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In today’s news, Korea donates US$200,000 to Fijian schools, science panel advising British government warns of possible more deadly COVID mutations, whirlpool turbine generator created by company in Belgium, Iran builds additional homes for rural residents and disadvantaged, woman rehabilitates over 3,300 wild animals in United States, Singaporean startup creates vegan milk from climate-resilient legumes, and kitten gets rescued after getting stuck between brick walls in Arizona, USA.

Korea supports education in Fiji.

The Korean Government Special Grant Assistance Program 2021 will provide 18 rural schools in Fiji with a total of US$200,000 to be used towards the development of education. The schools needing resources, due to an increase in student numbers, were identified by the Fijian Ministry of Education, Heritage and Arts. Thanks to the financial gift, students will soon benefit from the addition of laptops, visual charts, classroom projectors, and various teaching aids. Korea is a laureate of three Shining World Leadership Awards for Compassion and Shining World Leadership Awards for Protection and Peace. Many thanks, Korea, your philanthropic deeds are a shining light for all to see. May all the Heavens shower bountiful blessings on your intelligent and generous country along with the joyful, talented Fijian people.

United Kingdom experts warn of possible more deadly coronavirus variants.

The Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (SAGE) is a panel that serves the British government. Making reference to the fatality rates of another coronavirus known as the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome (MERS), the recent SAGE report warns of the “realistic possibility” that a COVID-19 variant with a fatality rate of up to 35% could emerge. Under a positive scenario given by the scientific panel, the novel coronavirus could eventually evolve to become more transmissible but less virulent akin to the common cold, although this was thought to be unlikely in the short term. The SAGE report recommendations include the UK helping to advance a “global vaccination drive” as well as increasing funding for the monitoring of the coronavirus to track mutations. Our appreciation, esteemed members of the Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies, for your research. May all take the necessary precautions to have the best protection from the pandemic to enjoy robust health, in Divine light.

Up next, whirlpool turbine generator created by company in Belgium. We’ll just thank the deep learning specialists, who focus on this field of artificial intelligence which has applications in areas such as speech, text and image recognition. Vegan: u have killed ur ignorance.

Hi, energetic friends, I am Lincoln the vegan Long-tailed Tit! Did you know that vegan foods are rich in nutrients? Make the switch and your body will have everything it needs! Hemp milk is not only tasty, but it’s also nutritious. It contains an abundance of protein. Each cup, or 237 milliliters, consists of 5 grams of protein, 3 grams of fat and a full day’s recommended intake of omega-3 fats. Hemp milk can be used as a soymilk substitute in baking or savory dishes due to its strong flavor and thick, creamy texture. Give it a try next time you're cooking! Thank you for your attention and love you so much for Being Veg and Going Green 2 Save the Planet thus save the world! Now, the weather around the globe.

Belgian company creates whirlpool turbine to generate electricity from flowing water.

Turbulent has produced a whirlpool turbine that creates power from places with flowing water such as rivers, canals and even old watermills. The system is fish-friendly, and one installation could power up to 60 homes during any time of the year that the water flows, and is not frozen. So far, projects have been built in Estonia, Chile, France, and Indonesia with others under construction in Taiwan, also known as Formosa, the Philippines, Suriname, and Portugal. What a grand idea, Turbulent, to utilize the blessings of flowing water to generate electricity with your cost-effective, reliable and compact whirlpool turbine. In Celestial splendor, may we continue to shift to renewable alternatives for a brighter future in loving unity.

Iran provides housing to citizens in need.

During the past couple of years, the government of Iran, through the Housing Foundation, has built over two million houses for people of lesser means in rural areas as well as renovated a further 500,000. Another 140,000 homes for underprivileged rural families throughout the country will be built by March 2022. More than 35,000 residential units will also be provided to disadvantaged citizens nationwide. The budget for rural development projects in the current Iranian calendar year has increased by 2.5 times over last year to around US$1.9 billion. In addition, the project is helping to stem the migration to cities from villages, where 26% of the population resides. Iran is a recipient of four Shining World Leadership Awards for Good Governance, two Shining World Leadership Awards for Compassion, and a laureate of a Shining World Leadership Award for Compassion. Our salute, Iran, on your caring project to ensure all your citizens have safe and comfortable homes to live in. In Allah’s gracious kindness, may your nation prosper as the gentle and warmhearted Iranians live in peace and serenity.

