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In today’s news, Austria assists Palestinian refugees in Syria, Benin experiences avian flu outbreak, researchers in United States develop filter to efficiently remove uranium from water sources, online app helps Australian family find suitable carers for their kids with special needs, hero man from New Hampshire, USA, saves five-year-old girl’s life, Taiwanese (Formosan) food conglomerate to build new vegan meat factory, and three-legged feline who assists child with medical condition named National Cat of the Year in United Kingdom.

Austria supports Palestinian refugees in Syria.

The government of Austria recently donated €2 million to the United Nations Relief and Works Agency for Palestine Refugees in the Near East (UNRWA) Syria Regional Crisis Emergency Appeal to support the agency’s humanitarian work. The funds will be distributed as cash assistance to almost 22,000 individuals who are most in need, such as female heads of households. It is estimated that 91% of the displaced Palestinians in Syria live below the poverty line, with their welfare worsening due to inflation and the nation’s declining economy. This is the third consecutive year that Austria is supporting UNRWA. Thank you, kindhearted Austria and UNRWA, for your loving support of the Palestinian refugees in Syria. In the grace of Allah, may their situation soon improve, the Syrian economy recover and peace spread throughout the Middle East.

Avian flu spreads in Benin.

The West African nation has recently experienced an outbreak of the highly contagious H5N1 avian flu virus in the Abomey-Calavi and Seme-Podji districts near the country’s capital, according to the agriculture ministry. The virus was detected in poultry facilities, and it follows a string of other reported cases in Senegal, Mauritania, Niger, Ghana and others. The fatality rate if humans contract the disease is almost 60%, and infection can occur from contact with a sick bird. Such saddening news, Benin, on the occurrence of avian flu in your nation. In the love of the Divine, may all people switch to a vegan diet to end the spread of disease from animals to humans and to ensure our bird co-inhabitants live their lives peacefully in nature.

Up next, researchers in United States develop filter to efficiently remove uranium from water sources. We’ll now thank the green design architects who specialize in constructing buildings with eco-friendly materials and methods to maintain harmony with nature. When we return, more sharing news ahead, here on Supreme Master Television! Vegan side effect: Satan will b ur enemy.

Hallo, adventurous viewers, I’m Polly the vegan Painted Bunting. The secret to my longevity is the healthy vegan lifestyle. Shocking, right? It’s so easy! So, what are you waiting for? I have a tip to share with you! Did you know massaging your ears can relieve stress? Here are several massage techniques that can be self-taught and self-applied. One method involves setting your forefinger on the front of your earlobe and your thumb on the back and performing circular motions around the lobe using only your thumb, while keeping the forefinger in the same position. Then, have the thumb stay stationary with the forefinger making the same motions around the lobe. Another technique is gently pulling the bottom of your earlobe down away from your head and repeating this as you work your way along the earlobe. Lastly, use your thumb and forefinger to pinch around the edge of your earlobe and you can keep on pinching by going around the entire ear! Thank you for your attention and love you a lot for Being Veg and Going Green 2 Save the Planet for all of us humans and all co-inhabitants alike. Now, the worldwide weather.

United States researchers develop effective water filter for uranium.

A team of researchers from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in the United States has created a water filter that can remove uranium in an affordable manner. The toxic and radioactive metal is present in many aquifers and water supplies around the nation. The filter is made from graphene foam, and once it is placed in the water, an electrical charge is applied. This makes the water surrounding the foam more acidic, which produces a chemical reaction that draws up the uranium particles and causes the metal to stick to the surface of the graphene foam. It can also be modified to remove other heavy metals as well. Way to go, researchers from MIT, on your creation of this health-protecting water filter. In the abundance of Heaven, may all people have access to clean water and enjoy vitality and well-being.

Online app helps find right support workers.

The Kynd app matches participants in the Australian government’s National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) with suitable carers based on shared interests. It allows the people in need to directly contact support workers rather than a business. For example, Sarah Collins and her husband living on the Gold Coast of Queensland had long struggled to find suitable carers for their 4 children who are on the autistic spectrum. Through the app, they were able to hire two very suitable support workers, enabling the household to run more smoothly and Sarah to work more hours at her job. The Kynd app was developed by Michael Metcalfe in collaboration with NDIS support workers and has resulted in enhanced efficiency, lower costs for the hiring individuals, and higher wages for the professionals. Our appreciation, Michael Metcalfe and Kynd app, for your effective and helpful design for matching up people with the right support workers. May our world be blessed with more technologies that ease the life of those with special needs, in God’s grace.

Good Samaritans join efforts to save five-year-old girl.

Landscaper Scott Demers was fixing sprinklers at a house in Salem, New Hampshire, United States, when he heard a car crash into a home a few doors down, after which a man started shouting for help for his seriously injured daughter. With no professional medical experience, Mr. Demers immediately rushed onto the scene, took his shirt off and applied pressure to Giuliana Tutrone’s neck to stop the bleeding. Meanwhile, a neighbor called Dr. Tim Chu, an emergency room physician who lives nearby, and he also quickly came. Dr. Chu lauded Mr. Demers’ intervention, saying, “He saved her life.” Giuliana was recently released from the hospital and is expected to heal completely. A GofundMe page has raised tens of thousands of dollars for her medical bills. A standing ovation, Scott Demers, Dr. Tim Chu, and all involved with the rescue efforts and donations. In Divine radiance, we wish Giuliana a most speedy recovery.

