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An Analysis of Karma: From “The Sanctuary of Self” – Rosicrucian Order Library, Part 1 of 2



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The Ancient Mystical Order Rosae Crucis, also known as the Rosicrucian Order, AMORC, is a worldwide cultural, educational, and philosophical organization that is perpetuating the profound and practical teachings of the Rosicrucians. These teachings, as passed down and added to over the centuries, from ancient Egypt to Europe and now all over the world, pertain to the mysteries of the universe, nature, and humans themselves. The Rosicrucian library is a source of spiritual wisdom and insight that includes the important writings by the respected imperators of the Order such as Dr. Harvey Spencer Lewis, Ralph M. Lewis, and Christian Bernard. Today, we will present excerpts from Frater Ralph M. Lewis’s book, “The Sanctuary of Self,” chapters VIII and IX entitled, “Causality and Karma” and “Karma in Effect” respectively.

“From the ancient Hindu teachings has descended a Sanskrit word which signifies moral causes and effects. This word is karma. Etymologically, it means deed, or to do. The doctrine which surrounds this word, or of which the word is a basis, spread to many of the other principal religions in India- Buddhism, for example. According to Buddha, the soul must continually incarnate for an indefinite period. The Buddhistic ideal, therefore, is to bring about a surcease of this continual incarnation, this embodiment in physical form.”

“To the Rosicrucian, karma is commensurate with the law of causality. For every effect, there must be both an active and a passive cause. Every act, mental or physical, brings about a result which has a value related to the cause itself. Thus, if one sets into motion a series of creative, morally good acts, they will ultimately redound to the benefit of the individual. The law of causality, Rosicrucians teach, in mysticism as in science, permits no deviation. The effects must follow.”

“Karma thus provides each individual with an intimate experience with Divine Cosmic laws. It is an experience which he must have in his own consciousness. It is not related to him by others. Karma thus removes blind faith, doubts and skepticism, and provides knowledge as to right living instead.”
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