Wildlife rehabilitator saves thousands of animals.

Cheryl Connell-Marsh, of East Lansing, Michigan, United States, began providing care to injured and orphaned animals at her own expense, after saving a baby black squirrel found in her horse barn. She then became a licensed wildlife rehabilitator and in 2014, founded the non-profit Nottingham Nature Nook. Cheryl works tirelessly to care for the animals with the help of interns and a volunteer. To facilitate the rehabilitation of wildlife, including birds, squirrels and deer, natural enclosures have been constructed, some as large as almost half a hectare. Over the past 15 years, Ms. Connell-Marsh has rescued and nursed back to health more than 3,380 animals, with over 85% of them having been released back into the wilderness. The charity’s website states, “When we work to save wildlife, we ultimately save ourselves.” We are deeply touched by your kind heart, Cheryl Connell-Marsh. May you continue to pursue your love to improve the well-being of our animal co-inhabitants, in God’s benevolence.

Supreme Master Ching Hai: “Gladly present the Shining World Compassion Award to Cheryl Connell-Marsh, plus a US$10,000 humble contribution towards Nottingham Nature Nook’s life-saving work, with lots of love and gratitude. May Heaven shower you, all the volunteers, and the rescued animals with blessing and protection.”

Coming up, Singaporean startup creates vegan milk from climate-resilient legumes. Let us take a moment to be in awe of the speed at which a hummingbird flaps her wings to stay afloat in the air. You’re watching Noteworthy News on Supreme Master Television. Vegan: simply survival. Welcome back to Noteworthy News – Foresighted News for a Brighter World.

Singaporean-based company creates vegan milk from climate-resilient crop.

Startup WhatIF Foods has created a creamy and nutritious plant-based drink called BamNut Milk. It is made from Bambara groundnuts, which can grow in arid conditions with little water. The legume also improves the soil by enhancing its nitrogen content. Other ingredients in the delectable milk include coconut oil and shea butter, and it is fortified with vitamins and minerals. The Bambara groundnuts are currently sourced from Ghana and Nigeria, with plans to also get them from small farming communities in Indonesia. The scrumptious product is available for purchase online and at certain locations of a Singaporean retail outlet, while the company also sells plant-based instant noodles, soups and shakes. Way to go, WhatIF Foods, on the launch of your new vegan beverage. In the wisdom of the Divine, may all milk consumed soon be plant-based as we lovingly protect the cows and their beautiful calves.

Kitten trapped between brick walls saved and rehabilitated.

After many hours of trying to free a kitten stuck between two brick walls in Phoenix, Arizona, USA, a good Samaritan called the Arizona Humane Society (AHS) for help. Emergency Animal Medical Technicians Ruthie Jesus and Daniel McGrath worked for approximately one hour dismantling the wall, finally bringing the six-week-old furry being to safety. Named Wall-E, the little tabby received treatment for her injuries at AHS’s Second Chance Animal Trauma Hospital, which included 24/7 care in its Bottle Baby ICU. Now, darling Wall-E is being fostered by the kind person who found her until she can be adopted. We are delighted you are doing so well, sweet Wall-E, and hope you will soon find your forever home. Much gratitude, Arizona Humane Society, Ruthie Jesus, Daniel McGrath, and the good Samaritan, for your kindness and efforts to save this beautiful kitten. May all our animal friends be always cherished for their benevolence and love, in Heaven’s eternal compassion.

We wanted to make you laugh, so we selected a joke for you. It’s called, “My Soulmate.”

Ben was telling his friend about his faithful canine companion...

“You know, I could always tell that my dog was my soulmate.”

“How could you tell?”

“Well, because we both love to take naps together, we’re both messy eaters, and we both hate the vacuum.”

And now we have a heartline from Xiao-Hong in China:

Respected Supreme Master TV team, Thank You Supreme Master Ching Hai for Your selfless dedication and thank you the Supreme Master TV team! It is because of your diligent work that people on this planet have the opportunity to see so many positive and beautiful TV programs every day.

Through Supreme Master TV, God is continuously injecting fresh energy into the Earth to be shared with the whole world, allowing us to bask in light, resplendence, serenity, and peace at all times!

