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Grace & Gratitude: Celebrating Supreme Master Television’s 4th Anniversary, Part 1 of 3

Lingua:English,Cantonese Chinese(廣東話),German(Deutsch)
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October 3, 2021, is the 4th anniversary since the relaunch of Supreme Master Television. In honor of this special occasion, let us reflect on some of the special events and revelations of this past year. On numerous occasions, our Most Beloved Supreme Master Ching Hai has taken precious time from Her intensive meditation retreat for the world to share Her wisdom and insights on important current happenings in the world.

During a phone call on November 2, 2020, Supreme Master Ching Hai revealed a big secret regarding the COVID-19 virus: “The COVID-19 virus, they have souls in them. These are the souls of the massacred and abused and tortured animals that the humans have been consuming. That’s including yours also. Alive or dead, or even passed down through the future generations through DNA. Your future generations, relatives and friends, even if they will be born and become vegan, they still have to partake some of it. (Yes, Master.)” “(After home quarantining for 14 days to cleanse the residue of the virus, I was completely healed by the utmost blessings and loving kindness of our beloved Master, [and] a negative report came from my [COVID-19] test.)”

In May 2021, She expressed Her deep sorrow regarding the conflict between the Israeli and Palestinian nations. “And I thought, nobody dares speak anything for the Palestinians, so, I risked my neck. (Yes, thank You, Master.) And so, I’m so happy now. I was told by one of your brothers that the peace news happened almost immediately, just a few hours after we put out the first Fly-in News. (Wow. Yes.)”

We now share two loving messages from Hong Kong and Italy: “(One of our parrots, Happy, has been listening to Master’s teachings for 18 years. He whistles the song ‘Talking to a Stone Buddha’ or says, ‘Tim Qo Tu, Py O Tu,’ to remind us that we must remember Master’s love and recite the Five Holy Names for protection.)”

“(Italians become more aware, and sales of vegan products climb. Infinite thanks to Supreme Master, who, with immense Love, is humanity’s Greatest Benefactor.)”

“(We in Germany cannot imagine anything more beautiful than living Your vision: meditation united with the vegan, eco-friendly, and nature-loving way of life. All the best for Supreme Master Television’s 4th Anniversary 2021.)”

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