Coming up, Taiwanese (Formosan) food conglomerate building vegan meat factory. Let us pause now and pray for the rapid manifestation of a vegan world so that all sentient beings can be at peace. You’re watching Noteworthy News on Supreme Master Television. “The time will come when meat will no longer be eaten.” ~ ‘Abdu’l-Bahá (vegetarian), The Days in the Light of ‘Akka (Bahá’í Faith). Welcome back to Noteworthy News – Gladdening News for a Nobler World.

Major food company in Taiwan, also known as Formosa, invests in plant-based meats.

Realizing the increasing commercial potential of the lucrative veggie meat market, Taiwan (Formosa)-based DaChan Great Wall Group established the Neo Foods Company to develop vegan meats that are both nutritious and delicious. A new US$36 million factory will be built in Taoyuan, with mass production to begin in the next two to three years. Currently, DaChan’s frozen plant-based meats are sold on its website and e-commerce platforms. The items will soon be available in restaurants, supermarkets and convenience stores, offering Chinese, Japanese, and Western cuisine products in Taiwan (Formosa) and in the US. Our hearty congratulations, DaChan Great Wall Group and Neo Foods Company, for your delectable selection of alternative vegan meats. May your noble contributions to World Vegan, World Peace create ripples of kindness and inspire all towards lofty ideals, in Buddha’s love.

Super caring feline wins Cat of the Year in United Kingdom.

Nine-year-old Minty has been named National Cat of the Year 2021 for providing special emotional support to his human companion Connor Raven. Connor, a six-year-old in Wales, UK, has ataxic cerebral palsy, which impairs his muscle movement and balance and also affects his speech and learning. Despite losing a leg in a road accident, Minty never fails to give hope and inspiration to Connor, even helping him climb stairs. The annual National Cat Awards is organized by the UK’s largest feline charity, Cats Protection. Siobhan Cobb, Connor’s mom and Minty’s caregiver, said, “Together, they are unstoppable, whatever comes their way.” Bravo, Minty, for your outstanding achievement and wishing you many more joyous years ahead with your dear friend Connor. Thank you, Cats Protection, for establishing this award. May we all cherish and protect our animal friends for the huge, unconditional love they give us, in Celestial oneness.

Let’s fill our day with some laughter with this joke entitled “The Energetic Mother-in-law.”

I was sound asleep when the telephone woke me up. It was my energetic mother-in-law. She proceeded to rattle on about the busy day she had ahead and all the things that awaited her the rest of the week. I finally had enough and interrupted:

“Mom. It’s five in the morning.”

“Really? What are you doing up so early?”


And now we have a heartline from Thùy Hương in Âu Lạc, also known as Vietnam:

Dear Master, Due to Your Grace, all of my family of six people, my parents and us, four siblings, all got initiated in 1993 and are still practicing. After that, my younger brother’s wife also applied to get initiation, my younger brother’s son was half-initiated and now waiting for full initiation. On my husband’s side, also due to Your Grace, six members of his family came to know about Your teachings when working for a vegan restaurant, and four of them got initiated. My father-in-law finally woke up inside at the end of 2020, because we turned on Supreme Master TV 24 hours a day in his house. Now my father-in-law quit his offshore-fishing job. He’s now a vegan and waiting for initiation. He is currently working for a Loving Hut restaurant. My husband’s youngest brother also just quit an offshore-fishing job, but he isn’t a vegan yet. We are praying for him every day so that he can wake up in time to follow Master to go to our real Home in Heaven. I sincerely thank Beloved Master very, very, very much!

When I watched the show Between Master and Disciples on Supreme Master TV, I felt Your power of Love and deep sympathy for President Donald Trump, when You sent Your message to him. Master was very emotional. I was also touched and choked with tears. I watched the show many times and was emotional every time I saw it. I think that President Donald Trump must have received Your power of Love, Blessings, protection, and comfort when he was enduring the hundreds of thousands of pressures and dangers surrounding him. I also prayed for him and his family to be healthy and peaceful so that he could fulfill the mission bestowed by the Lord. Your disciple in Âu Lạc (Vietnam), Thùy Hương

Radiant Thùy Hương, Thank you for your message. We are elated as we send our heartfelt congratulations to you and your family for continuing to uplift one another on the path of nobility and Self-realization.

Master shares Her thoughts as follows: “Brilliant Thùy Hương, congratulations on your diligence in searching for the Truth. It is through perseverance that makes all things possible. I pray that humanity will soon awaken to Heavens’ call and realize their True mission on Earth before it’s too late. We should also thank all the leaders who, through their sacrifices, are bringing us a step closer to a better and peaceful world. I was crying not for President Trump, but for the many unfortunate events that will happen for Americans and the world if he is forced to leave the White House so soon. Although sometimes things are not as they seem, people must have full faith in Heaven, for Heaven does not err. May you and the blissful Aulacese (Vietnamese) people enjoy many more days in goodness and fortune, in the loving magnificence of the Divine.”

We welcome your heartlines, stories and or cute, loving animal clips. Please send them via SupremeMasterTV.com/heartline

Thank you for spending time with us on Noteworthy News. May your life be touched by the grace of higher love.

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