As a member of the faithful audience of Supreme Master TV, I love all your programs broadcasted every day, such as “Between Master and Disciples,” “Words of Wisdom,” “A Journey through Aesthetic Realms,” “Animal World: Our Co-inhabitants,” “Enlightening Entertainment,” “Noteworthy News,” “Golden Age Technology,” “Planet Earth: Our Loving Home,” “A Gift of Love: Simple & Nutritious Cooking with Supreme Master Ching Hai,” “Veganism: The Noble Way of Living,” “Veggie Elite,” “Breatharianism,” “Cultural Traces Around the World,” “Good People, Good Work,” “Life of a Saint,” “Models of Success,” “Nature’s Beauty,” “Multi-part Series on Ancient Predictions about Our Planet,” “Cinema Scene,” “Kids’ Wonderland,” “Our Noble Lineage,” “Uplifting Literature,” “The World Around Us,” “Shining World Awards,” “Science and Spirituality,” “Positive Changes in Countries,” “Healthy Living,” and “Good Governance.” So many good programs that I could not name them all.

What I love the most are the photographs taken by Master, which are shown at the beginning and end of “Between Master and Disciples.” Accompanied by beautiful and melodic music, it is a refreshing feast for our eyes and ears. Unknowingly, our souls have been purified and elevated enormously.

What are the most beautiful things in the world? A kaleidoscope of natural scenes captured on camera, such as morning dew on green leaves, a murmuring stream flowing around the stones, the fascinating moment when a butterfly spreads her wings amid the flowers, a web ingeniously woven by a spider, the energy gushing out from the morning sun, and the indescribable beauty of the fallen leaves…

Whether it be a plant, a tree, a clear sky, the clouds, the birds, the insects, the night, the fallen leaves, the green sprouts, the tree shade, the rolling mountains, the sunset, or the skyline… everything is indescribably beautiful in Your eyes, Master. With the beautiful and Divine Love in Your heart, and through Your artistic interpretation, You have shared them with the whole world.

Your artistic creations enlighten people or fill them with profound bliss, deep fascination, or longing. In the sweet aftertaste, we forget the noisy secular world and are reminded of the long-forgotten Home of our Soul!

We are extremely grateful for Your devoted efforts over the years to manifest a Heaven in this world through various artistic expressions, bringing Truth, Virtue, and Beauty to us while awakening and reminding sentient beings to return to their real Original Source!

Master, at this critical moment of transition from old to new, please always take good care of Yourself! During Your intensive retreat, please remember to eat well, do exercise, and look more at the green leaves and blue sky to protect Your eyes.

We implore all the Godses and angels to protect Master! May Master always be healthy, enjoy peace and happiness, and realize Her dreams! May World Vegan be here soon! We look forward to seeing more brilliant photographs from Master. We love You, Master! Xiao-Hong from China

Sweet Xiao-Hong, It was nice to read your message. You are truly a great Supreme Master Television fan! We are grateful that you are able to wonderfully describe how a simple picture taken by our Beloved Master is so much more than just an uplifting image of nature. Its beauty gently seeps inside of you and awakens your soul from its long sleep. The photos tell your soul to take back the controls and head Home! We wish you all the best on your journey and pray that many blessings come to you and your strong country of China, Supreme Master TV team

P.S. Please enjoy Master’s loving words for you: “Enthusiastic Xiao-Hong, thank you for seeing through the physical into the spiritual, and for sharing your vision with the world and thank you for all your tender wishes. It is so pleasing to know that you genuinely appreciate my photography. It’s not just a work of art, it’s a means to remind the souls with unwritten messages, to awaken them with the connection of all natural wonders around us. For them to appreciate Nature and love among all beings, even so silently as by the trees, flowers, stones, and fragile beings, which remind us of the ephemeral existence. Or if you pay attention, they talk, touch, express affection and neighborly love toward each other with their energy, which I try to convey through the carefully chosen angle as far as it is ever possible. I too love them all! Though it is much work, it also brings me some moments of pure pleasure seeing them coming out glorious. Maybe it attracts you because my heart is in each of them. Enjoy! And please share the gift of Supreme Master TV with others in your community. May all the Godses protect and accompany you along your spiritual path, and may you and fine China always benefit from the Buddha’s Light.”

We welcome your heartlines, stories and or cute, loving animal clips. Please send them via SupremeMasterTV.com/heartline

We sure have enjoyed spending time with you on Noteworthy News. May you and your loved ones be endowed in Divine wisdom.

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