun calendar New Year again! (Yes.) And then Christmas as well, and then big festivals, and small festivals, and then every month you have your birthdays! Good to have birthdays, you can enjoy together. (Yes, yes.) Big cakes, (Yes, Master.) candles, and good teas, and coffee, and non-alcoholic beer, and… good drinks. (Yes.) Hopefully you’re not drunk. (No.) People say if you want to live long, drink coffee. I’m not fond of it. Don’t know if can live long, but the night will be long! Now and then, OK, yeah. (Yes.) Before, it was good to have long nights, long sleep. You know? (Yes.) Now, long night, just long work hours. You don’t sleep much. The more disciples, the less sleep!! (Yes.)

You guys have everything you need, right? (Yes, we do, Master, thank You.) That’s why I organized so they have a lot for you. (Thank You, Master.) Maybe it’s more than you need. To make up. To make up for the time, when I was a so-called disciple, and I didn’t have much! You have a lot nowadays, you can enjoy and be happy. (Yes, Master.) It’s not just to make you happy, it makes me happy, OK? (Yes.)

Most of the stuff you have, I mean, all of them are vegan, but most of the stuff you have are all the favorites at the Moon Festival. (Thank You, Master.) So you enjoy, right? (Yes. We do, Master.) Anything else? Tell me. (I think that’s it, Master. We’re just happy for Your calling. It makes us so happy. And we are very grateful, Master, for everything. We have everything we need and more than that, and that makes us very happy. Even being here one more day, each day makes us very, very happy and grateful to continue to work more.) (Yes.) Wow, nice to hear. Are you still afraid of spiders? (No! No, now they are my friends.) They are afraid of you. So you walk and move gently, so you don’t hurt them by accident. They are scared because they are much smaller than you! (Right.) If you don’t pay attention, you might step on them. (Yes, Master.)

You know, sometimes I wish that the world would become peaceful and vegan faster. Then we don’t have to work so hard, then I can go back to my favorite part of the Himalayas, or at least take you out to good vegan restaurants for a treat. (Oh, wow!) Monday to Sunday different places!! A not too bad dream! Keep praying, it may come true quick, hey! (Oh, wow.) Or, then I don’t have to do retreat anymore, go to the kitchen, cook myself well! And do some little protest together with you if the kitchen doesn’t let us in!

They cook good, no? Actually. (They do, Master.) (They do, yes.) You have no choice. If the food is good, enjoy. If it’s bad: good figure! (Yes, Master.) People are different, you know? They cook what tastes good to them normally. So love what you have, if you don’t have what you love! OK? (Yes, Master.) Never mind, eat whatever.

We eat to live. Not live to eat. (Yes, Master.) Yeah. Even if it doesn’t improve much, you can always go to the kitchen, it’s free. Do anything. (Right, right.) Make what food you like. Take care. (Yes, Master.) You’re happy with your life here and with me as your sample? (Yes, we are. Yes.) (Happy.) And with the food? (We enjoy the food, Master. Yes.) Really? All of you? (Yes, Master.) (We do.) Good. Good. I want that. (Yes.)

I want you to enjoy. (Yes, we do enjoy.) (Thanks, Master, every day.) Do you have enough clothing for winter, all of you? (Yes, Master.) (We have everything. Thank You.) (Yes. Very grateful.) The more I move, the less I have. But never mind, at the moment, I’m happy that I don’t have to always prepare for public appearances. Like a woman, with all my “spiritual weapons,” put on anti-shine, wear my spiritual high “level” heels, combing my chic hair, worry whether or not I look good… I don’t even care for it. I don’t even have a mirror. Maybe in the bathroom, but I hardly have time to look and because I don’t care. Nobody cares how I look here. Nobody’s here! The birds, they don’t care. If they come, they deliver the message and then go away. They don’t even eat the food I offered. (Wow.)

OK. Take care of yourself. Take good, good care of yourself. (Yes, Master. Thank You. Please take care of Yourself too, Master.) Thank you, my love. I’ll call you another time. (OK, Master.) God bless you. (Thank You, Master. God bless, Master.) May you all be blessed, and the world be vegan, have peace soon by God’s Grace. Amen. (Thank You, Master. Amen.)

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